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Building an Indestructible Immune System

Well guys as we discussed Tuesday cold and flu season is upon us – so as promised today we’re going to discuss a handful of powerful tricks you can use to help super charge your immune system and keep you feeling healthy and vigorous through the treacherous months ahead.
As you may or may not already know your immune system’s only function is to protect your body against infection and disease and to keep you feeling healthy and strong.

A daunting task for sure so it’s easy to understand why it’s so important to support and enhance your natural defense system – and keep your immune system running at full bore.

So today I wanted talk about a few quick and easy tips you can use to turn your immune system into a ruthless cold and flu killer. Plus a few things you need to avoid in order to keep your defenses running at full strength…

Think Positive: Your mood and your attitude can have an amazing effect on how well your immune system functions. It’s been shown in numerous studies that when you’re happy and thinking optimistically your auto-immune system functions at a much higher level.

I think you may be surprised to know that it’s next to impossible to get all the nutrients you need just from the foods you eat. Most of what we eat is processed, frozen and preserved – stripping all the essential nutrient rich vitamins and minerals right out of it.

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Adversely, if your down or depressed, your immune system tends to follow suit. So buck up, laugh loud, often and out-loud and always try and keep a positive outlook.

Garlic: Research has shown us that garlic (both fresh and the extract) has a powerful mix of natural chemicals that have amazing antibacterial, antiviral and immune boosting properties.

And if you love garlic as much as I do it doesn’t take much of imagination to figure a way to weave this super immune booster into almost any of your favorite dinner recipes.

Ancient Secrets: Once the most popular cold remedy in the US, Echinacea is starting to make a comeback once again. The Native Americans used Echinacea to cure colds and other respiratory infections for hundreds of years with amazing success.

Just now making its way back onto the scene here in the US, it’s already one of the most popular cold and flu fighters prescribed in Germany, where herbal medicine is part of the main stream.

Proper Lifestyle: A healthy lifestyle is the catalyst that powers a properly functioning immune system.

A diet rich in fresh fruits, vegetables and lean healthy protein is a must for anyone serious about overall good health and fitness.

It’s also crucial to supplement your already healthy diet with a high potency multi-vitamin – one high in vitamins A, B6, B12, C, E, Zinc and Selenium to tighten up any possible nutritional lose ends.

Make sure you’re getting at least 10 minutes of exercise daily and no less than 7-8 hours of sleep a night – to help keep your defenses on high alert.

And this should be done every day – of course you get to cheat once in a while – but all and all we need to pay attention to everything that goes into our bodies. And keep track of how much energy our bodies are putting out.

Now here’s a few things you should be avoiding:

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Refined Sugar: Consuming just 100 grams (about 4 ounces) of refined carbs in the form of glucose or fructose (refined sugars) can significantly hinder your white blood cells’ ability to fight off foreign invaders.

And since your white blood cells make up a major portion of your immune systems’ defenses – this would put you at a much higher risk of contracting colds and retard your ability to fight off infections.

Drink in Moderation: Alcoholics are known to be more susceptible to colds and flu’s. And studies have proven that your white blood cells are slower to mobilize in infected areas after you consume alcohol.

So drink only in moderation – of course it’s OK to enjoy an occasional cocktail (I do it myself) but moderation is the key. Just make sure you don’t overdue it and leave yourself exposed to harmful invaders.

No Smoking – EVER: Statistics prove that smokers get more frequent and severe colds and flu’s than non-smokers. Actually, just being in a smoky room can zap your immune system considerably – so try and avoid all contact if possible.

Smoking is probably the single worst thing you can do for your health. So don’t do it! And if you are a smoker QUIT NOW. I know it’s hard – but if I can do it so can you.

Obesity: Among so many other factors is associated with decreased immune function. Overweight people suffer from more colds and infections than people inside their normal weight range.

But if you’re following the advice in these dispatches you should have no problem maintaining a healthy weight — and keeping your auto immune system running at maximum efficiency.

Stay Healthy!


You Are What You Eat!
-Doc Darville

Everyone knows we need to eat at least 3-4 serving of fresh fruits and veggies a day for optimum health.

Preferably 5-9 servings – but if you’re one of those people that’s constantly on the go and you’re trying to squeeze 25 hours into a 24 hour day then getting your daily dose can be a real challenge.

But instead of throwing caution to the wind and having a candy bar or a bag of chips for lunch – why not try a different approach and have a fruit smoothie or a V8 instead? There are even a few fast food joints now that serve salads and fresh fruit cups.

Personally, I always have a canister of cashews, trail mix or raisins hanging around. I keep one at home and one in my squad car at all times so I always have a healthy snack handy.

Beats the hell out of French fries and a soda! And it’s still fast food.

Stay Healthy!


Best Life Herbals

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