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Remember when you were a kid? You probably had all your friends’ phone numbers memorized. But how long has it been since you had to memorize somebody’s number? Chances are, it’s been years.

Thank your smartphone for the convenience. And for changing how your memory works. Today, we’re going to explore how computers could lead to memory problems… and a little-known nutrient to keep memory strong.

“Cognitive Offloading” – Creating Mental Laziness

University researchers recently ran experiments that show computers are changing how we learn, remember, and solve problems. They discovered computers are becoming a mental crutch.

Your laptop, tablet, and smartphone make it so easy to find almost any information. And it’s making many of us mentally lazy.

In one experiment, they asked two groups of volunteers to answer some tough trivia questions. One group had to rely on their memory. The 2nd group had access to a computer. Not surprisingly, the group with computer access, used search engines to find the answers… often without even testing their memories first.

Then the scientists asked their volunteers to answer some easy trivia questions. Even though the answers were easy, 30% of the group with access to a computer turned immediately to search engines.

The researchers saw one other habit develop. Using computers and the Internet to aid our memory makes people more and more dependent.1 In other words, the more you turn to your computer for answers, the less likely you are to depend on your own memory.

Scientists call this process “cognitive offloading.” That is, taking tasks your mind might have normally handled, and shunting them off on someone – or something – else.

Smart Move… or Dumbing Down?

Scientists have been following this phenomenon for several years. In 2011, a Harvard-led study ran four experiments. They showed computers are changing how we remember.

The researchers found people are now primed to think of computers as a primary form of memory. And they’ve switched from remembering information to remembering where to find it.2

Harvard’s Daniel Wegner calls it “transactive memory.” It’s sort of like how some men rely on their wives to keep track of family birthdays… or how you might turn to a certain coworker whenever you need to know where information is filed.

These four experiments also showed people with access to computers and the Internet tend to rely on them to remember facts… while they simply remember where to find those facts. This results in less to remember… but also to less remembered.

Studies show maintaining a sharp mind and good memory as you age requires challenging your mind. Like learning a new skill (photography, quilting, etc.).3 Cognitive offloading and transactional memory don’t do that.

So, people are “exercising” their memories less. At the same time, technology throws huge amounts of information at you almost constantly. And this only adds to the problem.

“Hobbling” Your Brain

Scientists at Sweden’s Royal Institute of Technology found time spent online can create memory problems.

The Swedish researchers discovered that even a typical session on a social network “hobbles” your brain. Information overload actually keeps your memory from solidifying much of the information.4

So you take in more information, but actually remember less.

Even worse, spending a lot of time online prevents “resting” time your brain would normally get. Your brain needs breaks from input. During these breaks, it consolidates memories. If you don’t give your brain enough breaks, it can’t properly “file” memories.

The lesson here? Give yourself time away from your computer. Take a walk, play with a pet, enjoy a sunset with someone you love.

And don’t rely on technology to remember everything for you. Build mental and memory strength by learning new skills.

And be sure your getting the nutrients your brain needs to maintain healthy thinking and memory. Nutrients like N-Acetyl L-Carnitine (NALC).

Powerful Support for Lasting Memories

Your brain uses a signaling molecule called acetylcholine to help build memories. It’s especially important for the function of the hippocampus – your brain’s main memory center.5

NALC is one of the raw materials your body needs to make acetylcholine. So when you get enough NALC, it’s easier for your brain to encode memories.

NALC is also key to cellular energy production. It helps your cell’s “power plants” – called mitochondria – make the energy used in virtually every function of your brain cells. NALC is the compound that delivers fuel into these cellular power plants. Without it, they’d shut down for lack of fuel.

Recent studies also show these power plants play a role in keeping you mentally sharp.

Your brain uses 20% of all the energy used by your body. But it’s barely 2% of your body by weight. This illustrates how important energy – and NALC – is to healthy brain function.

Other studies show NALC can boost brain function in adults suffering with brain fog. People suffering with attention problems linked to a common cause of brain fog improve after taking NALC.6

A Direct Link to Mental Clarity

A brand-new study published in the PLoS ONE journal found NALC has a clear link to brain fog.

Researchers compared NALC levels in healthy adults to those in adults suffering with various levels of brain fog. The comparison showed a clear progression. The lower the level of NALC, the more advanced the volunteer’s brain fog proved to be. Adults with sharp minds had the highest levels. Those with the most confusion and brain fog had the lowest levels.7

Now, here’s the punch line…

Italian doctors gave NALC or a placebo to two groups of volunteers over 100 years old. Before the trial, all the volunteers reported feeling easily tired. After the trial, there was a clear difference.

The NALC group became more energetic – both physically and mentally. And their mental sharpness improved. But the placebo group didn’t see these improvements.8

So how can you get more of this amazing nutrient?

Getting the NALC Your Brain Craves

Beef is the #1 source of NALC. A 4-ounce steak delivers up to 162 mg of this key nutrient. That’s 32 times more than lean chicken breast – another “good” source.

But eating steak at every meal isn’t practical – or in the best interests of your health. So how do you get plenty of NALC every day for optimum performance?

My Healthy Memory from Best Life Herbals delivers 50 mg of NALC in every dose… along with 15 other mind and memory boosters for a sharp mind and memory.

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Yours in continued good health,
Best Life Herbals Wellness Team

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The statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. They are not intended to treat, diagnose, prevent or cure and disease.

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