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“Extra Insurance” for Back Pain Relief

“Extra Insurance” for Back Pain Relief

If you’ve turned to mainstream medicine for relief from long-term back pain, you’ve probably encountered one of two scenarios. And neither one is all that great.

Chances are you’re looking at years – maybe a lifetime – of drugs. Most of them come with unpleasant side effects. And none of them fix the problem. They just allow you to function a little better as long as you take them.

The other alternative is surgery. Surgery that may or may not work. And it may even leave you worse off than before. And the cost can be a crushing burden, unless you’re one of the lucky few with full-coverage insurance.

Either way, your quality of life isn’t likely to recover.

Of course, there are natural alternatives. For example, nutritional supplements such as egg shell membrane and green-lipped muscle extract can provide powerful relief from pain at a very reasonable cost.

Yoga, Pilates and Tai chi may increase the relief. But there’s an even easier way to “supplement your supplements.” And this little trick – which is absolutely FREE – may just what you need to whip your lower back into shape.

The trick is called the McKenzie Method. And while it’s not just for lower back pain, that’s where it really shines.

Robin McKenzie is a physical therapist from New Zealand. In the early 1980’s, McKenzie introduced a system of gentle stretches and exercises he develop based on his years working with people suffering from chronic pain.

McKenzie’s idea is simple: Most back pain has a mechanical cause. And you reverse the pain by “reversing the force” that caused it in the first place.

Absurdly simple. And yet powerfully effective.

A doctor versed in the McKenzie Method puts you through a physical exam and takes a history. Based on the results, the doctor recommends a few simple exercises to reverse the forces that cause your pain.

And when I say “simple,” I really mean it. For example one McKenzie exercise for low back pain is to lie flat on the floor (use a yoga mat for comfort) on your stomach, arms at your sides and Head turned to one side. You hold this position for 5 – 10 minutes.

Another exercise that may help is to lie on your stomach on a yoga mat, with your upper arms extended at a 90-degree angle to your torso. Your weight should be on your elbows and forearms, and your back will be curved up and away from the floor. Relax your back muscle and hold for 5 – 10 minutes.

A more dynamic variation of this is the “prone press-up.” Lie face down on your yoga mat with your arms bent double and your palms on the mat, shoulder-width apart. Gently press upward with your arms, curving your back upwards, until your upper arms are fully extended. Gently lower your upper body back to the floor. Repeat 10 times.

As your back becomes even more limber, you can extend your arms out as straight as possible in this exercise, creating an even greater curve in your back. But don’t push so hard your hips rise off the mat. And never force your back outside your range of comfort.

Finally, here’s another easy technique.

Stand up straight with your arms at your sides, feet about shoulder-width apart. Place your palms on the small of your back, just above your hips. Slowly lean back – but only as far as you’re comfortable – and hold the pose for 15 – 20 seconds. Return to the upright position. Do 5 – 10 repetitions several times a day.

Many people find nutritional supplements provide adequate relief on their own. But if you’d like a little extra insurance, McKenzie exercises like these may just do the trick.

Yours in continued good health,

Best Life Herbals Wellness Team


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