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Calcium: No Bones About It!

Have you ever had a broken bone?

Aside from being in a cast for 4-8 weeks, you are restricted from your everyday routines such as showering, driving or even getting dressed.

You lose your independence…

While we acknowledge that broken bones are usually a folly of youth… the likelihood of breaking a bone after the age of 50 increases immensely due mostly to the process of aging.


Two words: Calcium absorption…

Calcium is one of the most abundant minerals in your body… and 99% can be found in your bones!

Calcium is essential for healthy bones… that’s why so many moms made sure you drank your milk… because healthy bones then can lead to healthy bones in old age.

Besides needing calcium for healthy bones and teeth… calcium also helps with muscle and nerve function as well as helping regulate your heart beat…

With all it does, it’s easy to see why getting proper amounts of calcium is so important.

But as a we age your calcium absorption can decrease gradually by more than 50% from childhood till about the age 30… then it drops drastically around age 50.

This drop off in absorption can be attributed to a few factors…

  • Natural aging process – As we grow older, changes in our body, such as the skin’s ability to make vitamin D (the vitamin that helps you absorb calcium) as well as a reduction in stomach acid production (which helps break down foods for absorption) contribute to bone density loss.
  • Foods and habits – There is research that supports that claim that soda could be preventing you from taking in more calcium rich liquids as well as interrupts calcium absorption due to excess phosphorous in this sugary treat… not to mention the caffeine and sodium that also contribute to the calcium loss. Smoking and alcohol consumption also weaken bones as well as disrupting the calcium absorption process.
  • Medicines – There are several medications that can interfere with calcium absorption or even  cause your body to lose calcium… even medicines such as antacids as well as some blood pressure and cholesterol-lowing medications.

And while it seems that time, diet, and even modern medicine are fighting against our bones… there is plenty of things you can do to fight back… and make sure you keep your calcium!

And an easy way to see how your “inner support system” measure up is to have regular bone-density screenings from your doctor.

These screenings can inform you on where your bone health stands as well as let you know if there are any other health concerns that may be looming…

But there are a few other things you can do to help preserve the health of you bones…

And the first is proper nutrition.

The best way to get the calcium your body needs is through the foods that you eat… and not just in the dairy foods such as the milk and yogurt we know are chock full of calcium… but you can also get calcium from  eggs, fish, and leafy greens such as broccoli, kale, or collard greens.

Sounds like a recipe for a pretty healthy salad, doesn’t it?

If these foods aren’t on your “favorites” list… you can also get calcium through supplements such as multi-vitamins as well as straight calcium products.

Another way to prevent bone density loss is exercise.

We all know that exercise can be great for muscles and overall cardiovascular health… but did you know that exercise can help strengthen bones as well?

Lifting weights can have an incredible effect on your bones… as the stress caused from the muscles pulling against the bones helps them retain their calcium.

The stress basically pushes the calcium back into your bones… keeping them strong and healthy.

It doesn’t matter if you like to lift free weights or on machines such as Nautilus… they’re both equally good for your bones, muscles, and health!

And the best part is… you can start keeping your bones healthy tonight.

Instead of your normal dinner… try having breakfast for dinner.

Make an omlette consisting of a few eggs, a little cheese, and some of your favorite veggies with a couple of pieces of whole wheat toast.

It’s a healthy meal for you… and your bones!

Stay Healthy!

Shawn Ambrosino


Best Life Herbals

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