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Men’s Health Supplements

How Brussels Sprouts Can Boost Your Manhood

Don’t Worry, You Don’t Have to Eat Them You’ve seen them: “Little old men” shuffling along down the sidewalk. In the past, they might have been virile… but now they’re a shadow of their former selves. On the other hand, think of some of today’s “mature” movie stars. What do a handful of actors have…

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The Shocking Truth About Testosterone

Take Advantage of Nature’s Simplest Manhood Booster If you’re a man over 40, you’ve probably had a few scares. Maybe you “just weren’t interested” in a situation that once would have had you inflamed or you’ve sometimes found it a little harder to get an erection or you’ve “run out of steam” before your partner…

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The Sauerkraut Secret to Manliness

As men age, their testosterone (T) levels drop. The drop is gradual, so most men don’t see a big change. But, one day, you wake up and you notice your muscles are flabbier. Your desire – and performance – have dropped. And you don’t have your old confidence and swagger any more. Most men don’t…

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Old Russian Secret May Solve Your Prostate Problems

Is This Russian “Peasant” Secret the Answer to Your Prostate Problems? A couple of years ago, I ran across an obscure article on prostate health. Doctors in Latvia – working with Finnish scientists – had shown that men who ate rye bread lowered their risk of prostate trouble.1 For most of my life, I’ve heard…

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6,000-Year-Old Prostate Remedy Still Works

6,000-Year-Old Prostate Remedy Still Works At least 6,000 years ago, Native Americans domesticated the pumpkin. They had already discovered this plant was a nutritious food and provided other useful products. But it’s not clear when they discovered the pumpkin – especially pumpkin seeds – is powerful herbal medicine. But we know they figured it out…

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A True Natural Aphrodisiac

5 Secrets of a True Natural Aphrodisiac Mainstream medicine tells us there’s no such thing as a natural aphrodisiac. They believe in pricey “erection pills” instead. But I’ve read the studies, and there’s a lot more information out there about natural aphrodisiacs than you would believe.. Here are 5 secrets of a true natural aphrodisiac.…

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