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Do Men Need Sex?

As I was going through a stack of research papers this morning I stumbled upon a disturbing new study that really turned my head.

According to this study approximately 18 percent of men in the U.S. age 20 and over suffer from sexual performance problems.
Just to put that number into perspective for you, that means right now there are approximately 18 million men in this country that are physically incapable of achieving or maintaining a healthy erection.

News like that always makes me sad, but it also gets me to thinking. Do men really need to have sex? I mean can these men – some of them as young as 20 years of age really go the rest of their days without any sex what-so-ever and still live long happy healthy lives?

Unfortunately for them the answer is probably not – because…

Good Sex = Great Health:

At least those were the finding of a study conducted by Queens University in Belfast. During the study they tracked the mortality rate of 1,000 men over the course of an entire decade and what they found was quite significant.

Their finding published in the British Medical Journal showed that men who had the most frequent orgasms had a death rate half that of their less sexually active counter parts.

I found that study quite fascinating, but I look at the need for sex from a totally different perspective. I’m not concerned so much with dieing (well I am). But more the quality of life we can enjoy while we’re fortunate enough to be here.

And believe it or not, sex does have a tremendous effect on the quality of all of our lives. Here are just a handful of the benefits that I’ve come across in my research over the last few years:

Men Need Sex:

#1) Big “T” — Testosterone: Having an orgasm urges your body produce more testosterone. And more testosterone not only helps you have better orgasms but it makes you manlier. It helps strengthen bone, build and support lean muscle mass and powers a healthy functioning heart. Testosterone is essentially what makes men manly.

#2) Melts Away Fat: On top of being a top notch appetite suppressant sex also helps burn calories and melts away excess fat. As an exercise, good sex burns off more calories per minute than a brisk game of tennis. And you don’t even need a racquet (unless of course you’re into that sort of thing).

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#3) A Healthy Heart: In a follow up study conducted by Queens University, researchers concluded that having sex thee or more times a week reduced a man’s risk of heart attack and stroke by 50%.

#4) A Stronger Immune System: Researchers at Wilkes University discovered that men that had sex at least once or twice a week showed higher concentrations of the essential antibody Immunoglobulin A – a substance shown to boost your immune system and accelerate healing.

#5) DHEA: Is another critical hormone that’s affected by your sexual activity. Right before you orgasm the DHEA levels in your body will climb several times higher than normal. And, DHEA is thought to improve brain function, boost your immune system, promote healthy looking skin and good cardiovascular health.

#6) A Healthy Prostate: There’s a definite relation ship between frequency of ejaculation and the health of your prostate. A recent study published in the British Journal of Urology International explains that men in their 20’s can reduce their risk of prostate issues by ejaculating more than 5 times a week. And if you’ve ever had prostate problems in the past than you know what a drastic affect they can have on your quality of life.

#7) Pain Killer: When you have an orgasm it releases your body’s natural store of endorphins which increases your tolerance for pain substantially. So if you suffer from constant migraine headaches or even degenerative joint pain – try a quick roll in the hay (assuming you’re not in public) along with your regular pain medication. You’ll notice an immediate difference.

#8) Stress Buster: An accelerated heart beat, increased blood flow, and the contraction of just about every muscle in your body – then it all comes to a screeching halt at that one beautiful moment of orgasm. This explosive process rips the tension out of every cell in your body and relaxes you to the very core.

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It’s one of those few beautiful moments in life you’re able to let it all go. Nothings wrong and everything is right in the world – for a little while at least.

You gota’ love that!

But the real question is how do you take advantage of all these amazing benefits if you’re one of those 18 million men that suffer from sexual performance problems.

Well according to researchers there’s a strong link between the inability to achieve a quality erection and a poor diet and a sedimentary lifestyle.

Nearly 90% of the men in the above study that suffered from erectile failure either had risk factors for cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol or they were smokers.

So come on – I know it’s not always easy but you have to get your butt into gear once in a while. All you need is 15 minutes of exercise a day and you can get back into the kind of shape you remember from your teens.

Quitting smoking – I haven’t met a smoker yet that didn’t talk about quitting all the time. Most of them actually hate it and don’t even know why they smoke any more. If you’re one of them – QUIT.

And a healthy diet is crucial to a healthy balanced life – good sex, robust energy levels and a lean muscular physique. The pay off is so worth it!

Stay Healthy!

Louis Hart
Best Life Herbals

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