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Desire or Obsession?

I’ve preached exercise for a few years now because that’s one of the main factors for getting my health back, that along with proper eating.

Some of the most intense and difficult exercise I’ve been involved in was the training in Jujitsu. It was hard but it paid off on many occasions.

Many times, I’ve been grateful for all of those many hours of callisthenic training and grappling at the DoJo and the way Kyle and Jude pushed us to a point where we could go no more.

I recall that on more than one occasion leaving my patrol car and running across the beach to help someone in the ocean and more often than not my partner, who brought up the rear, was out of breath.

I was able to function at 110% because of the many hours of training. I could go on naming many different incidents where the training paid off from subduing a drug crazed punk to carrying a lady from a car in a flooded roadway to safety.

Then I started training for triathlons. It too is difficult but I don’t have a trainer to push me, I have to be disciplined enough to push myself. It’s something I have to really want, in other words it’s strictly up to me.

When I’m out there on the road running or cycling or in a pool swimming laps there’s no one along side me saying “ come on Doc, move it you’re almost there”. It’s something I have to want; it’s something I have to do all by myself.
Webster’s dictionary defines obsession as an idea or thought that continually preoccupies or intrudes on a person’s mind.

So is all of this exercise an obsession or just a strong desire to be fit and have the ability to live an active life?

I’m always aware of how important exercise is in my life and I frequently think about it. I’ve made calisthenics and stretching a part of my daily life but along with that I always do an exercise that has to be done outdoors. It’s an excellent combination that works for me.

When I’m training for a triathlon or I have a long bike ride in the near future I have a training schedule that I follow. And if you’re going to be successful at such fetes training schedules are necessary. I only stray from that schedule when work demands it.

I know of some cases where people became so obsessed with training that their marriage ended in divorce and they were fired from their job because they were late for work too often. That’s what I call an obsession and that will never happen to me. Family first.

All of the exercise and participating in the triathlons is entertaining but the main point to it all is the fact that I’m a healthier person because of it.

When I go for a six-month check up my doctor always tells me everything is normal and says he’ll see me in another six months. And that’s what I like to hear, so I guess I’ll keep doing what I do.

Desire is defined as a strong feeling to have something or wanting something to happen. I’m going to say I have a strong desire to stay fit and healthy and by exercising I fulfill that desire.

Being healthy and fit feels great so if you’re not already involved with exercise get a checkup from your doctor and with his/her blessing start exercising.

As always never say you’re too old or you can’t because you’re not and you can.



Rosemary and I went to Oklahoma and watched our daughter Francine and her friend participate in their first triathlon.

Sure enough I had to stand there and do nothing after watching our friend crash on her bicycle. I really felt badly not being allowed to help. But she picked herself up and continued on with a few minor scrapes and along with Francine finished in the middle of the pack.

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