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Fact or Fraud: The Truth About Organics

Rather fail with honor than succeed by fraud.”


It’s no surprise that with the recent shift to healthier eating in this country that the organic food business is Booming.

Grocery store shelves are literally brimming with pricier organic food options for everything from cookies to beer.

And American consumers are willing to pay a hefty premium for what they perceive to be healthier more nutritious food selections – often as much as 50% more.

So what initially began as an environmentally friendly alternative to modern farming practices has snowballed into an estimated $20 billion dollar a year business.

That’s right – that’s billion with a B! But the real question here is are organically grown foods really worth all that extra money?

Or are 70% of American consumers that regularly purchase these pricey wares having the wool pulled over their eyes?

Organic – What Does it Even Mean?

The term “organic” refers to farming practices that shun pesticides and other chemicals in an effort to safe guard our environment.

Organic foods can be produced using certain synthetic ingredients but they must adhere to very strict standards set down by the USDA.


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Fruit and vegetable crops are grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, fertilizers or biotechnology.

And animals raised on organic farms eat only organically grown feed, they aren’t kept confined all the time and they’re raised without the use of antibiotics or synthetic growth hormones.

But is Eating Organic Really Better For You?

There is some research that suggests eating organically grown foods may have a higher nutritional value than conventionally grown foods.

The reason researchers say is because in the absence of chemical pesticides and fertilizers plants are forced to boost their production of healthy phytochemicals in order to protect themselves from bugs and weeds.

Which researchers suspect does produce a more nutritionally dense fruits and veggies.

And keep in mind there are a number of studies linking the pesticides in our food to a number of common health concerns such as decreased testosterone production, headaches and even birth defects.

Are we Really Helping the Environment?

In short, YES. Organic farming cuts down on the amount of pollutants in our groundwater and creates more fertile soil that not only accelerates plant growth but also helps reduce soil erosion.

In some cities pesticide levels in the tap water are so high it can be unsafe to drink for weeks at a time.

And researchers also estimate that organic farming uses about 50% less energy than traditional farming practices.

So it would make sense that organic farming would be Mother Nature’s preferred farming method.

The Verdict – is it Really Worth All That Extra Dough?

If you can afford it I say absolutely. And even better if you can buy locally grown organic foods you’ll not only eat healthier but you’ll support your local farmers to boot.

I have an amazing little farmer’s market right up the road from my old house and I love the place.

They sell only organically grown fruits and vegetables and all of their prepared foods are made using the same ingredients.

And if you’re a big meat eater like I am I challenge you to go back to eating commercially raised beef after sinking your teeth into a juicy organically grown grass fed steak.

The difference is like night and day!

Stay Healthy!



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Not only is Lycopene the most powerful anti-oxidant among all carotenoids (anti-oxidants help fight free radical damage.)

But it’s also been shown to inhibit cancer cells from growing by interfering with their growth receptors – specifically in prostate cancer cells.

That’s good news for us because a whopping 50%-60% of men age 40-60 suffer from some type of prostate concern. And that figure jumps to over 90% for men over 80!

Not to mention Prostate Cancer is the most common cancer among American men – second only to skin cancer.

So dig in a cup of diced fresh watermelon only has about 46 calories. And it’s an excellent source of vitamin A, C, potassium and fiber.

And you can find them all year long – but now through September is peak season. Just in time for summer.

Personally I can’t get enough! A little trick I like to use is to refrigerate mine for a couple hours before I’m ready to cut it open. Then I throw a few of the chilled slices into my juicer…and viola!

It’s the perfect refreshment for those hot days of summer.

Stay Healthy!


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