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Boost Your Energy Naturally

If you’re like many of my patients, you sometimes find yourself stuck in the “caffeine rut.” You need it to get going in the morning. Then there’s the afternoon crash. And it’s often followed by a poor night’s sleep. The cycle is tough on your body and your mood.

To make matters worse, Americans are drinking more energy drinks and sodas, too. Both are packed with caffeine and sugar. Add in a few fancy coffee drinks every week, and you have a full-blown energy crisis.

But you don’t have to load up on sugar or caffeine to get through the day. As is so often the case, Mother Nature has an answer.

“B” Good to Yourself

You’ve probably heard B vitamins called “the energy vitamins” before. And there’s a very good reason for it. The truth is, without B vitamins, you wouldn’t have any energy at all – no matter how much sugar or caffeine you drank.

You see, the B vitamins are key to your body’s ability to make energy:

  • You need vitamin B1 (thiamine) to make three critical enzymes that help convert food to energy.
  • Without Vitamin B2 (riboflavin), your body can’t metabolize carbohydrates, fats or protein.
  • Vitamin B3 (niacin) enables the oxidation-reduction (“redox”) reactions that break down foods.
  • You can’t make Coenzyme A without vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid). And you need Coenzyme A to convert food to energy.
  • Vitamin B6 enables the conversion of fuel stored in your muscles into glucose for energy.
  • Like it’s cousin B5, vitamin B12, is needed for the production of Coenzyme A.

As you can see, B vitamins are deeply involved in producing the energy your body needs. Without them, you’d be like a car without an engine. No matter how much gas you put in the tank, you’ll get nowhere.

Of course, you may be wondering, “Yes… but doesn’t caffeine do that, too?” The answer is no. And here’s why:

Caffeine Robs Peter to Pay Paul

Caffeine is an artificial stimulant. It works through your central nervous system – and affects virtually every part of your body. Caffeine interacts with more than two dozen substances in your body… and only 5% of the caffeine you ingest comes out unchanged.1

You get a “buzz” from caffeine because it’s a stimulant. You get that afternoon crash when the stimulant effect wears off. You see, caffeine doesn’t actually increase your energy levels. It just tells your body to “borrow” against reserves.

Imagine you’re running a marathon. Through a supreme effort, you complete the 26.2-mile run. But when you cross the finish line, you collapse. You’ve pushed yourself to your limit, and a little bit beyond.

That’s basically what caffeine does. It helps you get through the moment, but you’re going to have to pay the piper eventually.

On the other hand, B vitamins enhance your body’s ability to produce energy. The lift you get from B vitamins is real. That’s why vitamin B supplements don’t result in a crash after a few hours.

And it’s also why I recommend Best Life Herbal’s Energy XP to my patients when they need 8 hours of sustained energy. It’s the safe, natural alternative to the destructive caffeine cycle.

Get Your B’s – With a Turbo-Boost

Just taking extra B vitamins can boost your energy. But adding certain herbs and other nutrients gives Energy XP a “turbo-boost.”

For example, clinical studies suggest that green tea extract improves endurance and lowers some markers of fatigue.2, 3 And as a bonus, it even helps your body burn more fat. (Don’t worry; you won’t get a buzz. Best Life Herbals uses decaffeinated tea.)

Or take the adaptogenic herbs, ashwaganda and Siberian ginseng. In laboratory studies, both lowered levels of stress,4 a major contributor to fatigue.

In all, you’ll find 11 “turbo-boosters” in Energy XP. Each one designed to energize you naturally, reduce stress and fatigue, and to get you through your day, alert and relaxed.

If you’re sick and tired of riding the caffeine roller coaster… if you don’t want the empty calories of sugary “energy drinks” … then say “hello” to B vitamins. And say “goodbye” to the jitters for good.

Stay Healthy!

Best Life Herbals Wellness Team
Best Life Herbals

Editor’s Note: Unlock your natural energy, tap into your bodies “power stations”, with Vitamin B. Say good-bye to coffee and caffeine, say good-bye to the jitters. Get long lasting, natural energy with the ingredients found in Energy XP. Want to know what other natural energy boosters you can find in this incredible breakthrough product? Follow this link!


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