These Two Words Could Silence The Ringing In Your Ears

Two Words Could Silence the Ringing in Your Ears: Vinca Minor.

“It’s all in your mind.” That’s mainstream medicine’s fallback when they can’t explain someone’s health problem. And if you have unexplained ringing or buzzing in your hears, chances are you’ve heard those words more than once.

Over the years, scores of people have come to me for help with the ringing in their ears. For them, I have two words: Vinca minor. And in a moment, I’ll explain how those two words could silence the ringing in your ears. For good.

Annoying ringing or buzzing in the ears is one of the most common health problems. One in five adults suffers. It’s also frustrating, because so many cases are unexplained.

We still don’t know how ringing starts for many people… but we now know what’s happening. And we may also know why a little-known plant has such a big impact on ringing ears.

Just a couple of months ago, University of Iowa researchers discovered that ringing in your ears isn’t like other hearing problems. First, they figured out how to map the areas of the brain affected. And when they read the “maps,” they got a surprise.

Ringing and buzzing involves a lot more brain activity than anyone ever thought. Parts of the brain not involved in hearing are activated. Even when they play a tone that’s exactly the same as the ringing or buzzing sound, there’s a huge difference.1

That ringing in your ears really is all in your mind. But not in the way the mainstream usually means it.

At almost exactly the same time the UI team was at work, another group was working on the same problem. Chinese researchers – working with doctors at the University of Buffalo – were also trying to map the brain activity linked to ringing ears.

They had very similar results. That buzzing or ringing was lighting up their subjects’ brains far outside the parts involved in hearing.2

This is important news for two reasons. First, it’s a first step in understanding what’s going on if your ears ring without any seeming explanation. And, second, it may help explain why a plant extract has been so effective in easing the ringing sensation for so many people.

The plant is called Vinca minor – the periwinkle – and the extract is vinpocetine.

Vinpocetine has a remarkable ability. It increases circulation to your eyes, ears, and brain. And it delivers some amazing results. It also appears to defend nerve cells against damage – including free radical damage.

Vinpocetine’s effect is so powerful, studies show it promotes clearer thinking. In a Hungarian study, people with brain fog were thinking more clearly after taking vinpocetine for just 12 weeks.3

Other studies have looked at people with hearing loss and ringing in their ears. Vinpocetine has proven helpful for both.5

And now we know the ringing in your ears involves more of the brain than anyone suspected. Which may help explain why it’s so effective.

If your ears ring or buzz, and your doctor can’t explain why, it probably is “all in your head.” And vinpocetine may be the one nutritional supplement that can help you get it out.

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Yours in continued good health,
Best Life Herbals Wellness Team

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