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Ancient Aboriginal Secret Promotes Leg & Foot Health

Eases Discomfort and Promotes a Sexier, More Youthful Look Australia’s earliest inhabitants scored many firsts. Genetic tests show they were the first humans to leave Africa. The first to reach Asia. And the fist to cross seas to reach the islands of Austral-Asia. They were also the first to discover a remarkable health-promoting plant. When…

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Scientists Dumbfounded by Joint Relief Breakthrough

Joint Relief Breakthrough of the Century It’s 1972. Deep in a government lab, H. W. Diehl is toiling at a thankless and repetitive task. He’s looking for compounds that block the systemic irritation linked to aging. After countless tries, he finds what he’s looking for…when an experiment fails. What Dr. Diehl found was the joint-relief…

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The Shockingly Simple Answer to Pain

Many health problems can cause pain. But one is so basic, so easy to address, it’s almost criminal that it remains a problem. If you have chronic pain, this may be your answer. You may finally get relief with this shockingly simple answer to pain. Grandma Was Right About Pain and the Weather… Almost When…

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Discover the ancient fishermen’s pain relief secret

New Zealand Fishermen’s Secret to Joint Pain Relief What do hard-working fishermen know about joint pain relief? Turns out plenty! You see, when Europeans arrived in New Zealand, they found native fishermen living a demanding life in inhospitable wet, cold conditions. Here’s what they didn’t find: joint pain. In fact, even tribal elders stood up…

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Finally: An End To Chronic Pain

End the Misery of This Hidden Cause of Chronic Pain You ache, but even your doctor can’t figure out why. It may feel like it’s in your joints… or near them. Maybe you can’t quite put your finger on it. But it throbs, day after day. And you just want it to stop. Well, we…

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Get Moving To Free Up Stiff, Painful Joints

For Relief of Stiff, Painful Joints, Get Up and Get Moving If your joints are stiff and aching, the last thing you probably want to do is move. But getting off those throbbing joints is often the worst thing you can do. Because inactivity can increase your stiffness and pain. If you really want to…

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