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Five Safe and Easy Ways to Stop Pain Fast

Five Safe and Easy Ways to Stop Pain Fast

Have you ever felt like you and your doctor were performing a balancing act? You know… the standard solution to one health problem can cause a different one. So you have to decide which issue is more important to your overall health.

Sometimes the problem arises when you’d least expect it. That’s a situation pointed out in a recent article in The American Journal of Medicine.1

The problem is high blood pressure. And a common culprit is chronic pain. Or, rather, how you may be dealing with the pain.

As the article points out, many common pain relievers” – already known to contribute to several health problems” – may also increase blood pressure. So a “simple solution” to back or joint pain could turn into a heart-health nightmare.

With that in mind, here are five of my favorite safe-and-natural solutions to the aches and pains that can slow you down…

#1″ – New Zealand green-lipped mussel. Native New Zealanders – called Maori – have been eating green-lipped mussels for centuries. But they never suspected one of the benefits their diet offered.

Early European settlers noticed the Maori living on the coast rarely suffered from joint pain. Inland farmers, on the other hand, had just as much trouble with their joints as the Europeans did.

The answer was the giant green-lipped mussel. It’s 200 times more powerful than fish oil, and the extract of these shellfish effectively promotes lower levels of pain. Plus, studies show it won’t irritate your stomach.2

#2″ – Type II Collagen. Collagen is the basic building block of all connective tissue. And joint pain is often linked to a breakdown of connective tissue at the joints. So it’s no surprise that some form of collagen would be effective against joint pain.

Studies have shown that Type II collagen supports less stiffness and tenderness in joints. Many people see joint improvements of 20% or more after several weeks… and collagen tends to cause less stomach upset than some other remedies.3

#3″ – Hyaluronic Acid. Like collagen, you’ll find hyaluronic acid (HA) in many body tissues. It’s an important part of the fluid that cushions many of your joints. That may be why taking HA seems to provide so much relief from joint pain.4

But HA may provide more than relief. In an Italian test-tube study, adding HA to live cartilage cells stimulated them to produce even more cells.5 This seems to suggest that HA may promote healthier joints, too.

#4″ – Capsaicin. When you think of hot peppers, you probably think of pain… the burning sensation they cause in your mouth. So you might be surprised to learn that hot peppers contains a powerful pain solution.

Capsaicin is what makes hot peppers hot. But when you apply it to your skin, it has two important actions.

Substance P is an important pain messenger. When you run low, your body senses less pain. Plus, capsaicin interferes with your nerves’ ability to send nerve signals to the brain.6 And that’s why rubbing capsaicin on your skin can help soothe aching muscles.

#5″ – White Willow Bark. The Native Americans used a vast number of herbs to promote health. And when they had a headache or other painful condition, they often turned to white willow bark.

It was amazingly effective. In fact, the active ingredient in willow bark became the basis for our modern pain relievers.

But good, old-fashioned white willow bark is still one of your safest choices for quick, effective relief. If you have nagging back pain, white willow bark tea can promote fast relief 7– without stomach upset.
Yours in continued good health,
Best Life Herbals Wellness Team

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