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I Envy You Your Tomatoes

I Envy You Your Tomatoes

I Envy You Your TomatoesA generation or two ago, nobody talked openly about prostate issues. It wasn’t “polite.” Most men suffered in ignorance. And I do mean most men. Because, guys, if you live long enough, there’s a 90% chance you’ll have some sort of prostate issue.

For me, my prostate was a side issue to my digestive problems. Just a notation on an MRI report. The radiologist just jotted down that my prostate appeared “slightly enlarged.” I’d never have known if I hadn’t gone over the report myself.

So I figure I don’t need to be alarmed. I’m pushing 60, and my prostate is “slightly” enlarged. So maybe I should do something before it becomes an issue.

And that’s where my envy kicks in.

Tomatoes are the richest food source of lycopene. Studies link high lycopene intake to a lower risk of heart problems, vision problems… and prostate problems.

But I can’t eat tomatoes. They’re in the nightshade family and loaded with lectins. Even just 3 or 4 tablespoons of salsa is enough to make me sick for hours.

I can get lycopene from watermelon – the only other food with lycopene levels that even come close to the tomato’s. But you can only eat watermelon in so many ways.

But tomatoes are incredibly versatile. Dice them up, and toss them into a satisfying homemade salsa… or into an omelet. Sliced, they’re great in salads, or even alone with a little oil and vinegar. Sauce them, and you can use them anywhere.

All that lycopene adds up. But not with most other foods. While the lycopene in tomatoes is measured in milligrams, in almost all other foods, it’s measured in micrograms.

So losing tomatoes from my diet – and I’d eat tomato sauce on almost anything – dropped my lycopene intake way down. Apparently just when my prostate decided to make me a men’s health statistic.

I figure I’m like a lot of guys. I don’t want to just live for a long time. I want to enjoy every minute of a long life. So I don’t plan to wait until my prostate starts giving me headaches. I’ve started looking into natural prostate support.

I’ve discovered I can get the lycopene now missing from my diet in a supplement – along with proven prostate nutrients such as saw palmetto, Beta sitosterol and Pygeum africanum.

HB and I have a lot of plans. We want to visit Paris together. To experience Glacier National Park, explore Alaska and see Machu Picchu up close and personal. And, frankly, I have no desire to spend these trips running from rest room to rest room.

So I’ve decided to take pre-emptive action. I’m not waiting till prostate trouble starts making me miserable. Like waking me 3 or 4 times a night to run to the bathroom… or turning a day of sightseeing into a tour of the local restrooms.

I figure the sooner I act, the better. And if taking a few herbs in a capsule can keep my firing on all cylinders for years longer, I’m all for it.

But I still envy you your tomatoes.

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