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Fighting Death and Disease From the Inside Out

A sad soul can kill quicker than a germ.”

–John Steinbeck

Living in your colon right now there are over 500 different bacterial strains (some good and some bad) making up about 95% of the living cells in your entire body.

In effect you could say that we’re all little more than walking bags of living breathing bacteria.

But before you lose your lunch I think you should know that the study of these little microscopic healing wonders is one of the most cutting edge fields in nutritional research.

And most of what we’ve discovered so far has been turning heads all over the main stream medical community as of late.

You see the “good” or probiotic bacteria living in your system serve a number of critical bodily functions such as…

Stimulating the production of usable energy, fighting back infection and they have even been show to be tireless destroyers of sickness and disease by fighting off the ravages of your “bad” bacteria.

And if the number of good bacteria in your system is too low, which can happen for a number of different reasons – you run the risk of contracting a potentially devastating medical condition known as Dysbiosis.

Death by Dysbiosis:

Dysbiosis occurs when the bad bacteria and yeast in your body become overgrown creating a bacterial imbalance.

This can happen for a number of different reasons – the most common being poor dietary choices, stress, certain environmental factors like fluorinated water and of course treatment with antibiotics.


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And if this happens or has happened to you then you could be opening the door to a number of very serious health concerns.

Concerns such as performance issues in the bedroom…a weakened immune system…a depleted sex drive…problems sleeping…irritated bowels…lack of energy and fatigue…chronic pain…and of course diarrhea and constipation.

Out With the Bad and in With the Good:

So now that we’ve established the importance of keeping a healthy balance of good micro-flora in our bodies exactly how do we go about doing it?

Well it’s easier than you might think…

Prebiotics: Are tiny carbohydrate fibers that your body cannot break down so they end up passing all the way into your digestive tract to stimulate the growth of your beneficial micro-flora.

Essentially prebiotics nourish your good bacteria, encouraging them to work more efficiently which in turn allows your body to run at peak efficiency.

And they become doubly effective when consumed in conjunction with a quality probiotic supplement or a probiotic friendly eating regimen.

Food for Life:

Prebiotic friendly foods include fresh fruits such as apples and bananas and sweet vegetables such as onions, garlic, asparagus, artichokes and leeks (one of my personal favorites).

They can also be acquired in a handful of different herbs like chicory root, dandelion root and burdock root.

Or for the lazy reader you can always find a quality prebiotic supplement at your local health food store – just make sure you talk to someone who knows the product fist.

When it come to nutritional supplements you ALWAYS get what you pay for.

The Tip of the Iceberg:

Truth be told scientists and medical researchers have just recently started studying the benefits of bolstering these microscopic healing wonders so who even knows what amazing new discovery tomorrow could bring.

But even though much of their research is still in its infancy along the way we’ve already discovered some very significant health benefits to some of the body’s most critical functions…

1. Digestion: Having a healthy balance of good bacteria allows for almost total absorption of vital life giving nutrients during the digestion process – helping bolster your overall nutritional balance, enhancing new cell growth and increasing your sex drive and erectile capacity.

2. Healing: Probiotic bacteria have been shown to bolster your body’s white blood cell count, help strengthen your immune system, alleviate the symptoms of certain allergies and even kill some of the more dangerous viruses and parasites that we typically come into contact with.

3. Heart Health: Having a healthy balance of beneficial bacteria has been shown to reduce cholesterol levels and hardening of the arteries by as much as 30% in some clinical studies.

4. Absorption: Having the right balance of healthy micro-flora also helps your body produce crucial enzymes that increase the nutritional availability of certain vitamins and minerals like vitamins B, K and calcium.

5. Regularity: With the proper balance of good bacteria in your digestive tract diarrhea and constipation can both be normalized almost overnight and they’ve even been shown to help reduce the symptoms of irritated bowels.


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6. Detox: By latching onto the inner walls of the intestines probiotic bacteria help clean the walls of the intestines by removing toxic build up – allowing your body to safely dispose of these potentially debilitating toxins while at the same time increasing oxygenated blood flow throughout your body.

This in turn supercharges your internal energy levels and maximizes your erectile function. Also worth mentioning are the esthetic benefits of a clean colon and smooth running intestinal tract, such as a significant reduction in bad breath and persistent body odor.

7. Keeps the Weight Off: Recently the New York Times published an article that discovered a correlation between obesity and a disruption in the balance of healthy micro-flora in your intestines – which could help explain why some folks just can’t ever seem to lose those unwanted pounds.

And if you eat the typical American diet the delicate balance has most likely already been disrupted and you’re probably living with the repercussions right now.

Fortunately though bolstering the growth of these beneficial bacteria is fairly simple even without the help of prebiotic or probiotic supplements.

All you have to do is just follow my simple list of do’s and don’ts you’ll be able to bring your body back into healthy balance in no time flat…


* Eat foods covered in chemicals or pesticides, buy only organically grown fruits and vegetables whenever possible.

* Drink tap water EVER; the chlorine added to our water supplies kills bacteria, even good bacteria. Drink only purified or natural spring water whenever possible.

* Drink excessively, alcohol can kill probiotic bacteria and promote the growth of other harmful bacteria strains.

* Consume too many sugary foods, or processed carbohydrates like bread or pasta. Both feed the bad bacteria that promote sickness, disease and feed on our healthy bacteria.


* Eat organic yogurt and drink raw un-pasteurized cow’s milk whenever possible. It’s brimming with countless helpful probiotic bacteria – not to mention it fits perfectly into our caveman diet and lifestyle.

* Avoid excess stress – too much stress or an illness can seriously disrupt your internal balance of healthy and harmful bacteria.

* Avoid antibiotics when you can, unfortunately they’re unable to distinguish between good and bad bacteria and they can literally wipe out your entire supply of healthy micro-flora.

And the best thing I can recommend for anyone trying to optimize their balance of essential probiotic bacteria is to take a high quality probiotic supplement. You can find one at most any health food store.

Just make sure you talk to a knowledgeable sales rep so you know you’re getting the best probiotic available – proboitic bacterial feed on other micro-organisms and that includes one-another.

This continuous fight for survival ensures that no one strain of bacteria will take over – so talk to someone who knows the product to ensure you’re not buying a bottle full of useless dead bacteria.

The best supplements cost a little more but the results are well worth it.

One of the best I’ve come across in my travels is a product from Best Life Herbals called Flora DSF

The research that’s gone into the formulation of this product has made it one of the premier probiotic formulations on the market today. And I HIGHLY recommend making it apart of your daily regimen today.

Stay Healthy!


Best Life Herbals

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