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Why Babies Have the Ultimate Immune Defense… And How You Can Get It, Too!

If you’re over 50, your immune system may be at risk.

You see, as you age, your body starts to slow down. It’s like wear and tear on a new car. When you first bought it, the car ran like a top. It shrugged off the miles, the bumpy roads, the weather.

But now your car is a few years old. It doesn’t have the same pick up… you can really feel those bumps and potholes… and maybe you’ve noticed a few little rust spots around the fenders.

Whether you call it “classic” or just “old,” that car is slowly wearing out. Just like your body. But here’s the difference: You can replace almost anything on your car… but not on your body.

Especially your immune system.

But you can rev it up again. It’s easy. You just have to know the secret Nature uses to rev up the immune system in babies.

Babies Need an Immune Kick-Start… and So Do You

Colostrum PlusWhen a baby mammal is born, its immune system isn’t complete. Human babies literally ride around inside a foreign body for 9 months. If their immune defenses formed fully inside the womb, there’d be survival issues for both mother and child.

Instead, mammal moms finish their babies’ immune defenses after birth. They do it with a very special milk called colostrum.

Colostrum is high-protein milk with added immune defenses – like antibodies, neutrophils and macrophages. Moms produce it for just a few days after birth. But that’s enough to kick-start their baby’s immune system.

Years of research show colostrum can do very much the same thing for you. It can’t make you a kid again. But it can bolster your immune defenses. And that can be enough to help you fight off the constant attack of bacteria and other invaders.

And very possibly let you live a more active, fulfilling life for years to come.

To give you that kick-start, here at Best Life Herbals, we developed Colostrum Plus. Fresh, organic, and loaded with immune boosters, Colostrum Plus delivers the defenses your aging body needs. Especially if you’re “immune compromised.”

Thousands of elite athletes take colostrum daily. Here’s why…

Colostrum is Chock-Full of the Immune Boosters You Need to Thrive

Every type of mammal produces a different colostrum. But bovine colostrum has a lot in common with the human form. Which is good… because it’s a lot more abundant.

The balance of antibodies – sometimes called immunoglobulins – is different. Bovine colostrum is higher in IgG, while the human form favors IgA. But both types of antibody are common defenses in humans… so the difference isn’t a big deal.

Along with antibodies, colostrum delivers other types of immune fighters. Like macrophages – which surround and “eat” invaders and damaged cells. And neutrophils – “first responders” of your immune system that release enzymes that kill invaders.

Bovine colostrum is also high in lactoferrins and defensins.1 Lactoferrins are potent antioxidants. They also fight bacteria and viruses… stimulate immune response… and even have anti-aging properties. Colostrum has about 7 times the lactoferrins as ordinary milk.

Defensins help coordinate your body’s immune response. They can signal which immune cells to release, based on the attack being mounted on your body.

Colostrum delivers significant amounts of these defensive cells – along with other key players in immune function.

Of course, sending troops in to battle is one thing. The big question here is “Will they fight for you?”

Performance Proven in Study After Study

A study in The Journal of Interferon & Cytokine Research looked at the ability of colostrum to stimulate immune activity.

A team of Australian and Japanese researchers drew blood from male athletes before and after giving them colostrum. The comparison revealed colostrum stimulated production of several defensive molecules.2

In 2006, researchers in New Zealand tested whether colostrum could boost antibody supplies. The scientists gave male athletes colostrum for 12 weeks, measuring antibody levels both before and after.

They found the “after” levels of IgA – a common type of antibody – had gone up by an amazing 79%.3

In a 2007 study published in The Journal of Applied Physiology, doctors discovered a twist.

In this study, taking colostrum was linked to boosting levels of several defensive molecules. But it was also linked to easing a drop in immune defenses after exercise. (A common effect as the body tries to recover.)

Plus, volunteers taking colostrum were less likely to develop problems in their upper respiratory tract.4

Colostrum may also help keep you at the top of your game.

Recover Faster From Physical Stress

Need To Get Rid of A Pain In The Neck?You know how an especially active day can leave you feeling “wiped out”?

Well, imagine being able to go the extra mile and not feel the consequences so much. That’s another benefit colostrum seems to offer.

Scientists recruited 30 active men and put them through an 8-week training regimen. Half took a daily dose of colostrum. The others took a placebo.

The colostrum group didn’t perform any better than the placebo group in a “run to exhaustion” test in week 4. But they did recover faster. Which led them to improve by an average of more than 5% in a second run in week 8.5

In 2010, British researchers looked at immune recovery after exercise. Those taking colostrum recovered faster than a placebo group in some aspects. In other aspects, those taking colostrum didn’t have any drop in immune function.6

Intense exercise tends to depress your immune system. But in this study, the effect was dulled… or eliminated altogether.

Now, you probably don’t put as much stress on your body as elite athletes. So imagine how much colostrum could help you in keeping your immune defenses intact.

Of course, measures of molecules are one thing. But has anyone actually seen a health benefit from these changes? The answer is “Yes!”

Proof of an Immune Boost

Most colostrum studies so far have focused on changes in the number of immune cells and related molecules… or on athletic performance. But some have looked at health benefits. And the results have been solid.

For instance, several studies have tested colostrum against upper respiratory tract (URT) issues. And taking colostrum appears to discourage congestion, sniffles, and other common URT problems. The results of a 2003 study in The European Journal of Nutrition are typical.

A pair of researchers reviewed the health logs from several colostrum studies. Based on the logs, study volunteers had similar URT histories before some began taking colostrum.

The various studies all showed volunteers who started taking colostrum had a drop in URT problems. Volunteers taking a placebo did not.7

A German study pitted colostrum against bowel trouble caused by E. coli bacteria. Scientists gave colostrum to some sufferers. Other took a placebo.

Only the colostrum group improved. They required fewer trips to the bathroom and had less trouble with loose stools.8

NSAIDs are a common class of painkiller. They can be fairly effective, but long-term use can damage the lining of the stomach.

Animal studies suggest taking colostrum could block much of this damage. In one study, giving subjects about .034 ounces lowered stomach damage by 60%. And adding colostrum to their drinking water cut back on damage to the small intestine.9

These studies point to colostrum having a wide range of positive health effects. But there’s one other you may like even better.

Could Colostrum Help Make You Sexier?

Do Those TV Diet Plans Actually Work?

Imagine building up your immune defenses… warding off any number of health issues… and looking leaner and sexier at the same time.

According to a 2001 study, that may be exactly what you could do.

University researchers gave volunteers either whey protein or colostrum for 8 weeks. At the same time, all the volunteers took part in aerobic exercise and weight training at least 3 times a week.

Over the 8 weeks of the study, the whey group put on weight. But the colostrum group added lean muscle mass.10

The whey protein group packed on 4.6 pounds of extra weight. On the colostrum side, volunteers added an average of almost 3.3 pounds of lean, sexy muscle. They didn’t just get heavier, they got stronger. And sexier.

It’s colostrum’s icing on the cake. Icing you could add to your cake risk-free.

Fresh, Organic Colostrum From a Source You Can Trust

Colostrum PlusBovine colostrum isn’t easy to come by. It’s only available for a few short days after birth. And organic colostrum is even less common.

But we’ve found a reliable supplier. And we test every delivery for freshness and purity. Plus, every batch of Colostrum Plus is tested in the lab to ensure you’re getting exactly what’s on the label. And randomly tested again before it’s shipped from the lab.

As with every Best Life Herbals supplement, Colostrum Plus comes with our full-year satisfaction guarantee. We want you to be more than just satisfied… so we take all the risk. So why not check out Colostrum Plus today?

Yours in continued good health,

The Best Life Herbals Wellness Team

The statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease.

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