What Mainstream Cash Cows Don’t Want You To Know

This Longevity Secret Could Add Years of Good Heath to Your Life

Simple Nutrient Could Extend Your Health-span by Years

It may be the biggest longevity breakthrough since the discovery of telomeres. Yet hardly anyone is talking about it. Certainly, not mainstream medicine.

Why? Because it just may be able to crush one of the mainstream’s most profitable cash cows.

But for you, it could mean years of life without disability. Years more of an active, fulfilling lifestyle.

So what is this longevity secret? And how could it improve your life? Here’s what you need to know to take advantage of this amazing secret.

Why They’re Not Talking About This Longevity Breakthrough

Benfotiamine (BFT) has built a remarkable track record in just a few short years. Studies show it may…

• Defend DNA against free radical attack
• Fight damage to your arteries
• Support kidney health
• Block the effects of high blood sugar on brain and nerves
• Defend the delicate optic nerve

With all these benefits, you’d think everyone would be talking about BFT. But they aren’t. Because BFT is a form of vitamin B1 (thiamine). And there isn’t much money in vitamins, which limits the mainstream’s interest.

But here at Best Life Herbals, we’re very interested. In fact, we made BFT a key ingredient of our new longevity formula, ReGenevate.

Here’s just a sample of the research showing BFT is the most exciting longevity breakthrough in years…

Boost Heart Health

Many circumstances can lead to developing abnormalities in your heart muscle. Heavy alcohol use, obesity, shortages of certain vitamins, and high blood sugar can all lead to damage.

This damage can build up to where your heart can’t pump enough blood to keep your tissues supplied with nutrients, fuel and oxygen. At best, you’ll lose some independence… and require lifelong medical support. At worst, you could die years early.

Blood sugar problems are a major cause of this condition. But studies suggest BFT could help. For example, doctors tested BFT on an animal model of this problem in 2010.

The scientists took animals with early heart abnormalities caused by uncontrolled blood sugar. They gave BFT to some subjects, but not to others. The BFT-treated group showed improved overall heart function and suffered less damage.

The non-BFT group showed greater heart damage and lost more heart cells to apoptosis – or “programmed cell death.”1

BFT appears to promote healthier arteries, too.

Maintain Critical Blood Flow

One key to healthy blood flow is found in the lining of your arteries. This thin layer of cells – called the endothelium – produces most of the nitric oxide (NO) that keeps your arteries flexible.

Both AGEs – advanced glycation end products – and out-of-control blood sugar can damage or kill these critical cells.

AGEs are toxins found in foods – especially after cooking. Fried foods and barbequed meats are very high in AGEs.

AGEs are toxic to the cells lining your arteries. An AGE-rich meal can lead to serious damage. And that damage adds up.

Scientists in New York and Germany found 13 volunteers with blood sugar problems. First, they had their volunteers eat a meal high in AGEs. Then they looked at changes in the volunteers’ blood.

After the high-AGE meal, the scientists found chemical signs of damage to the lining of their subjects’ arteries.

Then the volunteers took BFT for 3 days. The doctors repeated the meal and blood test. This time, they found no signs of damage in their subjects’ blood. BFT appeared to have blocked the damage completely.2

In another study, doctors used human cells to test BFT. They added high levels of glucose – blood sugar – to samples of human tissue. The artery lining cells in untreated samples died off in fairly large numbers.

But not in the samples treated with BFT. Adding BFT completely blocked the effects of the glucose.3

Imagine if you could keep your heart and arteries from showing their age. Your heart flooding your muscles and organs with oxygen and nutrients. Your arteries flexible and enhancing blood flow. With BFT, that may be possible.

This alone would make BFT remarkable. But it’s just the first of BFTs secrets.

Defend Against DNA Damage – and More

In another test-tube study, German doctors looked at two possible effects of BFT.

In 3 separate kidney cell samples, BFT was able to block free-radical damage. This shows BFT has direct antioxidant action.

In the other part of the study, scientists looked at whether BFT could lower damage to DNA. They measured DNA damage by 2 different methods. Both showed BFT completely blocked free radical damage to DNA.4

An early human trial showed BFT also helps defend against nerve damage.

Over time, heavy alcohol use can lead to numbness, weakness, tingling, and pain. It usually begins in the hands and/or feet. Then it slowly works its way upward.

84 volunteers with this problem took either BFT or a vitamin cocktail for 8 weeks. At the end of the study, the BFT group showed improvements in overall nerve function, better coordination, and less pain.5

And here’s where BFT gets really interesting.

Promote Nervous System Health

B vitamins are critical for normal nerve function. So maybe it shouldn’t have been a surprise when BFT studies revealed nerve system benefits.

German scientists working with animals discovered BFT blocks 3 ways high blood sugar can cause serious damage… and appears to defend the optic nerve.

In their experiments, BFT activated an enzyme – transketolase – that shuts down these 3 destructive processes. And prevented blood sugar damage to the delicate optic nerve.6

If studies reveal the same activity in humans, it would be good news for anyone with blood sugar issues. BFT may help them hold on to healthy vision.

Meanwhile, 2 researchers at the University of Wyoming looked at BFT’s effect in the brain.

They found animals with uncontrolled blood sugar showed higher levels of free radical damage in their brains. Giving these animals BFT quickly lowered the levels of free radical damage… thus protecting delicate nerve cells in the brain.7

And that’s not the only positive effect BFT may have.

Blood sugar problems are linked to a much higher risk of memory loss and brain fog. So Chinese doctors set out to see if BFT might have an effect on these common problems, too.

The Chinese team worked with animals showing these problems that also had protein plaques in their brains. For 8 weeks, they gave these subjects a daily dose of BFT.

Over the study period, the plaque deposits in the subjects’ brains shrank. They also showed improved memory and mental clarity.8

Just think what this could mean if the results hold up in human studies. It’s to soon to say for sure… but we may have a new weapon for helping millions hold on to their minds and memories.

Just One Longevity Champ Out of Many

We’re only scratching the surface of with BFT. But all signs are it can promote heart health and help defend nerves and brain from damage.

Alone, it’s a potent addition to your longevity plan. But in ReGenevate, BFT isn’t alone. In fact, it’s just 1 of 10 potent nutrients that promote better health… and defend against many of the effects of aging.

For example, ReGenevate contains:

• Pomegranate extract, high in ellagic acid. Antioxidants in pomegranate fight the systemic irritation linked to many of aging’s effects.

• CoQ10. This coenzyme is a potent antioxidant. It also promotes heart and muscle health by helping boost cellular energy production.

• Pterostilbene delivers virtually all the benefits of its cousin, resveratrol. But it’s several times more absorbable.

ReGenevate simply represents the most advanced longevity formula we’ve ever offered. And it offers you something else, besides: savings.

Get More Anti-Aging Power for Less

You could buy all the individual nutrients in ReGenevate. But it could easily set you back $200 or more. Plus, you’d have choke down 10 pills a day… instead of just one easy-to-swallow capsule.

The 10 potent anti-aging ingredients in ReGenevate don’t just promote good health. They promote financial health, too. After all, why spend $200 a month, when you can get the same potent ingredients for barely a tenth of that amount?

That’s right. You can enjoy all ReGenevate’s anti-aging benefits for as little as $21.65 a month. That’s not just far less than the cost of the individual ingredients – if you can even find them all. It’s also a fraction of the cost of most other anti-aging formulas.

And ReGenevate comes with one other unique benefit… Best Life Herbals’ full 1-year satisfaction guarantee.

No health food store offers a guarantee this good. And neither do any other online supplement sources we’ve ever seen.

That’s because nobody else is as confident you’ll be thrilled with your purchase.

At Best Life Herbals, we start with the latest science. Then we ask a simple question: What would we want in a formula for our families and ourselves?

That’s why you can trust every bottle of ReGenevate delivers the most effective anti-aging ingredients money can buy. Why not prove it to yourself today – risk-free?

Yours in continued good health,
The Best Life Herbals Wellness Team

The products described herein have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration. They are not intended to treat, cure, diagnose or prevent any disease.

1 Katare, R.G., et al, “Vitamin B1 Analogue Benfotiamine Prevents Diabetes-Induced Diastolic Dysfunction and Heart Failure through Akt/Pim-1 Mediated Survival Pathway,” Circulation: Heart Failure. 2010;CIRCHEARTFAILURE.109.903450.

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