Why So Many Women Can’t Sleep… And How to Turn It Around

It’s true: Life isn’t fair. It’s especially unfair to women. And most especially when you’re talking about sleep.

Women struggle with sleep problems far more than men. And get far less attention for this serious issue.

Today, we’ll reveal key reasons women suffer with sleep problems… and the natural solutions that can have you sleeping deeply and peacefully again.

Perhaps best of all, we’ll show you how to get the rejuvenating sleep you need… without side effects or complications. When you know what causes your sleep problems, you can reverse them quickly, easily, and safely. All without risking the insane complications of the mainstream’s “solutions.”

If you’re ready to fall asleep faster… stay asleep longer… and enjoy more refreshing sleep… read on.

Women Don’t Get a Fair Shake Where Sleep Is Concerned

Just being a woman is a mixed blessing. The miracle of life is impossible without you. But that miracle has consequences.

Countless millions of women suffer with poor sleep because of their monthly cycle. And millions more suffer with sleep problems due to the end of the cycle of fertility. In the next few minutes, we’ll explore the special sleep challenges women face… and how we’ve designed Women’s Formula Healing Sleep to overcome them.

Let’s start with what makes a woman a woman…

Sleep’s Big Injustice… Why Women Suffer More

As a woman, you’re twice as likely as a man to have sleep problems.

Which means you’re more likely to have the blues… and more likely to pack on extra weight. You’re also more likely to have anger issues and show signs of heart and blood sugar trouble.

Women are more likely than men to have breathing problems while asleep. And your risk doubles after “the change.”

It may seem like a small issue… but try to fall asleep when your legs are twitching and restless.1

According to the U.S. Office of Women’s Health, hormonal changes may add to a woman’s sleep problems.

Hot flashes, night sweats, and other hormonally triggered problems may lead to less sleep.2

In fact, one study showed that 61% of women who have gone through the change suffer with bouts of serious sleeplessness.3

The National Sleep Foundation lists four ways “the change” may affect sleep: Hormones… hot flashes… mood swings… and “coincidental social issues.”4

In other words, women have a lot more to worry about than men when it comes to sleep. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a good night’s sleep… every night.

Which is why there’s Women’s Formula Healing Sleep. Now you can fall asleep faster… sleep more deeply… and wake up feeling refreshed day after day. Even if you’re going through “the change.”

Hormones and Sleep

Most women notice their body changing sometime in their 50s. During the early stages of the change, your body slows down production of estrogen and progesterone – two key hormones. Progesterone is also a sleep-inducer. So having less may interfere with sleep.

Shifting hormone levels can also lead to shifts in mood. For women approaching or going through the change, this can mean prolonged bouts of the blues. These “down” moods usually interfere with sleep.

Add in night sweats and hot flashes – both caused by hormonal shifts – and you have a perfect recipe for bad sleep. But it’s not your only challenge.

All adults – both women and men – also see a gradual drop in melatonin levels as they age. Melatonin is your body’s main sleep hormone. This natural drop creates an even greater challenge for women with sleep problems.

But it’s also an important key to sleeping well again.

Because you can safely and naturally replace missing melatonin. And it’s proven to help you sleep better – even in the midst of the change.

Sometimes, Simple Remedies Are Best

A few years ago, the son of a famous Senator – himself a member of Congress – crashed his car in Washington, D.C. Police first thought he was drunk. But it turned out he’d been taking a sleep remedy. One prescribed by a doctor.

“Sleep driving” is now a recognized side effect of some common sleep aids. So is “sleep eating” – where people prepare and eat bizarre food combinations. Completely unaware of what they’ve done. Sometimes, the ingredients aren’t even food.

Many of these common sleep solutions leave you feeling like a zombie in the morning. You wake up feeling “dragged out” and disoriented, rather than refreshed. An unlucky few wake up on the side of the road next to a wrecked car… or with an inexplicable stomachache.

At Best Life Herbals, we believe Nature’s simplest remedies are usually the best. That’s why Women’s Formula Healing Sleep is built around melatonin.

Just a little melatonin can make a huge difference.

According to research published in The Journal of Neuroendocrinology, melatonin works 3 ways…

  1. It helps you sleep when your body clock is “out of whack”
  2. It helps you sleep when your body naturally wants to be awake
  3. It can help you ease your body to sleep on a new schedule.5

A 2013 review of studies found melatonin…

  • Helps you fall asleep faster
  • Helps you sleep longer
  • Improves the quality of sleep.6

Aging Doesn’t Have to Mean Sleeping Poorly

Chances are you have a friend or two who always seems bright, alert, and ready to go. It’s almost maddening. You have some bad nights… but they’re always chipper.

Chances are, if they have trouble sleeping, their solution includes melatonin.

A 2005 report in the journal Experimental Gerontology bears this out.

The authors noted melatonin levels drop with age. But study after study shows taking melatonin improves sleep quality. Even for mature adults with cognitive issues.7

In 2007, researchers found adults over 55 taking melatonin simply slept better. And they were more alert and “with it” in the morning.

The same scientists found older adults with serious sleep problems also responded well to melatonin. Plus, melatonin had few side effects… any side effects were minor… and there was no “withdrawal” effect if people stopped taking melatonin.8

In other words, taking melatonin for sleep problems is no pain and all gain. It’s safe, effective, and 100% natural. Plus, it has side benefits no other sleep solution can offer.

Women's Healing Sleep Ingrediants

Enjoy Better Sleep… And a Whole Lot More

Imagine getting a good night’s sleep again. That alone would be worth a king’s ransom. But what if that good night’s sleep came along with some other health benefits?

That’s the advantage that only melatonin can offer. Because research shows melatonin has surprising health benefits…

  • In a 2008 study, women taking melatonin didn’t just sleep better. They also saw a boost to their HDL (healthy) cholesterol levels – without effecting total cholesterol. In other words, melatonin may lower your risk of heart problems.9
  • A study in Experimental Gerontology revealed women taking melatonin during the change don’t just sleep better. They feel better. Women in this study taking melatonin were less likely to suffer with the blues.10
  • Studies suggest taking melatonin may boost levels of proteins linked to greater bone density.11 In a 2015 Danish study, women taking melatonin saw big boosts in bone density.12

Of course, what you’ll probably feel first is more rested. Because when you fall asleep sooner… sleep longer… and awake feeling more refreshed, that’s the natural result.

And it’s a good reason to include melatonin in Women’s Formula Healing Sleep. But this formula is so much more.

Addressing Every Woman’s Needs

Not every woman is going through the change. And every woman going through the change experiences it differently.

But modern life makes sleep a lot more difficult.

That’s why Women’s Formula Healing Sleep addresses every woman’s needs. With…

  • GABA and lemon balm to help slow a racing mind
  • Passionflower extract to promote calm
  • B vitamins to counteract the effects of stress
  • And much, much more.

In all, Women’s Formula Healing Sleep, delivers 22 of Nature’s most effective sleep supporters. Sleep inducers like tryptophan, hops, and valerian.

It’s the most complete sleep formula we’ve ever offered… and perhaps the most complete sleep formula ever devised. The ingredients in Women’s Formula Healing Sleep addresses virtually every cause of sleeplessness. From a racing mind to raging hormones, it’s got you covered.

Even better, we’ve got you covered at ZERO risk. Because Women’s Formula Healing Sleep is covered by our full-year satisfaction guarantee.

We’re convinced you’ll fall asleep faster… sleep longer… and wake feeling more refreshed. And we’re putting our money where our mouth is. Either you sleep better and wake up feeling better… or we’ll refund every penny of your purchase price.

Even up to a year after your purchase!

But don’t plan to collect…

Why We’re Convinced You’ll Sleep Better

Women's Formula healing Sleep

Here’s a secret most other supplement makers can’t claim. We share our formulas with our families.

We’re a lot like you. We want to live the longest, most fulfilling lives Nature can offer. And we want our families to do the same.

So we design every Best Life Herbals formula using the latest science. Which means you get the benefit of the latest breakthroughs as soon as possible.

And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

We’ve tied our success to yours. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

That’s why Women’s Formula Healing Sleep contains genuine Indian valerian root… blue passionflower extract… and the finest lemon balm extract we could find.

If you’re ready to experience the kind of refreshing, rejuvenating sleep you had when you were young, now’s your chance. The ingredients in Women’s Formula Healing Sleep deliver the balance of sleep inducers you need.

All at levels designed to give you the fastest, longest, most refreshing sleep you’ve felt in years.

And all with no risk. If you’re ready to enjoy your most refreshing sleep in years, visit Women’s Formula Healing Sleep today.

Yours in continued good health,

The Best Life Herbals Wellness Team

The statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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