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Cheaters Can Win…Sometimes

Even I feel the need to breakaway from my normally healthy diet and cheat a bit from time to time. But usually I try to save those moments of weakness for the weekends – as a reward for a job well done.
But last night my taste buds just wouldn’t have it – they needed something greasy, salty and full of fat and they just wouldn’t take no for an answer.

So I decided what the hell – I’ll grill up some burgers. Now burgers aren’t the un-healthiest of the comfort foods. But when you throw in the tater-tots, buns and of course a few slices of bacon – you’re looking at enough saturated fat, carbs and sodium to choke a bull.

It didn’t matter though – I needed a burger and I needed one ASAP. So I cranked up my trusty grill and got to work on the burgers – only to realize I was out of propane. But I refused to be denied.

Long story short I moved into plan B – out came the frying pans and after 1 minor grease fire, dinner was a stunning success.

Or at least I thought it was until I woke up this morning and saw the remains of what I’d just eaten.

After an artery clogging meal like that I obviously had no energy to do the dishes (or anything else for that matter) so they were still sitting there waiting for me when I woke up this morning.

And that’s when the horror of what I had done hit me right in the face – because what was left over in that frying pan was some of the nastiest, most disgusting gunk I have ever laid eyes on.

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It was slimy, smelly and congealed and there was at least a cup of this garbage still in the pan. And now this stuff was inside my body being used as fuel – suddenly I felt ill!

All I could see were flashes of my arteries clogging, my waist widening and my energy levels dropping right through the floor.

But it’s been a few hours now since I’ve had to face that horror and I’m feeling a little better now. I mean come on, even I know we all need to cheat once in a while – and it doesn’t do a damn bit of good beating yourself up about it when you do decide to treat yourself.

Actually I think it makes the situation worse – so why do it?

The best ways to handle times like these are to just forget about your momentary lapses of will power – and get right back on track again. And the least painful way to accomplish that is to just make it a point to exclude or burn a few extra calories throughout the week.

All it takes is to exclude an extra 50-100 calories here – and to burn a few extra calories there – and you’re right back in the game again.

So in the spirit of last nights dietary oversight – I thought I’d run down a quick list of tricks I like to use to evade or burn those extra calories when I have my morning after kind of moments.

They’re quick, easy and painless – but best of all they work!

1) Stand Up – Next time you’re waiting at the doctors office or even taking a coffee break try standing up instead of sitting on your butt. Standing burns an extra 37 more calories an hour more than sitting does – and it all adds up at the end of the week.

2) Ice Water: You already know you have to drink copious amounts of water to maintain good health and a lean physique. But did you know that when you drink ice cold water your body’s metabolism increases by a third because it has to warm the water before your body can process it? And that goes along way towards melting off those unwanted pounds.

3) Kissing Up – According to the Kinsey Institute New Report on Sex, passionate kissing can burn up to 60 calories every 10 minutes. That means if you kiss your partner passionately for 10 minutes spread out over the course of the day – you’ll have burned over 23,000 calories by years end. That’s about 8 lbs a year! Not to mention all the brownie points you’ll score with your partner.

4) Kick it Up – By substituting hot sauce, spicy peppers or blackening seasoning for fattier flavorings like butter or creamy sauces you’ll not only cut out a lot of unnecessary calories – but spicy peppers and hot sauce all contain Capsaicin, a chemical compound that accelerates your body’s ability to burn fat by up to 25%. And you don’t lose a bit on the flavor.

5) Take the Stairs – If you opt to take the stairs instead of using the elevator you can burn up to 150 calories in as little as 5 minutes. If you start taking them two at a time or maybe even carry your groceries up with you this little endeavor can turn into a real workout – and you’ll never have to worry about getting stuck in an elevator.

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6) Crank up the Intensity – This handy little tip will work for you regardless of your chosen workout routine. It’s a simple as turning your typical workout into a sprint rather than a marathon. That means if you lift weights there’s no resting in between movements and if you’re a jogger try sprinting periodically throughout your run. If you just turn up the intensity dial a bit on your current program not only will you burn more calories and boost your metabolism but you’ll also increase your endurance and lean muscle mass to boot.

7) Green Tea – I have to be honest – I’m not a big tea drinker. But I threw this one in for you guys because green tea really can help you burn off those unwanted pounds. Studies have shown that the caffeine and polyphenols in green tea boost your metabolism and assist your body in burning excess calories. It’s basically the equivalent of getting a light workout right at your desk.

Well there you have it guys – 7 sure fire secrets that are guaranteed to help you burn off those extra pounds that you accumulate in your moments of weakness.

They’re quick, easy and don’t cost a thing – and since we all know were going to cheat from time to time. It really helps to have tricks like these at your disposal so you can always maintain a strong healthy balance.

So give them a try – as long as you can keep your cheat days down to a minimum you should be able to stay lean, mean and guilt free even on your cheat days.

Stay Healthy!

Louis Hart
Best Life Herbals

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