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Doctor Jeffrey’s Trouble-Free Digestion Formula


Ease Gas, Calm Your Stomach, and Keep Things Moving… Naturally

Have you given up a favorite food because it doesn’t agree with you anymore? Have you gotten less “regular” over the years? Or maybe you just feel bloated and gassy more than you used to.

I’ve uncovered plenty of old-fashioned remedies for these problems. And I’ve brought the best of them together with the latest science to bring you Doctor Jeffrey’s Trouble-Free Digestion Formula.

My new formula adds modern breakthroughs, too… like wheat grass juice. It’s loaded with enzymes that promote healthy digestion. It’s also a rich source of chlorophyll, a potent detoxifier.

Keep your digestive system in good shape… ease embarrassing gas… and get more out of every meal with Doctor Jeffrey’s Trouble-Free Digestion Formula.

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