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Rising estrogen levels are slowly melting your muscle, packing on fat and wilting your erections. Now you can turn the tide with the vitamins and herbs in Mandro-RX. Feel like a real man again.
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6+ $21.65

FACT: Your Rising Estrogen Levels Are Turning You Into A Woman! Check out Mandro-RX!

Right now it’s weak erections, a diminished sex drive and a flabby midsection…But soon you could be needing a bra!

As men age their levels of the all-important male hormone Testosterone naturally decline. Simultaneously, their levels of the female hormone, Estrogen naturally rise.

Estrogen zaps men of their sexual desire and potency, it makes them fat and lazy and it even starts growing woman like breasts on men. In short, it feminizes a man and takes away every ounce of his manhood and masculinity.

Researchers have discovered that a nutrient found in the skin of many fruits and vegetables called Indole-3-Carbinol may be the answer!

Mandro-RX contains Indole-3 Carbinol and other herbals and nutrients shown to stop rising Estrogen levels and it also contains three powerful sex boosters to make sure every man is enjoying powerful erections, a strong libido and a man-like sex drive.

Don’t Let Rising Estrogen Levels Destroy Your Manhood – Order Mandro-RX Today!


Quick Answers to Common Questions

Q. What makes Best Life Herbals different?
A. Our lab meets the highest industry standards. Plus…
• We buy our ingredients from U.S. suppliers.
• We test every ingredient before we’ll use it.
• Every custom-blended batch is tested multiple times.

Q. How do I place an order?
A. It’s easy to order your favorite supplements. You can call us at 1-866-405-5138 (1-925-331-6892 outside the US). For catalog customers, we accept mail order, too.

Q. Is online ordering safe?
A. With Best Life Herbals it is. The “https” at the start of our Web address means your privacy is protected by the latest Secure Socket Layer technology. And we don’t store your credit card information on our site.

Q. What if you’re out of stock?
A. On rare occasions, we may run out of an item you order. If we do, we’ll contact you and give you the option to cancel the order or wait till it’s in stock. We won’t charge your credit card for out-of-stock items.

Q. What’s your guarantee?
A. Every Best Life Herbals product comes with a full 1-year satisfaction guarantee. You have to be 100% satisfied with everything you buy from us, or you can return it for a full refund (less shipping and handling)… up to a full year – 12 months – from the date of purchase.

Q. How do I reach your customer service department?
A. We’re here to help. You can reach us in three ways…
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