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Women’s Anti-Aging Insurance For Just Pennies a Day

You’ve worked hard to take care of yourself. You eat as well as you can… you try to exercise… but the effects of age catch up with you, no matter what you do. It’s frustrating. You’d like to try those fancy spa treatments that promise major anti-aging benefits. Or cutting-edge anti-aging injections. But they’re so…

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The Fat That Burns Fat

On any given day, one-third of American adults are on some sort of diet, struggling to lose weight. Success rates are low… but recent research says it’s because we’ve being doing it all wrong. Here are 3 simple weight loss strategies… that actually work. The Business School Weight-Loss Secret Your doctor may tell you to…

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The Cholesterol Solution Nobody Talks About

Everyone “knows” cholesterol is bad. And everyone “knows” the lower your cholesterol, the better. But what everyone “knows” about cholesterol is mostly wrong. Here’s the truth about cholesterol… and how to get yours down naturally. Cholesterol Isn’t All Bad… or Even Mostly Bad Your doctor probably told you high cholesterol is dangerous. And your doctor…

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Dental Fillings: Not as Safe as Advertised

Bacteria in your mouth turn sugars and carbs into acid, which eats into your teeth. For over 100 years, dentists have used amalgam to fill these “cavities.” Amalgam contains silver, tin, and other metals – including mercury. Scientists thought amalgam was safe, because the mercury in it is inorganic. Organic mercury, they thought, was more…

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How Satisfying Are Sweets If You Can’t Taste Them?

How Satisfying Are Sweets If You Can’t Taste Them? Imagine a slice of your favorite chocolate cake, enrobed in creamy frosting. Now imagine that cake tasted like wallpaper paste. How tempting would it be? For some 2,000 years, herbalists in India have used an herb that has exactly that effect. They use it to promote…

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4 Mind and Memory Killers

You spend a lifetime making memories. Adventures and misadventures with friends… special moments with your children and grandchildren… personal achievements and milestones. For too many, though, these precious memories begin to fade all too soon. For generations, doctors thought memory loss, confusion, and brain fog were all a “natural” part of aging. Today, we know…

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How Not To Die!

With about 10,000 Americans expected to turn 65 every day for the next 15 years or more, anti-aging is a hot topic. Universities, drug companies, and other parties have hundreds of studies underway. Most of these studies lead nowhere. Most; but not all. Here are 5 anti-aging tricks to help you live “younger” longer. Keep…

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Success Against All Sorts of Hearing Problems

Brain Booster Also Delivers Powerful Hearing Support … Ginkgo biloba is famous as a brain booster. Especially in Europe, where many doctors use it for patients who suffer from confusion, brain fog, or memory loss. Modern studies show Ginkgo is effective for cognition problems.1 But Ginkgo has another use. One that could fill your world…

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Protect Your Brain From Age-Related Shrinkage

For most people, aging means a shrinking brain and all the challenges that can bring. Memory loss… confusion… forgetfulness… brain fog. As most of us age, our brain simply shrinks. And so do our minds and memories. But a “lucky” few escape the ravages of aging. Here’s how to protect your brain from age-related shrinkage.…

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