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Drinking Alcohol – the New Fountain of Youth?

It just might be according to a recent study released by the Dutch that followed 1,373 men over a 40 year period to determine the effects of alcohol intake on male longevity.

The 40 year study was recently unveiled at the American Hearth Associations 47th Annual Conference on Cardiovascular Disease Epidemiology and Prevention – and what they uncovered was pretty impressive.
Drinking alcohol in moderation – especially red wine can actually extend your lifespan by as much as 4 years!

Moderate Drinkers Live Longer

During the study Dutch researchers followed the lives of over a thousand men ages 40 – 60 years old – trying to determine the effects of alcohol consumption on the men’s overall life spans.

And what they found was that the men who drank alcohol (any variety) in moderate amounts outlived their abstinent counterparts – and that occasional wine drinkers actually outlived them all.

According to the data test subjects that were categorized as moderate drinkers (1-2 drinks a day) of any type of spirits were 28% less likely to die of heart related health issues – and a whopping 33% less likely to die of any health related causes.

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Wine drinkers scored even higher – subjects that regularly drank moderate amounts of wine were 38% less likely to die of any type of health related cause – and an incredible 46% less likely to die of heart related health problems when compared to non-drinkers!

All and all the test subjects that regularly indulged in a nice glass of vino outlived the moderate drinkers and the subjects in the no alcohol group by an average of 4 years.

The Science of Drinking

How does it work? Well researchers has shown that the flavonoids and anti-oxidants in wine – specifically the one known as reversatrol holds some pretty significant cardiovascular health benefits that can’t be found anywhere else.

So significant actually that a 1992 Harvard study described moderate consumption of wine as one of only eight proven ways to reduce the risk of heart disease.

The natural heart healing anti-oxidants in wine go to work in three very unique ways to help keep your heart functioning at its optimum capacity.

1) By reducing your body’s production of LDL (bad) cholesterol

2) By increasing you body’s production of HDL (good) cholesterol

3) By reducing unnatural blood clotting and arterial plaque build up

Results like that are hard to find even in today’s high dollar prescription blood pressure medications – and you wont have to worry about any of the un-natural side effects you’d expect with chemically based prescription drugs.

But hold on – before you get all excited and go out and tie one on just remember that these statistics were for moderate drinking only. For an average sized guy that means just one or two drinks a day to receive the maximum benefit.

So make sure you’re drinking intelligently – and of course NEVER drink and drive.

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Also keep in mind, if you have a pre-existing medical condition, are currently taking any kind of prescription medication that interacts poorly with alcohol and especially if you have a history of alcohol abuse – you should not drink alcohol at all.

If that’s you – than reversatrol can also be purchased in supplement form at most any vitamin shop or health food store. Just talk to someone there that’s knowledgeable to make sure you purchasing a quality supplement.

So now what do you say we go grab a few for happy hour? The first round’s on me.

Stay Healthy!

Louis Hart
Best Life Herbals

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