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Did You Exercise Today?

Did you exercise today?

If not, why didn’t you?

Staying fit is important to your well being, and inactivity is one of those things that is becoming more and more common in our society.

Studies have shown that drinking excessive alcohol, smoking, bad eating habits, and inactivity will all contribute to taking years off of your life.

Avoiding those four things makes for a good lifestyle, and a good lifestyle usually affords an active, mobile and, most importantly, a happy life.

Although I never cared about alcohol, I was once a heavy smoker, I ate all of the wrong foods to excess and didn’t exercise nearly enough.

In other words I had a lifestyle that darn near killed me, that’s why I wanted to talk about exercise today

Most everyone has a different level of exercise, that’s why it’s not important to make it a competition, but you should make it a priority.

Your level of exercise might not be the same as mine or anyone elses, so don’t compare what you can or can’t do to what your neighbor or pal might be doing.

When I got involved in Jiu Jitsu I realized that I was going to have to work really hard if I wanted to stay with it.

In the beginning I knew I couldn’t keep up with the students that had been at it for awhile, but I worked hard at my own pace, and I endured…

I’m glad I did because it paid off – good conditioning and jiu-jitsu saved my life in the street. 

Now I’m into triathlons and I’ve found a whole new level to fitness.
There are three legs to a triathlon: Swim, Bike and Run.

So along with my normal daily exercise routine, in order to have the level I need, I have to put in, at the very least, an additional hour doing one of the three triathlon legs.

When the date for an event draws near, I have to up the training, so I’ll do about an hour on two of the three legs to the event.

I have a competition coming up, so today I swam for an hour and then I ran for an hour – needless to say, I should sleep well tonight.

Now, I’m not saying everyone should get into Jiu Jitsu or triathlons, but I’m saying that everyone should be active, and that level of activity varies from person to person.

Find an exercise you like, one that makes you work and get started.

Due to arthritis, my wife Rosemary used to need a wheelchair every once in a while, but she started swimming years ago and now she no longer needs it.

Due to her condition, her exercises had to be non-load bearing so she started swimming and the improvement has afforded her freedom to walk again.

In a couple of weeks she and I will be walking around Scotland, something that wasn’t possible a couple of years ago.

I’m not saying it’s easy, I’m saying you have to apply yourself, and there’s work involved, but the more you do it, the easier it gets, and you can regain a part of life you once had.

So like I asked earlier, did you exercise today?

If you haven’t you should – everyone needs to exercise.

If you haven’t started an exercise program, start one today.

Set up a daily routine and get on the road to a happier, healthier life.

In all exercise routines, I recommend walking and eventually when and if possible walking and jogging or running, and just to be on the safe side, consult your doctor or family physician before starting any exercise program.

Have a goal and when you attain that goal set another.

I’m certain you’ll be amazed at how much you’ll achieve in a month, six months, a year.

And as I always say, never say you’re too old or you can’t because you’re not and you can.



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