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Erectus Maximus

What really makes a man a man? Tough one huh – because the truth is a real man has to be so many things…strong…fearless…financially secure…basically a real life comic book hero!

But if you ask most men, they’ll tell you the defining characteristic of a real man is something much simpler…a rock hard erection! So it’s no wonder why guys are always looking for ways to make their erections bigger and badder.
In so many men’s minds it what defines them as men – if they lose that what do they have left?

There’s actually a multi million dollar industry that services our need to stay hard for life…pills, creams, even implants. We’ll try just about anything if it promises to help keep it up — but most do little or nothing to really “erectify” the situation.

So the timeless quest to achieve the biggest damn erection possible continues even to this day. How are you stacking up?

Are you’re one of those guys that’s never satisfied (like me) and just want more of a good thing — or maybe you’re feeling a little older these days and the “equipment” doesn’t always function like it used to.

You have good days and you have bad ones. But it’s impossible to let go of those memories of being 18 — full of piss and vinegar. Back when you got a giant full blown erection every time a pretty girl walked by.

Back then your biggest problem was it got too damn hard. Well, don’t stress, because the good news is, you call have massive rock hard erections every night of your life — just like you had on prom night.

And it’s not difficult at all really. Just incorporate a few of these tips into your daily regimen, and you’ll have the power to transform your average erection into a solid steel love club almost overnight.

So grab your woman by the hair and drag her back to your cave. These 7 simple techniques will have you hard as steel and ready for serious action in no time:

1) Stay Cool:

Too much stress and anxiety can shrink your penis like you’d been swimming in a pool of ice water. Performance anxiety, poor self image or concerns about measuring up “below the belt” can all contribute to a less than spectacular erection. So it’s imperative that you find a way to relax and calm your anxieties.

My preferred method is to remind myself no matter how bad I am in bed, or how bad I look or whatever your personal hang up may be – sex is going to feel great for me!

Selfish I know – but once you get over the initial nervous of trying to please your lover you’ll finally be able to relax and release the beast. Remember we’re MEN – let’s start acting like it!

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2) Off Your Butt:

A regular exercise program is a key ingredient to maximizing the quality of your erections and life in general. The most important muscle group as far as your man muscle is concerned are your abdominal muscles (abs). Strong abs will help hold and support a fully engorged erection as long as they’re not preoccupied holding up a soggy belly. You’ll never reach full girth with a weak flabby core.

Another key movement and a big hit among porn stars. Is a workout designed specifically for your penis called the Kegel Exercise. It’s yet to be proven that they make your penis larger – but they will turn an average erection into a solid iron bar.

They’re simple too, just tighten and relax the pelvic muscle that controls your urine flow. And viola! Just a few minutes a day is all it takes to achieve maximum expansion. And the best part is you can do them anytime, anywhere, and nobody will ever know.

3) You Are What You Eat:

Taking a limp muscle and transforming it into a giant throbbing erection is very taxing process. The muscle itself, the oxygen rich blood required and all the hormones necessary to help you rise to the occasion, rob your body of its valuable nutrients. So a healthy diet is essential for keeping your hard-ons HARD.

Make sure you’re eating plenty of lean protein especially red meat. It will provide the nutrients your body requires for building strong muscles and producing the vital hormones you need to get up and “deliver the goods”.

And because a solid erection requires a healthy supply of oxygen rich blood to your love muscle, you’ll want to eat a diet that supports a strong healthy heart. One rich in fresh fruits and veggies with as little saturated fat as possible.

4) Just Say No:

Smoking cigarettes kills your circulation, and for massive erections you need healthy blood flow. So quit today!

Too much alcohol numbs your senses and kills your ability to get hard. One or two is good for setting the mood – but too much of a good thing can ruin your chances if you can’t get it up! So moderation is the key.

And don’t get me started on prescription meds. Most any type of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, anti-depressant or anxiety medication is going to wreak havoc on your ability to achieve a quality erection. So if you suspect this is what’s taking the wind out of your sails talk to your doctor about the possibility of natural alternatives.

5) Perfect Positioning:

Stay off your back because gravity is working against you in the bedroom. Pulling your blood away from where you need it most, leaving you holding a limp noodle.

So throw her off you and climb on top wild man! Missionary and doggie style both work great, and remember were men, cave men at that — we belong on top!

And if there are any positions you’d like to explore – don’t be scared to ask! Find the spot that works best for you. And once you realize you can have anything you want if you just ask — your confidence will sky rocket and your erections will be able to break bricks!

6) Eye Candy:

Nothing gets the old motor running like the love of a beautiful woman. So if you haven’t already – find yourself a smart beautiful woman that you’re very attracted to. Never settle for second best.

If you’re already married, don’t be too shy to ask for a few minor renovations either. A good friend of mine just bought his wife a beautiful set of breast implants. I’m not sure what he spent – but I’m sure it was worth every penny. They’re like kids again!

And if boobs aren’t your thing, ask her to dye her hair or get a tattoo. You’d be surprised what a woman will do to please her man – if you have the marbles to ask. At the end of the day they’ll thank you for it.

7) Penis Pills

That’s right, something as simple as taking a few nutritional supplements can transform your limp noodle into a 5000 lb. sexual bunker buster!

For instance, just adding a bit of Zinc to your nutritional regimen can have tremendous effect on your ability to achieve and maintain a solid erection. Zinc has a hand in almost every facet of your sexual performance – everything from testosterone production to your sperm count.

So watch your diet, and I highly recommend supplementing with a high end multi-vitamin to round out any minor vitamin or mineral deficiencies.

Men’s Daily Formula is an effective, powerful multi-vitamin that specifically targets a man’s unique biological needs including his sexual potency.

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But don’t stop there. There are countless herbs and nutraceuticals that have been clinically proven to have an amazing uplifting effect on your erection. Over the course of history just about every ancient culture in the world has contributed to this encyclopedia of pro-sexual herbs.

Unfortunately there’s too many to talk about here today. So keep your eyes open for next weeks issue. And I’ll show you exactly which one you need to add to your regimen to transform yourself into a sexual Superman.

In the mean time make sure you’re eating right, excersising regularly, and living life to the fullest. Take pleasure in everything your do, especially sex.

And remember that you are a cave man. You are the ultimate machine walking the planet right now. Women admire you and look to you for strength for comfort. Let’s not disappoint them.

Stay Healthy!

Louis Hart
Best Life Herbals

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