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Doctor Jeffrey’s Healthy Heart Formula


Busting High Blood Pressure!

75 million adults in the U.S. suffer with high blood pressure. Chances are 1 in 3 that you’re one of them. And your risk only goes up with age. That’s one reason we created Doctor Jeffrey’s Healthy Heart Formula.

Doctor Jeffrey’s Healthy Heart Formula promotes healthy blood pressure from every angle with…

  Selenium’s antioxidant action defends arteries against free radical damage

  Capsaicin triggers production of nitric oxide – the gas that keeps arteries flexible

  Alpha-Lipoic Acid promotes improved blood flow, key to lower blood pressure

  Hawthorn blocks oxidation of LDL cholesterol, cutting the risk of blockages

  Cordyceps helps relax smooth muscle, promoting healthy blood flow.

Plus, the herbs and nutrients in Doctor Jeffrey’s Healthy Heart Formula encourage normalized cholesterol and blood sugar. It’s a complete heart health solution all rolled into one. Don’t take chances with your heart.

Order Doctor Jeffrey’s Healthy Heart Formula today!

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