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If at First You Don’t Succeed…

If at First You Don’t Succeed…

If at First You Don’t Succeed…HB is one of those determined people. You probably know a few like her. Tell them they can’t do something, and they’ll find a way to do it. Tell them something’s altogether impossible, and they’ll find two ways.

Well, walking hasn’t been working for HB. Or, at least, not working fast enough.

She’s been doing the exercises the chiropractor gave her. And they really help relieve the pain in her hip. But she’s only gotten up to walking two miles. And she’s worried about getting completely out of shape.

So she’s started exploring other ways to work out. Since her chiropractor said anything that didn’t put weight on her hip would probably be good, she’s thought a lot about cycling.

HB enjoys riding a bike, but we don’t live where it’s a good idea. There are very few bike lanes… and drivers around here don’t always respect them. Most of our local roads don’t have them anyway. And they don’t have much for shoulders, either.

So HB finally broke down and went to the gym.

On her first day, she “took it easy.” She only biked two miles. It felt great, so she increased her mileage on her 2nd day. She doubled it to 4 miles.

Now she’s riding 4 miles about 4 times a week, and it’s working out great. Her hip feels good while she’s riding… and it feels better the following day. In fact, she says her hip only gives her trouble on the days after she doesn’t ride.

What I’ve noticed is she’s finally losing her limp. And walking faster when we’re out and about. The biking has really helped.

What we’ve been learning is there’s almost always an alternative. No matter what the issue. I can’t eat grains, so I eat more greens. HB can’t run, so she cycles. The alternatives aren’t always perfect, but they work.

Years ago, I remember listening to Tony Robbins talk about “knowing your outcome.” If you try an approach and it doesn’t work, he said, you don’t quit. Instead, you adjust your approach and take “massive action.”

Robbins is big on what he calls massive action. Other folks say things like “try your hardest” or “give it your all.”

But all of them are saying the same thing: If you have a goal that’s meaningful to you, don’t give up just because you don’t get there on the first – or second, or third – try.

On his way to becoming president, Abraham Lincoln had more political defeats than wins. Dr. Seuss was rejected by 27 publishers before he found one willing to publish his first book. And Thomas Edison didn’t hit on tungsten for his electric light bulb until he’d already tried over 1,600 other materials.

The point is you have to figure out what works for you. And it usually takes a little experimentation. But adding healthy years to your life is worth it, right?

Running works for me. Right now, cycling works for HB. For you it might be cross-country skiing or swimming or “sweatin’ to the oldies.” The same goes for food… supplements… and any other lifestyle choice.

You have options. Explore them. Figure out what works for you. Just don’t give up when you hit a roadblock or two.

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