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Finding The Best Solution For Your Prostate Problems

Finding The Best Solution For Your Prostate Problems

How to Find the Best Solution for Your Prostate Problems

Nine out of ten men will eventually have to deal with prostate trouble. Some may get a pass till their 70s or 80s. Others will suffer as early as their 40s. Whatever age you may be when the trouble starts, here’s how to find the best solution to your prostate problems.

For a lot of men, the signs are small at first. Maybe you have to go to the bathroom more often. Or notice a weaker stream. Or have a little trouble emptying your bladder. Or maybe you wake up a little more often having to go.

The sooner you confront the problem, the easier it will probably be to deal with. Lifestyle changes can make a big difference. For example, all of the following can help you maintain prostate health…

• Regular exercise
• Cutting down on caffeine
• Eating more fruits and vegetables
• Getting more Omega-3s from fish
• Staying at a healthy weight – or losing a few pounds if you’re heavy
• Keeping your LDL (bad) cholesterol down
• Maintaining healthy blood sugar levels

If you’re having early signs of prostate trouble, any of these steps may help you avoid serious problems… even for years.

Nutritional supplements could help you reach these goals. For example, Indian herbalists have used Gymnema sylvestre for centuries to support normalized blood sugar levels. Modern science shows these ancient healers were right on target.

Garlic may help explain the heart health of some European countries – even though people there eat a surprising amount of fat. Eating garlic regularly helps promote healthy cholesterol levels.

If you’ve reached the point where prostate problems are more than just a minor inconvenience, don’t worry. There’s probably an herbal solution that’s perfect for you.

Everybody is different. And everybody is different, too. Some men respond to certain herbs and nutrients differently. That’s why I’ve created three unique prostate formulas for Best Life Herbals over the years.

For instance Beta sitosterol (BST) works very well for some men. It occurs naturally in several plants – including saw palmetto. Studies show that many men who try BST achieve long-lasting prostate relief.1

But BST doesn’t work for everyone. Fortunately, there are other natural options.

One of the best is rye pollen extract.

I’ve often heard it said that men who live in the rye-growing regions of the world have fewer prostate problems than men who live where wheat is the #1 grain. And I can believe it.

In one study, men with prostate problems who took rye pollen extract saw significant urinary system relief… and experienced far less discomfort. Best of all, it worked within weeks.2

New research shows another natural extract may have a powerful effect on prostate health, too.

Native Americans have used cranberries for centuries to relieve bladder problems. The latest research suggests they may promote prostate health, too. In one study, men taking cranberry saw a big improvement in urinary function.3

So, what’s the best prostate formula? It’s the one that works for you. Chances are, one of these formulas can help you beat your prostate problems… once and for all.

Yours in continued good health,
Best Life Herbals Wellness Team

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