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Celebrate Your Next Birthday in Presidential Fashion

Let me just start off by saying that I love a good birthday party – really any excuse to have a party is O.K. in my book.

That’s why I was saddened over the weekend when I heard that my good friend ED was going to skip the festivities this year and just let his 60th birthday fly under the radar.
“ I’m getting old” were ED’s exact words “and I’m just not in the partying mood this year”.

He’s so bummed out about turning 60 he can’t see any reason why anyone even close to his age would want to celebrate getting another year older – or “having one foot in the grave” as ED so eloquently put it.

Of course I tried everything I could to help put a smile back on his face (including this letter – I know you’re reading this ED) but nothing worked.

He’d obviously been dreading this for a long time now and there wasn’t anything I could do or say that was going to change his grumpy old mind.

And that can be real problem – because once that old fogy syndrome starts to settle in it’s a really hard habit to kick.

Sure as we get older our bodies change a bit: grey hairs start popping up, you start getting wrinkles in places you didn’t even know you had places and it takes a little more effort than it used to, to stay healthy and vigorous.

But so what!! It like the saying goes…

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Sure getting old sucks, but it sure beats the hell out of the alternative! That’s right boys and girls – WERE STILL ALIVE!!

And not only do I think we should rejoice in that fact – I think it’s time we reminded the world that were still around and kicking.

No more hiding away in our homes wallowing in our misery, watching talk shows and pretending today isn’t your birthday – NEVER AGAIN!

Which bring me to the point of today’s daily rant – because after I failed in my attempt to cheer up ED I saw a ray of hope. And it came from the most unlikely of sources – my T.V.

I was a little pressed for time Sunday so I really didn’t get to watch very much – but I was fortunate enough to catch a recent interview with former President George Bush. And I have to say I was impressed.

Now I don’t want to turn this into a political debate by any means – and surprisingly enough the topic of politics hardly ever came up during the course of the interview.

Barley a mention – and you’d think that would be odd considering he’s the ex-president of one of the mightiest nations on the planet.

But if you saw the interview you would have thought they were interviewing some type of health guru or motivational speaker as opposed to a former politician.

Because all Mr. Bush could talk about was how happy he was that he’d just turned 80 – and I could literally feel his energy coming through my T.V. every time he broached the subject.

He went on and on about how great he felt, all the goals he still has set for himself and how much he was just enjoying being alive and healthy.

But for me the best part of the entire interview was when he started talking about his upcoming birthday celebration – and I hope you’re listening to this ED.

Because while my good friend ED was hiding in house pretending he wasn’t about to turn 60 – our ex-president was jumping out of an airplane 13,000 feet in the air in front of a crowd of nearly 4,000 cheering fans!

And that ladies and gentlemen is my idea of a birthday bash! Sure you could try to run and hide from it like my friend ED.

Or you could follow in our former president’s footsteps and relish in everything life still has left to offer you – and you don’t even have to jump out of a perfectly good airplane to do it.

All it takes is a little acceptance – accept the fact that you’re getting older, accept that fact that you’ll never be 18 again but at the same time realize you’ve still got a lot of LIVING left to do.

I don’t know about you but when I turn 80 I don’t plan to hide in my room and go quietly into the night – I plan on celebrating all of my birthday’s from here on out in true presidential fashion.

Maybe I’ll climb a mountain or sail to Caribbean with my beautiful wife Rosemarie – to be honest I haven’t decided just yet.

But whatever I decide to do I want to make a big noise and have a lot of fun doing it.

Which means this year I’ll be needing 65 candles and an awfully big cake to hold them all – so bring your appetite!

And as for my good friend ED (I know you’re reading this) don’t you worry about him.

As we speak Rosemarie is putting together a sort of impromptu un-pleasant surprise party for old ED – so he’ll be partying it up tonight whether he likes it or not.

Stay Healthy!


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Stay Healthy!


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