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Breathing Correctly

You can live without food for 14 days…

You can live without water for 3 days…

But you can only live for 8 minutes without air.

And yet, most of us are breathing “just enough” to live; we fill the lungs with just enough oxygen to keep our hearts beating and blood flowing… but we’re not getting as much as we need to boost vitality.

Why is that?

Well, as it stands… the majority of us aren’t breathing correctly… we’re hyperventilating.

This fast, shallow breathing expels CO2 (carbon dioxide) too quickly and can have negative effects on both our physical and emotional wellbeing.

When breathing correct… the belly, lower ribcage, and lower back all expand while inhaling (always through the nose)… drawing the diaphragm down lower into the abdomen.

This allows our lungs to expand fully into the chest cavity.

On exhalation(through the mouth), the belly, ribcage, and back should all retract…allowing the diaphragm to move to it’s original position.

By doing this… more oxygen is taken in and more CO2 is released with each breath… expelling toxins and debris that would otherwise be harmful to both our respiratory and circulatory systems.

By breathing correctly… our diaphragm kneads and detoxifies our inner organs…helping to improve circulation and promote a healthy immune system.

But there’s even better news…

In a study conducted with cardiac patients at the University of Pavia in Lombardy, Italy …there’s a more important reason for better breathing methods…

In this study…patients who learned to slow down their breathing through deep breathing exercises ended up with higher levels of oxygen in their blood… and were able to perform better on exercise tests.

This is great news…

If cardiac patients can improve their fitness through just breathing correctly… we all can!

The researchers concluded that the optimum resting breath rate should be 6 bpm (or breaths per minute)… which is under by about half from the 12-14 bpm average that most of us have…

It’s easy to find your bpm… all you need is a watch or clock with a second hand on it…then for 60 seconds count how many breaths you take.

But don’t concentrate on getting your bpm to the 6 second optimum…because that’s where you want to be.

We want a good indication of where you are… so you can get to where you want to be.

My bpm is 7… not too shabby… but I could use a little work.

Now… being healthy and free of CO2 is great… but breathing correctly can help every one of us battle an ailment that we all suffer from.

A malady that can cause all types of health issues… up to and including death!

And that disorder is…stress.

Stress puts strain on the brain… this strain can cause memory loss, mood disorders, and reduces the amount of time it takes for the brain to repair itself.

Stress can make you fat too…

It’s true… by putting unneeded tension on the thyroid process… stress can make your belly bigger!

But there’s something very simple you can do to help alleviate the effects of stress… breathing.

By simply breathing deeply 5 times… taking 5 seconds each to both inhale and exhale.

Your levels of cortisol…more commonly known as the “stress hormone”… are drastically reduced—almost instantly!

By doing this… you’re bringing your body back to its harmonious and balanced state… and bringing your mind the peace you need.

So next time you’re feeling the pressure of life…

When you sense yourself getting to the point of explosion…

Stop…and take a breath.

Or better yet… take 5!

Your heart, body and mind will thank you!

Stay Healthy!

Shawn Ambrosino


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