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The Cholesterol-Lowering Breakthrough the Mainstream Ignored for Over Half a Century

The Cholesterol-Lowering Breakthrough the Mainstream Ignored for Over Half a Century

Your doctor says your cholesterol is a little high. She suggests a pill. It has side effects. But they’re not as risky, she tells you, as ignoring high cholesterol.

What your doctor doesn’t tell you is there’s a natural alternative. One that’s been proven in study after study. It’s 100% natural, 100% safe, and far less expensive than that pill your doctor mentioned.

It’s not that your doctor is trying to pull something. She probably doesn’t even know about this solution. Because it’s a cholesterol-lowering breakthrough the mainstream has ignored for over half a century.

But it wasn’t always ignored…

Breakthrough Shocks the Medical World

High cholesterol isn’t quite the killer it’s made out to be. Several studies show it’s not as closely linked to heart problems as doctors once thought. And it’s necessary for life.

But LDL – “bad” – cholesterol becomes a serious problem when it’s oxidized. Oxidized LDL sticks to your artery walls like glue. And encourages blockages. Potentially fatal blockages.

So, keeping LDL levels within reasonable limits is a good idea.

That’s why even the American Heart Association was excited when an all-natural alternative proved it could safely promote healthy cholesterol levels… with virtually no side effects.

Way back in 1954, a study found a natural plant compound promoted a drop in cholesterol levels. Volunteers ate an unrestricted diet. But no matter what they ate, their cholesterol numbers dropped. And they experienced no side effects.1

Then, in 1956, doctors tested this compound on young men who’d had serious heart problems. When they took this compound, the volunteers saw a drop in cholesterol. Regardless of how high their cholesterol was at the start. Or what they ate. Their cholesterol levels just dropped.2

If a drug had caused this drop, it would have been hailed as a miracle. But it wasn’t a drug. And nobody stood to get rich. Which explains why the mainstream continues to ignore this compound more than half a century later.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from this breakthrough.

High Cholesterol Defeated by Its Cousin

The plant compound that created so much excitement in the 1950s is a close cousin to cholesterol. It’s called Beta-sitosterol… or Beta-S.

Studies show Beta-S supports healthy cholesterol levels. In 1976, experts claimed Beta-S is “close” to the ideal cholesterol solution. It’s effective, free of side effects, and non-toxic.3

A 1976 study reported by the Mayo Clinic showed adding Beta-S to a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol – but high in Beta-S – can lower “bad” cholesterol by 20%. And adding Beta-S to cholesterol drugs was more effective than doubling the drug dose.4

A 2010 study from Washington University found Beta-S promotes lower cholesterol levels. But it takes fairly high intake to make a difference.

The study found it’s theoretically possible to get enough Beta-S from your diet to lower cholesterol levels. But the best results came from the highest levels of Beta-S intake.5

This finding suggests taking a Beta-S supplement may be more effective than trying to get Beta-S from food.

A 1991 study also showed taking a high dose of Beta-S could cut cholesterol absorption by as much as 50%.6

The effect of Beta-S could be summed up by a 1999 study from Canada. Beta-S lowered overall cholesterol levels by 10%. And cut LDL levels by 13%.6

Bonus #1 – Fewer Side Effects

Most of the studies I’ve seen report no – or very mild – side effects from taking Beta-S. A few people report stomach upset or irregularity when taking Beta-S. Most other side effects are rare. People with respiratory problems should be careful taking Beta-S. There are some reports it may aggravate breathing trouble.

But it’s generally considered safe. Safe enough a handful of companies created “anti-cholesterol” margarines with Beta-S. (Oddly enough, most margarines contain trans-fats, which promote higher cholesterol levels.)

Compare Beta-S to the side effects of the mainstream’s cholesterol solutions:

• Muscle weakness, pain, and – sometimes – serious muscle damage
• Higher blood sugar levels, which can lead to metabolic dysfunction
• Memory loss, confusion, and “brain fog”
• Digestive issues and – sometimes – serious liver damage
• Lower levels of CoQ10 – critical for cellular function.

Those are some serious side effects. From a remedy that could cost you $600 a month or more. And that a major consumer protection organization says you may not even need.7

And they’re not alone.

In 2015, researchers at the University of South Florida (USF) questioned the most common mainstream cholesterol solution. They claim it’s neither as safe nor as effective as advertised.

These researchers claim the mainstream has “juggled” the numbers to make their chosen solution look better. While in real terms, it’s only 1% effective. They call it “statistical deception.”8

Besides safety, Beta-S also delivers another bonus.

Bonus #2 – More Than Just a Cholesterol Fighter

Not too long ago, I wrote to you about another quality of Beta-S. It’s effect on prostate health.

If you’re a man, your chances of having prostate trouble are about 90%. That is, 9 out of 10 men eventually have prostate problems.

Some men are lucky. They may not notice serious prostate trouble till they’re in their 80s. On the other end of the spectrum, some men have serious prostate problems at age 40. On average, though, by the time you’re 60, you’ll have issues.

Frequent or sudden urges… problems getting a stream going… weak or painful urination… incomplete emptying… and – yes – even bedroom issues. Your prostate gland may be small, but it can give you big problems.

When it comes to prostate relief, Beta-S is about 50 times more powerful than saw palmetto. That’s because Beta-S is the main active ingredient in saw palmetto. Saw palmetto may be enough for some men. But if it isn’t for you, Beta-S may make all the difference.

You may take it to promote healthy cholesterol levels… but it could do more for you than that. You could wind up with significant urinary relief. And even a revitalized love life.

So why has the mainstream ignored this potent health-promoter for so long?

The Sad Truth That Holds You Back

Your doctor wants you to enjoy a full, healthy life. But your doctor is incredibly busy. Most doctors work long hours and try desperately to balance their work and home lives.

Thousands of studies are published every year. Studies your doctor wants to know about. But who has time to read thousands of articles printed in hundreds of journals? Very few doctors can do it.

Big drug companies offer to “help” by organizing continuing education seminars. The draw is your doctor can catch up on months of research in just a weekend. On the surface, it sounds great.

But you can only present so much information in a weekend. When drug companies present information, natural options may be overlooked… in favor of options that add to the sponsors’ bottom line. It’s human nature.

Unfortunately, human nature doesn’t work in your favor here. The sad truth is, human nature may be holding you back from enjoying effective, affordable relief.

In this case, relief from high levels of cholesterol. I’ve found a combination of natural compounds is tremendously effective in encouraging healthy cholesterol levels. And this combination delivers results for far less than $600 a month.

Lower Cholesterol Safely, Effectively, and Inexpensively

Mother Nature provides natural solutions for many health issues. Including high cholesterol. That’s the idea behind Cholest-9, Best Life Herbal’s popular cholesterol fighting formula.

Cholest-9 combines safe, natural Beta-S with 8 other natural compounds shown to encourage healthy cholesterol levels. Compounds like…

• Red yeast rice,
• Policosanol, and
• Guggul.

You may not have heard of all these natural cholesterol fighters – just as you may not have heard of Beta-S. But they’re among the most potent, most effective, cholesterol fighters out there.

And, like Beta-S, they’re all-natural and proven safe.

Together, they make the most effective cholesterol-fighting formula I’ve seen. Without serious side effects. And without the insane prices you can pay for mainstream solutions.

In fact, a month’s worth of Cholest-9 can cost as little as 52¢ a day. That’s quite a drop from the $600 a month you could pay for another solution.

And Cholest-9 is covered by Best Life Herbals’ full-year satisfaction guarantee. I don’t know of any other company with such a generous guarantee. Probably because nobody else has the same confidence in their products.

Get the Best Cholesterol Defense… With the Least Risk

Cholest-9 delivers 9 of Nature’s most potent cholesterol fighters… at a remarkably low cost… and with no risk. If you’re concerned about your cholesterol levels, don’t you owe it to yourself – and your loved ones – to do something about it?

With Cholest-9, you can… without risking a penny. Best Life Herbals guarantees you’ll be thrilled with your results. Or they’ll refund the purchase price. And you have a full year to judge the results.

You can give your heart – and your family – the defense they deserve. Check out Cholest-9 to see how easy it can be.


Yours in continued good health,
The Best Life Herbals Wellness Team



The statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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