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“Blockage Blaster” Molecule Helps Arteries Stay Clear

Scientists Astounded by Molecule That Bends Laws of Physics It’s one of the weirdest discoveries in modern decades. A molecule that bends the laws of physics. Thus, it can defend your heart in ways no other substance can. This incredible substance is a potent antioxidant. But it also recycles other antioxidants – like vitamins C…

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Scientists Dumbfounded by Joint Relief Breakthrough

It’s 1972. Deep in a government lab, H. W. Diehl is toiling at a thankless and repetitive task. He’s looking for compounds that block the systemic irritation linked to aging. After countless tries, he finds what he’s looking for…when an experiment fails. What Dr. Diehl found was the joint-relief breakthrough of the century. A natural…

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Berry Breakthrough S-L-O-W-S the Effects of Aging

Berry Breakthrough S-L-O-W-S the Effects of Aging – It’s the Next Best Thing to Finding the Fountain of Youth Ponce DeLeon was way off. The Spanish explorer and 1st governor of Puerto Rico hacked his way through the swamps of Florida in search of the fables Fountain of Youth. He should have been looking in…

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The Shocking Truth About Testosterone

Take Advantage of Nature’s Simplest Manhood Booster If you’re a man over 40, you’ve probably had a few scares. Maybe you “just weren’t interested” in a situation that once would have had you inflamed or you’ve sometimes found it a little harder to get an erection or you’ve “run out of steam” before your partner…

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The Fat That Busts Fat

The Truth About Good and Bad Fats – Fats Aren’t the Problem Everybody knows you should eat a low-fat diet to keep your heart health. And you should especially avoid saturated fats. They’re really bad for your heart. The problem is, “everybody” is wrong. Here’s the truth about good and bad fats. You see, fats…

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Solving Simple Vision Problems and More

Overlooked Vision Booster Delivers Major Benefits Mainstream medicine tells you your vision naturally fades with age. They believe there’s nothing you can do to keep your vision clear and sharp well into your “golden years.” So they give you stronger and stronger glasses and tell you it’s just the way things are. But science says…

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Want To Live Longer – Get More Sleep

The natural cycle of light and dark has ruled most of human history. The discovery of fire pushed the boundaries. Then our ancestors created oil lamps and candles. But these only brought a little light into the darkness. Then came electricity – and modern lighting turned our natural rhythm on its head. Shift work, brightly…

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Your Ears Are For More Than Just Hearing

Almost every health concern I hear from my more mature patients boils down to one thing: Staying independent. Mental decline, fractures, loss of hearing or sight all have one effect in common. They rob you of some degree of independence. In many cases, they end it altogether. That’s why you’ll be glad to hear about…

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The Missing Link For A Healthy Gut

Probiotics Can “Switch On” Healthy Genes … And Other Gut Health Breakthroughs. If you’re a regular Journal for Healthy Living reader, you probably know I’m a big fan of probiotics. With the right mix of gut flora, your digestion hums along, you get sick less, and you feel great. But in the last few months,…

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