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Don’t Become a Holiday Statistic

Don’t Become a Holiday Statistic

The holiday season is fast upon us. And before I go any further, I’d like to wish all my readers a very happy and healthy holiday season – no matter which holidays you may celebrate.

Holiday celebrations are common – and so is holiday drinking. The holiday numbers are frightening. Traffic deaths jump by as much as 300% during the holidays. And alcohol-related traffic deaths are nearly 50% higher during this period.

Drinking coffee won’t negate the effects of alcohol. Together, they make a “poor man’s speedball” – a dangerous mix of stimulant and depressant. So if you attend a holiday party, have a designated driver… or plan to take a cab home.

Alcohol is probably the best-known holiday danger. Number two is fire.

Almost a third of American families have a live or cut tree in their homes during the holidays. Millions of families burn candles during the holidays, too. No wonder there are about 11,600 fire department calls just on Dec. 24 – Dec 26 each year!

If you have a live or cut tree in your home, choose one that’s green – not turning brown. The needles should be springy, and not break when bent. And don’t forget to keep it watered – even a cut tree should have plenty of water.

Never leave a candle burning unattended in any room. Don’t leave children alone in rooms with burning candles, either. And never, ever put live candles on a tree. If you use candles at all, have a fully charged fire extinguisher handy – and know how to use it.

Thousands of injuries each year are also linked to holiday decorating. About 13,000 people need hospital treatment for decorating mishaps.

If you’re past middle age, get help putting up your outside decorations. This is the most common scenario where mature adults are injured – and these injuries usually involve the head or neck.

Never work alone when a ladder is involved. And use extreme caution outdoors. Ladders and frozen ground are not a good combination.

Holiday gifts cause a lot of injuries, too. Hospital emergency departments see a jump in wheel-related injuries every holiday season. Overanxious kids and adults just can’t wait to use their new gifts – even if they don’t have a helmet.

Another potentially dangerous gift: sleds. There are more than 35,000 sledding-related accidents every year. Be sure your kids and grandkids are sledding on a safe hill (not too many trees, no street at the bottom, etc.).

Don’t let the big kid you married go out with the sled after he’s had a couple of drinks, either. It’s not just children who get injured using sleds. The same goes for ice skates and hockey sticks.

The holidays are a wonderful time to enjoy family and friends… to reflect on the blessings of the year just past… and to look forward to the adventure of the year ahead. With just a little care, you can expect to enjoy many happy holiday seasons to come.

Yours in continued good health,

Best Life Herbals Wellness Team


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