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Can you be different?

“Eating healthy doesn’t take any more or less time. It’s just choosing better”.
                                                                                                                                                  Michael Kirkbride

Well 2010 is history, but it was an interesting year for me. I did a couple of triathlons, rode 100 miles in the Miami Dolphins cycling challenge and during one of the triathlons I almost died. So I’d say it was a busy eventful year for me. And I’d say that’s not bad for someone who turned sixty-eight back in September and is still surging full steam ahead.

I took a few weeks off for the holidays, ate some foods I probably shouldn’t have, but it doesn’t hurt to stray a little every now and then. I’m back to training and eating properly and looking forward to more triathlons, maybe run a half marathon and maybe do a couple more century rides.

I was sitting and reminiscing about the past year with Rosemary and started thinking about our parents. I thought about their friends and our Aunts and Uncles. I thought about how they lived and the examples they set for their unsuspecting children.

I don’t recall ever having seen any of them exercise, I don’t remember ever seeing any of them go for a walk for the purpose of exercise. Many of them were hard workers but none of their jobs had a positive effect on their cardiovascular system.

I also recall most of the men smoked cigarettes and or cigars and a few were pipe smokers. And the majority of the men consumed alcohol to excess. Most of them succumbed to the ravages of cancer, diabetes or heart disease in their fifties and sixties.

Other than their jobs I believe most of them were inactive. There was a lot of sitting and reading. When I was a small child the men use to sit around and listen to the ballgame on the radio and when TV became affordable most everyone sat and watched the ballgame.
The room was filled with dense cigarette smoke and there were many empty beer bottles at the end of every game.

I started out pretty much the same way except for the alcohol consumption. I’m lucky I just never liked the stuff. I drank coffee to excess and that was detrimental to my health.
I ate a lot of fried food and smoked more than anyone I knew. With all of the bad habits I saw and imitated, I developed heart disease and a number of other problems.

I’m happy to say the bad habits and bad health are all behind me now. The damage from all of the incorrect living is repaired and no longer exists. After my acute medical episode during a triathlon back in June I now have high blood pressure but I have that under control.

Looking at the past and the examples that I followed, I’m happy to say I changed to a healthier lifestyle and I’m now healthier and happier. I’m different than those that went before me.

Eat right and exercise and set a good example for today’s children, someday they’ll thank you for it.

And as always, never say I’m too old or I can’t because you’re not and you can.



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