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NASA Interested in Probiotics?… And You Should Be, Too!

Inside your gut, live billions upon billions of bacteria. Some are dangerous… others are friendly. “Health nuts” pay a lot of attention to these tiny passengers. You know who else does? NASA That’s right: NASA has a keen interest in the friendly bacteria living in your intestinal tract. Why? Because these microscopic passengers could be…

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What You Need to Know Before You Try Turmeric


You’ve probably seen the headlines. Turmeric is being touted as the answer to all your ills. From the sound of it, if you eat just a couple of curries a week, your whole life could turn around. As usual, though, the media haven’t given you all the details. The competition for your attention is fierce,…

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This Healthy Sugar Could Help You Beat Bladder Problems

Everyone’s sure sugar is bad for you. Many sugars are. Table sugar… corn syrup… sucrose… All these sugars can damage your health. But one sugar offers a remarkable health benefit. It can help you avoid the misery of round after round of bladder problems. If you suffer with recurring bladder trouble, this sugar can help…

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Crush Joint and Muscle Pain With This Childhood Treat

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Scientists tell us smell may be the most powerful trigger for memories. Nothing can snap you back to your childhood faster than a special scent. Especially one from the kitchen. One of my favorites – and quite possibly yours – is the scent of baking ginger. It could be gingerbread, ginger snaps, or a well-spiced…

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