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Eat Like its Memorial (Every) Day

I have to tell you guys I absolutely love Memorial Day – and no, not just because of the three day weekend. I love everything about it, what the day stands for, the time of year it falls around and especially the all-day BBQ’s with my family and friends.
Honestly, I can’t think of a more perfect way to spend a day than in front of my Webber with my tongs in one hand and a tasty cocktail in the other – flipping all those juicy steaks, shrimp kabobs and assorted grilled veggies.

It’s Heaven I tell you – and as much as I loved cooking it, I enjoyed eating it that much more. But I have to tell you something funny happened after this years Memorial Day feast.

As I sat in my recliner trying to digest the 40 lbs. of red meat I’d just consumed – I suddenly got this tremendous sense of accomplishment after cooking this mighty feast. And not because it was so delicious – even though that was a small part of it.

The reason I was so pleased with the dinner I’d prepared was because I realized I had just made one of the healthiest meals I could have possibly fed my family. And they didn’t even realize it!

On holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas I’m always amazed at the sheer number of pies, candies and deserts that are being offered.

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Combine that with the mash potatoes and gravy, dressing for the turkey and of course the cranberry sauce – it’s no wonder so many people dread the holidays. After a meal like that you have to buy a whole new wardrobe – 2 sizes up.

But then you have your holidays like Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day – and suddenly everything is planned around the BBQ. And for you healthy eaters out there nothing could be better.

With help of your trusty old BBQ you can eat a super healthy holiday feast every day of the year – and you won’t even realize you’re doing it.

You simply can’t go wrong grilling – chicken, steaks, seafood are all right at home on an open flame. And there’s a ton of different fresh veggies that all taste great with nothing more than a dash of salt and pepper and moment on the fire.

What could be better?! This is the diet our ancestors ate for thousands of years – and the open fire was how they cooked it. And remember those guys were lean, virile and tough as nails.

Humor me for one second and think about the old saying “you are what you eat”– now imagine in your mind a fictitious guy eating a Twinkie. What do you imagine this guy look like?

Fat, Lazy maybe even bald – do you imagine he has much energy or if he’s successful with women? I don’t even want to tell you what I see!

Now picture this same fictions guy cutting into a giant T-bone steak with a big white napkin tucked into his shirt – and now tell me what you see?


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Just One More Thing…

True grilling is a low fat very heart healthy way to cook – but with all the attention lately focused on the notion that grilling foods on very high a heat can cause them to form dangerous compounds.

Specifically Heterocyclic Amines (HCA) and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) which are thought to be formed when fatty meats come into contact with very intense heat or flame.

I thought I might go over a few healthy grilling tips I pulled from the American Institute for Cancer Research’s web site – along with a few others to help keep our grilling healthy and delicious:

• Marinate Meats – a simple marinade of olive oil or fruit juice can reduce the formation of these chemicals by as much as 99% – and they taste great.

• Smaller Portions – smaller cuts of meat cook faster at lower heats and also have to spend a lot less time on the grill.

• Clean Your Grill – a clean grill not only cooks safer but it also helps keep your foods from sticking.

• Don’t Burn – the charred bits on burnt food contain the highest concentrations of HCA’s and PAH’s – and if you do burn it cut the charred sections off.

• Flip Frequently – by turning your food often you accelerate the cooking process and help reduce the formation of HCA’s.

• Trim The Fat – by trimming the excess fat off your meat you greatly reduce your chances of causing a flare up and charring your meat.

Just follow those simple guidelines and you’ll not only be grilling healthier – but you’ll cut down on the fat content of your meats and your food will taste even better!

Stay Healthy!

Louis Hart
Best Life Herbals

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