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These Herbs Support “Pin-Drop” Hearing… In a Most Remarkable Way

Hearing loss is one of the most frustrating aspects of aging.

Imagine your world gradually fading into silence. Conversations blending into the background. Friends and family shouting to get your attention. And you find yourself saying, “What?” more than almost any other word.

You talk to your doctor, and she says it’s just a normal part of growing older.

Basically, most of the world tells you to “get used to it.”

I suppose you could take it lying down. Just accept your world will fade into silence. That you’ll miss important events like your grandchildren’s wedding vows. Or your great-grandchildren’s first words. (Imagine the disappointment if their first word was your name!)

Mainstream medicine has long accepted that hearing loss is a part of the aging process. That you’ll slowly drift into isolation. That there’s nothing you can do.

And you could throw in the towel. Resign yourself to a world of near silence. Or… you could fight back.

Today, we’ll look at two herbs to help turn around a world of fading sound. Or help stop the slide before it starts. Maybe even return “pin-drop” sensitivity to your world.

These herbs have many effects. But one of the most notable is how they boost blood flow… in a very specific way. Which is why we’ve made them a cornerstone of Best Life Herbals’ Tympanol.

Ginkgo Does More Than Boost Brain Power

Ginkgo biloba is best known as a brain-booster. Scores of studies have looked at Ginkgo’s effect on mental clarity. Ginkgo bilobaAnd the results have been impressive.

For example, a 2003 Brazilian study found taking Ginkgo led to improved mental function.1 Many other studies agree.

How does Ginkgo work? One important factor is it boosts blood flow to the brain. Study after study demonstrates this feature…

Take the 2003 Brazilian study we mentioned.

Over 8 months, men taking Ginkgo extract showed “thinned” blood… improved cerebral blood flow… and an uptick in mental function. Yet a matched placebo group didn’t show these benefits.

The study’s authors said they didn’t know how Ginkgo worked… but they admitted it did.1

A 1990 German study looked at the effect of Ginkgo on blood fluidity and microcirculation. The researchers found Ginkgo led to “thinner” blood… which led to improved circulation.2

Doctors have even tested Ginkgo in the operating room.

In a 2015 study, an international team found Ginkgo boosted blood supply and oxygen to the brain… and lowered demand for oxygen at the same time. Patients who took Ginkgo before surgery got more blood – and oxygen – to their brains.3

Ginkgo also boosts blood flow to other key areas, such as the heart.

In 2008, Chinese doctors gave 60 patients either Ginkgo or a placebo. The Ginkgo group saw a boost in blood flow through a major coronary artery. The placebo group didn’t. Volunteers taking ginkgo also saw blood flow boosted through other major arteries.4 This study provides further proof Ginkgo increases blood flow.

Other studies show Ginkgo boosts cranial blood flow beyond the brain. With significant benefits.

Tantalizingly Close…

If Ginkgo’s blood flow boost was limited to the brain, that would be one thing. But studies suggest all areas of your head may benefit.

After all, we’ve seen Ginkgo leads to improved blood flow to the brain… the heart… and to major arteries serving other parts of the body. Is it a stretch to think Ginkgo can help your body supply restorative nutrients to other key areas?

Not at all! In fact, studies show Ginkgo benefits blood flow – and overall health – in your body’s most delicate tissues: Your eyes.

Way back in 1999, doctors measured Ginkgo’s effect on blood flow in damaged eyes. They found taking Ginkgo boosted blood flow in volunteers’ eyes within two days. Without changing the volunteers’ blood pressure or heart rate.

Subjects taking Ginkgo saw a 23% boost in blood flow. Those taking a placebo saw no improvements at all.5

Studies also show Ginkgo defends nerves against damage… including helping ease hearing problems.

Ginkgo Defends Hearing, Too

Ginkgo clearly boosts blood flow. And this includes to your head – and the organs in your head.Old person

This is important because a boost to blood flow also means a boost to oxygen and the nutrients your body needs to replenish and repair. Especially after damage has occurred.

A 23% boost in blood flow also means 23% more nutrients and oxygen reaching damaged cells. And when your body is rebuilding, those extra nutrients are key.

A number of studies have also shown Ginkgo defends nerve cells. In fact, Ginkgo may be a key to helping defend against the most common cause of cognitive decline.7

Studies also show Ginkgo appears effective against ringing in the ears. A 2011 review of studies found a Ginkgo extract effective. This was based on results from 8 trials. In w, ringing in the ears was the primary problem… but in 5 others, it was a secondary problem that cleared up after taking Ginkgo.8

In 2014, Ginkgo proved valuable in a German study. This study found Ginkgo defended against ringing in the ears… and against hearing loss caused by loud noises.9

All this makes Ginkgo biloba sound like an ideal hearing defender. And it is.

But why settle for just one line of defense when you can have two?

Extra Insurance for Your Hearing

As good as Ginkgo is, wouldn’t you rather have a backup, too? A second line of defense? A little extra insurance?

Meet vinpocetine. It’s about as unknown as Ginkgo is well known. But it’s no less effective. And you’ll probably see the parallels quickly.

For example, studies show vinpocetine boosts blood flow to the brain. It helps boost mental clarity. And promotes healthy vision through blood flow.

For example, a 2002 Hungarian study found vinpocetine boosts blood flow to the brain… and increases levels of available oxygen.10

In 2007, doctors tested vinpocetine in patients suffering mental deterioration or restricted blood flow to the brain.

After 12 weeks, the both groups showed improved cerebral blood flow… and greater mental clarity.11

If you think this vinpocetine is starting to sound a lot like Ginkgo… you’re right. And the comparison continues. Because we have evidence that vinpocetine encourages improved blood flow beyond the brain.

For example, doctors divided 40 volunteers with a common age-related vision problem into two groups. They gave one group the standard supplement of antioxidants, lutein, and other proven vision-enhancers.

The second group took the same supplements… but also took vinpocetine.

After 2 months, the vinpocetine group showed greater blood flow to their eyes. Their visual acuity improved. And their retinal function was better. The other group didn’t enjoy these improvements.12

Vinpocetine can also defend nerves against damage.

Vinpocetine and Hearing

Also like Ginkgo, studies show vinpocetine supports healthy hearing.

In 2003, Russian doctors gave vinpocetine to volunteers with a condition where treatment often leads to hearing loss. They found subjects with hearing problems improved. Among those whose hearing hadn’t begun to fail, vinpocetine appeared to provide defenses against hearing loss.13

A 2011 Chinese study looked at 36 volunteers suffering from sudden hearing loss. 31 subjects also had low cerebral blood flow.

After taking vinpocetine, blood flow returned to normal in 30 of the 31. 58% of the volunteers also scored normal or near normal on hearing tests after vinpocetine. Another 28% showed significant improvement.14

Results like these are why we include both Ginkgo and vinpocetine in our Tympanol formula. Along with 6 vitamins and minerals essential for healthy hearing… and 7 more herbs and nutrients to support clear, sharp hearing.

Get Complete Support for Healthy Hearing

Support for healthy blood flow helps ensure oxygen and essential nutrients reach the delicate structures of your ears.Tympanol Antioxidants like vitamin A and Alpha Lipoic Acid battle free radicals that can damage hearing.

In all, Tympanol delivers 15 herbs and nutrients to provide the most complete hearing support we’ve ever offered. And are these nutrients effective!

In a 2016 study N-acetyl-L-cysteine (NAC) – one of the nutrients in Tympanol – showed remarkable results. Doctors gave NAC to 35 people with sudden hearing loss. 91% of them improved.15

Simply put, Tympanol is the most powerful hearing formula we’ve ever offered. And now you can try it entirely without risk.

Maximum Support With Minimum Risk

Tympanol offers unique support for your hearing. And it comes with a unique guarantee: We promise you’ll love it, or we’ll buy it back. Up to a full-year from your order date.

You read that right. Like every Best Life Herbals formula Tympanol comes with our hassle-free satisfaction guarantee. Regardless of how much – or how little – you order, you get a full year to decide if you’re satisfied.

So you get the most powerful hearing support we’ve ever offered… without risking a dime of the purchase price. And when you order 3 or more bottles, your Tympanol ships FREE.

Want to sweeten the deal even further? You can save up to 20% with our quantity discounts. Or save even more when you join our Smart Ship Savers Program. (With no obligation, of course.)

Don’t let the sounds of your world fade away. Get Nature’s most potent support for healthy “pin drop” hearing. Check out Tympanol today.

Yours in continued good health,
The Best Life Herbals Wellness Team

The statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration. They are not intended to treat, cure, prevent or diagnose any disease.

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