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End This Common Cause of Chronic Pain

Common Solutions to Chronic Pain

Common Solutions to Chronic Pain

There’s one area where women have always been ahead of men: Pain.

The Institute of Medicine estimates about 100 million Americans suffer with chronic pain. Most of them are women.

One reason: Women tend to complain less about their pain. They’re much more likely to put others first and suffer in silence. But research shows many doctors also take women’s complaints of pain less seriously than men’s.

A recent presentation to the American Society of Anesthesiologists underscored this problem. Researchers pointed out easy solutions to common pain problems that doctors often overlook with women.

As the authors noted, a common response to women’s pain is still, “It’s all in your head.”

The fact is women’s pain is real. And there are often common solutions to chronic pain. Though they’re not always obvious.

You may know that many women suffer with weak, brittle bones. But did you know they can cause a lot of pain – even if they don’t break?

I often hear people – even doctors – recommending calcium and vitamin D to promote bone strength. But I rarely hear anyone talking about another key nutrient. Without it, calcium and vitamin D can’t be effective.

Many women – and men, too – suffer needlessly for want of this simple nutrient. Studies show most people don’t get enough. In fact, most people only get 2/3 to 3/4 of the amount they need.

“It” is the mineral magnesium… and it’s key to bone health. Your bones are only about 1% magnesium, but it’s not just part of your bones. Your body also needs it to make bone.

People with low magnesium levels also have low levels of calcium. And low magnesium makes it harder for vitamin D to do its job. Both these problems are linked to bone loss.

On the other hand, researchers at Purdue University proved the positive side of magnesium. They gave magnesium supplements to a group of volunteers for two years. At the end of the study, their subjects had much greater bone density.2

Men need about 420 mg of magnesium a day. Women, just 320 mg. Here are a few high-magnesium foods…

• Fish: 3 ounces of mackerel has about 82 mg.
• Dark leafy greens: A half-cup of cooked spinach provides about 78 mg of magnesium. Kale and Swiss chard are also rich sources.
• Nuts and seeds: Almonds are as high in magnesium as spinach. Peanuts and hazelnuts have a little less: about 46 – 48 mg per ounce.

Since so many Americans don’t get enough magnesium, taking a nutritional supplement makes sense.

If you’re already taking a bone-health supplement, check the label. If it doesn’t contain magnesium, your bones are probably missing out. And that could mean suffering with unnecessary pain.

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Best Life Herbals Wellness Team

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