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Men’s Health Supplements

The Bedroom Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

6,000-Year-Old Prostate Remedy Still Works

  6,000-Year-Old Prostate Remedy Still Works With Autumn just around the corner… it won’t be too long before the staples of the season are found in grocery stores and roadside vegetables stands everywhere. Gourds, pumpkins, corn stalks… all signifying the beginning of Fall. But did you also know that there may be something else this…

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The One Supplement Every Adult Should Be Taking

3 Top Supplements for Adults Over 40

Mainstream medicine likes to tell you that if you eat right, there’s no reason to take any supplements. What they really mean is if you eat ideally, have no health issues, and haven’t reached an age where your body can’t to absorb all the nutrients from your food… then there’s no reason to take supplements.…

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Men: 3 Natural Secrets for a More Satisfying Love Life


By the time they’re 40, most men have had at least occasional “bedroom issues.” And here’s the bad news… It’s only going to get worse. But don’t panic. Mother Nature has an herbal answer for almost every sign of aging. Including those embarrassing moments you can’t perform the way you’d like to. In the next…

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How Brussels Sprouts Can Boost Your Manhood

How Brussels Sprouts Can Boost Your Manhood

Don’t Worry, You Don’t Have to Eat Them You’ve seen them: “Little old men” shuffling along down the sidewalk. In the past, they might have been virile… but now they’re a shadow of their former selves. On the other hand, think of some of today’s “mature” movie stars. What do a handful of actors have…

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