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How Brussels Sprouts Can Boost Your Manhood

How Brussels Sprouts Can Boost Your Manhood

Don’t Worry, You Don’t Have to Eat Them

You’ve seen them: “Little old men” shuffling along down the sidewalk. In the past, they might have been virile… but now they’re a shadow of their former selves.

On the other hand, think of some of today’s “mature” movie stars. What do a handful of actors have so few of their peers do? Chances are, it’s testosterone – the so-called “male hormone.” Sure, having money helps. But only a generous supply of testosterone – or “T” – turns the gentle sex to jelly.

A few older men have naturally high levels of T. But most are like those “little old men” we talked about. Low in T… but high in another key hormone. A hormone you could beat back by eating mounds of broccoli, Brussels sprouts, or cabbage.

But these hormone-busting veggies come with a gassy side effect. Fortunately, there’s an easier way. One that comes without the side of gas.

Here’s how the ingredients in Mandro-RX can help you get your hormones back in balance. And perhaps join the rarified ranks of “over-50s” who draw women like a magnet.

Men Go Through a “Change,” Too

Please don’t get me wrong here. There’s no comparison between the end of a woman’s fertile years and the changes men go through as they get older. Men have it pretty easy by comparison. But men do go through significant changes.

As you get older, your T levels drop. This leads to several changes. Muscles turn to flab… your energy levels drop… and you begin to lose interest in sex.

Doctors have several names for this transition, but it all boils down to your T levels drop while your levels of estrogen go up.

This process is slower in men than in women. But it starts much earlier. Unless you hit the genetic jackpot, by the time you’re 40, your T levels are already on a downhill slide.

Those attractive older stars? Chances are they started with healthy T levels… and held on to more T longer than most. It’s a bit like winning the lottery.

Fortunately, you don’t have to depend on any lottery to keep your virility. A few simple steps can help keep you an “Alpha Male” for years longer.

The Unspoken Secret: Male vs. Female Hormones

Estrogen is the main “female” hormone. But men need it, too. You just have much lower levels than women do. Or, at least, you should.

But as men get older, their levels of T tend to drop, while their estrogen levels get higher. This imbalance leads to what some experts call “feminization.” That is, swapping T for estrogen leads to muscles melting into flab… energy levels disappearing… and a serious erosion of confidence.

Not to mention the drag this change puts on your love life. You may even find yourself losing interest in sex. If you sometimes feel like you’d rather stay in front of the TV than “go to bed early,” there’s a good chance you have hormone issues.

Men with low T tend to be less assertive… less self-assured… and less sexually active than their peers. Less attractive, too. Because studies show women can smell men with higher T levels… and prefer them to other men.

So if you want to remain attractive to women, you need to keep your hormones in balance.

Here’s how…

Unlocking the Cruciferous Secret to Manliness

Broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, and their relatives are called cruciferous vegetables. They all have several things in common. For one, they’re high in sulfur compounds. Which is why the gas you develop after eating these veggies has its unpleasant odor.

They’re also high in a compound called indole-3-carbinol, or I3C for short.

I3C helps your body convert highly active forms of estrogen into less active forms. For aging men, that’s a godsend. Because your estrogen levels are on the rise.

Studies show a dramatic change in the forms of estrogen present in people after taking I3C. For example, researchers at a New York hospital gave I3C to two groups of adults.

First, the doctors measured the types of estrogen present in male volunteers’ urine. Then they gave the men a daily dose of I3C. After a week, they measured the estrogens in the men’s urine again. They found much lower levels of highly active estrogens and higher levels of less active forms.

Next, the doctors repeated the experiment with a group of women over 8 weeks. The women had a similar change in estrogens as the men. And the change held steady throughout the study.1

Another study found taking I3C shifted the estrogen balance towards less active forms by just over 55%.2

But that’s not all I3C may do.

Can I3C Make You Sexier?

Taking I3C favors production of less active forms of estrogen. It also appears to favor a slimmer, sexier body.

In 2012, doctors tested 97 volunteers, aged 49 – 80. Their volunteers were women at least one year past their last menstrual cycle.

Some women had higher levels of the less active forms of estrogen favored by I3C. Others had higher levels of a more active type of estrogen. The women with more of the less active form also had less body fat, a lower body mass index, and more lean muscle.3

I haven’t seen a similar study done with men yet. But what’s good for the goose… With all its other benefits, you can always think of this one as a bonus.

Speaking of other benefits, here’s one no man would want to miss…

A Potent Prostate Health Booster

Your prostate gland is closely linked to your love life. It makes key parts of your seminal fluid. And when it grows too much, it can kill your love life altogether. That’s not exactly something you can safely ignore.

When prostate growth goes wild, so much can go wrong. A slow stream… painful urination… frustrating frequent urges… and even the end of your love life.

Luckily for you, I3C can help in all those areas.

Scientists at Wayne State University tested I3C on human prostate cells that had gone rogue – dividing at an uncontrolled rate. I3C had several positive effects.

First, I3C shut down the normal cell cycle. That is, it halted the growth-and-division process that cells normally follow.

I3C also triggered “programmed cell death” in rogue cells. In other words, treating rogue cells with I3C caused these abnormal cells to destroy themselves.

The whole process appears to have been controlled by I3C switching on key genes that work to prevent rogue cells from reproducing.4

With 9 out of 10 men facing prostate problems during their lifetimes, this is a huge benefit.

And just one more reason Best Life Herbals made I3C a key component of Mandro-RX.

The Easy, Natural Way to Rescue Your Manhood

Age is not your friend. Not unless you have ways to ease age’s effects.

The ingredients in Mandro-RX are carefully selected for their influence on male virility.

You’ve seen the “little old men” shuffling by. Some of these guys are barely 60… but their active, attractive years are long behind them. And you don’t want to join them any time soon.

With Mandro-RX, you don’t have to. Because it’s formulated to promote maximum virility. And not just with I3C.

It’s fortified with nutrients like zinc and vitamin B6 – proven to promote healthy T levels.5

Plus, Mandro-RX delivers L-Arginine, an amino acid key to healthy blood flow. (And I’m sure you know how important blood flow is to your love life!)

And those are just 3 of the 15 proven ingredients in Mandro-RX. It’s carefully formulated to promote desire… performance… and those manly traits women go crazy over.

And you can try it for yourself with no risk.

Boost Your Manhood With the Best Guarantee in the Business

I know there are hundreds of fly-by-night outfits offering thousands of “male enhancement” products. Frankly, most of them are a waste of your hard-earned money.

That’s why Best Life Herbals is putting their money where their mouth is. Try Mandro-RX for yourself. We’re so sure you’ll be thrilled, we’ll give you an entire year to get your money back.

But I should warn you: Based on Mandro-RX being one of our most popular products… we can take the risk. We’re pretty sure you’ll join the thousands of men who order Mandro-RX time after time.

And here’s an even better reason to try Mandro-RX: A full month of our product can cost less than one dose of a popular erection pill. A pill that does nothing to promote a healthy hormone balance.

That’s right. A 6-month supply of Mandro-RX is just $21.65 per bottle. For less than 75¢ a day, you could become the “007” of your neighborhood. A legendary lover… and a man who draws far more female attention than his peers.

Or you can join the parade of “little old men” – shuffling down the street with their walkers. And bragging how you once saved 72¢ a day on a formula that might have changed your life.

The choice is yours. But the risk is all ours. Are you ready to reverse the feminizing effects of age… and own your manhood? Then try Mandro-RX, and rediscover your more youthful, sexier self.

Yours in continued good health,
The Best Life Herbals Wellness Team




The statements and products contained herein have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration. They are not intended to treat, cure, diagnose or prevent any disease.

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