Why Some People Stay Mentally Sharp Into Their 80’s… The Memory Secrets of the SuperAgers

They’re called “superagers.” They’re over 80… yet they have the memory power of people up to 30 years younger.

What gives these superagers amazing memories? A recent review of data from Northwestern University may reveal the answer. And it’s far simpler than you may have thought.

In this study, all the volunteers had similar backgrounds. Except for one thing. The superagers had more and stronger positive relationships with others.1

Which might raise the question, “Does anything else have the same effect?”

The answer is, “Yes.” Which is why we developed My Healthy Memory.

You’re Probably Short on “the Memory Mineral”

Magnesium has more than 300 functions in your body. One of those functions is supporting nerve health. Including the nerve cells in your brain.

In a 2010 MIT study, animals given magnesium showed improved short-term and long-term memories2

In 2014, Chinese scientists tested magnesium on an animal model of mental decline. Raising magnesium levels in the brains of their subjects provided significant defense against nerve damage. The subjects also saw a reversal of their mental decline.3

5 Ways to Keep Your Memory Sharp at Any Age

Doctors at Southern Illinois University (SIU) tested magnesium on a model of traumatic brain injury.

Imagine sustaining a serious brain injury… and how it could destroy your ability to think… to remember.

But when doctors in the Brain and Cognitive Science Program at SIU raised brain levels of magnesium, the results were remarkable. Higher magnesium levels led to a recovery of mental sharpness. Even though the subjects had serious brain injuries, their mental powers improved.4

It may not be sexy… It may not sound cutting edge… But magnesium really is a breakthrough in memory science.

And here’s the catch: Chances are you don’t get enough of this key mineral.

According to experts at Oregon State University, most Americans don’t get enough magnesium. And the problem is especially common in people over 50.5

To make matters worse, your body absorbs magnesium less efficiently as you age. So lower intakes combine with lower absorption to magnify your risk of mental decline.

Magnesium supports a healthy memory and greater mental sharpness. Which is why you’ll find it in My Healthy Memory.

And it’s hardly the only nutrient that can promote a healthy memory.

Consider ginkgo biloba…

Better Circulation Means Better Memory

You’ve probably heard of herb Ginkgo biloba. It’s popular, well studied, and shows promise as a “brain booster.”

Well, “promise” may be an understatement. Ginkgo has a remarkable property: It increases blood flow to the brain.

For instance, a team at Johns Hopkins tested Ginkgo on a group of healthy men, aged from 50 to 70.  After just 4 weeks, the men showed an average overall rise in blood flow of 13% in gray matter areas and 15% in white matter areas.6

And greater blood flow means more nutrients and oxygen reaching your brain cells… and wastes getting flushed out more quickly.

A review of Ginkgo studies in the journal Advances in Therapy found clear evidence of a benefit. In more than 1,200 subjects the studies showed taking Ginkgo helped cut brain fog and memory trouble by about 25%.7

In a pilot study, doctors tested the effects of Ginkgo on levels of several markers of blood vessel health.

After taking Ginkgo, levels of two enzymes linked to blood vessel damage were lower… SOD – a potent antioxidant – levels were up. Signs of systemic inflammation dropped… and levels of two compounds that help boost blood flow went up.8

All of these factors can help boost memory and your mental edge.

Which is why My Healthy Memory also contains a full 120 mg of Ginkgo biloba.

And that’s just for starters.

Stress Effects Memory… But You Can Beat It

There’s plenty of evidence that too much stress is bad for you. It can rob you of sleep… ruin your mood… even wreck your love life. Stress can also hurt your memory.

In a 2005 experiment, doctors exposed young men to either a subtly stressful situation or a neutral one. The study was designed so the men wouldn’t know which situation they faced.

The men exposed to the stressful situation had a jump in their levels of cortisol – the so-called “stress hormone.” The men who went through the similar neutral situation didn’t.

The men exposed to the stressful situation also showed a drop in memory. A drop the neutral group didn’t have.9

In 2005, an Australian-U.K. team tested the effects of a multivitamin – focused on B vitamins – on stress. Subjects taking the supplement showed a trend towards normalization of the cortisol (stress) cycle.10

Another study showed taking B vitamin supplements can ease the causes of impaired blood flow.

Research printed in the journal Circulation compared volunteers who took vitamin B supplements against those who took a placebo. The B group saw improvements in blood flow and a drop in levels of a marker of heart risk (homocysteine).

The placebo group didn’t see these improvements.

Naturally, My Healthy Memory also contains Key B vitamins. But not all its ingredients are well known.

The Memory Secret Hidden in the Deep Forest

For centuries, Chinese herbalists risked journeys deep into the forest. Their goal? A rarely seen mushroom called “lion’s mane.” Ranging from white to golden in color, lion’s mane does look a lot like the mane of a lion. Except it grows on trees instead of on the king of beasts.

My Healthy Memory IngrediantsWhy would herbalists risk the dark interior of the forest? Because they believed this remarkable herb had many healthful properties. Including the ability to boost mental clarity and memory.

Modern studies say the ancient herbalists were on the right track. Take a 2009 Japanese study, for instance.

Doctors gave lion’s mane to a group of mature adults with memory problems and brain fog. A similar group took a placebo.

After 8 weeks, the lion’s mane group was mentally sharper. At 12 weeks, they’d made more progress. After 16 weeks, their minds and memories were still getting better.

Meanwhile, the placebo group didn’t make progress.12

My Healthy Memory contains 300 mg of this amazing herb. In all, you get 16 powerful mind and memory boosters. It’s the most potent memory formula we’ve ever offered.

Support for a “Steel Trap” Memory – Delivered Right to Your Door

If you’re concerned about keeping your mind and memory clear, My Healthy Memory may be the easiest way to get there.

It may also be the least risky. Because My Healthy Memory comes with Best Life Herbal’s full year satisfaction guarantee. We promise you’ll love this formula, or we’ll buy it back. Even up to a full year after purchase.

Plus, you can save up to 22% when you buy multiple bottles. It’s almost like getting your 6th bottle free. And delivered directly to your door. (Bonus: U.S. orders for 3 bottle or more ship FREE!)

Plus, there’s a way you can save even more than 22%…

Get Maximum Memory Support With Maximum Savings

But for rock bottom pricing, nothing beats Smart Ship. Join the Smart Ship plan to receive 6 bottles of My Healthy Memory every 6 months, and your per-bottle cost is a mere $15.16.

In other words, you can enjoy maximum support for a sharp mind and a “steel trap” memory for under a dime a day!

What else can you get these days for a dime? It’s the bargain of a lifetime… of memories.My Healthy Memory

Memories become more important as we grow older.

Your childhood. Adventures with school friends… courtship… marriage. Then your children’s milestones come along. Like first steps, graduations, and weddings. What if photos didn’t bring these joyous memories flooding back?

But imagine having the clarity to share these moments with your grandchildren. Or your great-grandchildren. Superagers do.

Now you can boost your chances of being one of those “lucky” few. Thanks to the carefully balanced formula in My Healthy Memory, you can raise your chances of passing your special moments on.

Imagine the joy of sharing your family history with a new generation. And watching the next generation add to that history. With a little help from the powerful nutrients in My Healthy Memory, it’s possible.

Why not check out My Healthy Memory today?

Yours in continued good health,

The Best Life Herbals Wellness Team

The statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration. They are not intended to treat, cure, prevent or diagnose any disease.

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