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Fighting Never Solved Anything

As a kid, I would occasionally get into scuffles with the local neighborhood boys…

Sometimes, it seems, that fighting is a part of growing up.

But whenever me or my friends would get into it, our parents would always get on us, saying…

“Stop that, fighting doesn’t solve anything”.

I can remember thinking, “Bull, it solves just about everything.”

I just couldn’t buy into that nonsense, and every time I tried to discuss it with an adult, I’d end up getting sent to the dean’s office, home or my room.

       I didn’t agree then and I don’t agree with that nonsense now.

I still say fighting solves darn near everything. I’ve considered having shirts with the message on the front FIGHTING SOLVES EVERYTHING.

          Well, I’m not talking about fisticuffs…

          I’m talking that “Never retreat, never surrender” attitude that comes out when your back is against the wall.

          And whether you believe it or not, we’ve all got a fighter inside of us.

          Oh! So you don’t agree with me?

          Tell me then, how this great country we call, the United States of America, came to be?

          Do you think our forefathers floated ashore and had a cakewalk all the way through American history?

          Or do you think there might have been a little fighting along the way?

          Thousands of men and women have died fighting so we can be free and have a much better life than they had.

          It’s part of the American way and it’s ingrained in us at an early age.

          Think back to high school sports, remember the cheerleaders yelling, “Fight! Fight! Fight! Ra! Ra! Ra!”?

          Yes, I know that was just a cheer, but the players out on the field were fighting to win, they were giving their all.

          Like it or not, life is a fight.

          Those long hours of cramming for the semester final is a form of fighting…

          Just like forcing yourself to do something you don’t want to do is a fight. Like getting out of bed in the morning and going for that run instead of staying in bed that extra hour.

          Putting in all of those extra hours on the job just to make a few extra dollars so you can feed your family is a fight.  

          When my health declined because I wasn’t sleeping much and eating a lot of fast foods between jobs, I fought to get back on the treadmill and stay there.

          And that was a fight between life or death.

          It isn’t easy to say “no” to that second plate of food or that second piece of cake. Sure it’s hard, it’s a fight, but if you win that fight you’ll end up a thinner and healthier you.

          Still not convinced?

          Well, then, what if police officers weren’t willing to fight?

          What do you think our streets would be like?

          Policemen fight for a safer world, and believe me, I have first hand knowledge about how hard the bad guys will fight to keep from being arrested.

          I know this may be coming off a little aggressive, but stay with me and we’ll come out on the other side in a positive light.

          You’re going to run into trials, troubles and difficulties every day, which means we’ve all got some fighting to do in our future…

          But it’s your decision how hard you’re willing to fight.

          Fighting helps you pass exams, keep your job, attain personal goals, maintain your health and a whole host of other things.

          When you get in life’s arena and apply yourself you solve many of your problems and achieve your goals.

          You earn respect and the self-satisfaction is unparalleled.

          Assess your values and needs, pick your battles and solve your problems.

          Stand straight and be proud of your achievements because they were worth fighting for.

          Never say “I’m too old” or “I can’t”, because you’re not and you can.


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