The Sauerkraut Secret to Manliness

As men age, their testosterone (T) levels drop. The drop is gradual, so most men don’t see a big change. But, one day, you wake up and you notice your muscles are flabbier. Your desire – and performance – have dropped. And you don’t have your old confidence and swagger any more.

Most men don’t realize you make choices every day that can speed up – or slow down – this loss of manhood. In fact, make enough of the right choices, and you can turn it around. Here are a few simple strategies to boost low testosterone.

Can Berries Improve Your Sex Life?

When Harvard University is involved in a study, the scientific community usually takes note. Harvard has been at the forefront of many medical breakthroughs. But a recent Harvard study has doctors scratching their heads.

Could just eating more berries and citrus fruit boost male sexual function? According to a new study from Harvard and University of East Anglia, it may.

Flavonoids – the dark pigments in many fruits and vegetables – appear to be linked to more powerful erections. In this study, men who ate plenty of high-flavonoid foods are 10% less likely to have erection problems.1

Men in the study who ate lots of flavonoid-rich foods and exercised regularly cut their risk of erection problems by 21%.

A diet rich in fruits and vegetables may also help you lose weight. Which can also boost your manhood.

When Weight Goes Down, T Goes Up

Fat cells stimulate estrogen production. Estrogen – the main “female” hormone – is the yin to testosterone’s yang. While T promotes characteristics we think of as manly, estrogen favors the traits we call feminine.

As a man, being overweight pushes your hormone balance towards the feminine. Luckily, you just have to drop some weight to swing the pendulum back towards the manhood side.

In a 2012 study, men cut their risk of low T in half by dropping a few pounds. In this study, the men dropped an average of just over 17 pounds.2

While this study focused on men with blood sugar problems, that may not be an issue. After all, if you’re overweight, you’re also much more likely to have those blood sugar problems.

Replacing fat with lean muscle helps cut estrogen and boost T. And nothing builds muscle like a good resistance workout…

Pumping Iron Also Pumps Up T Levels

A number of studies show resistance exercise boosts T levels. And that makes perfect sense. The jump in your T levels explains why gangly kids suddenly start building muscle at puberty.

There’s a link between muscle mass and T… and it looks as though it may work both ways.

Finnish doctors showed a tough resistance workout boosts T in both athletes and non-athletes. If you’re in good shape already, they discovered, you’ll probably get a bigger boost of T. But even non-athletes saw a significant jump in their T.3

This study suggests regular resistance workouts may raise your average T levels. But do you have to work out like a pro to get a benefit?

Probably not, according to a 2007 Greek study. The Greek scientists tested a moderate resistance workout on both younger and older men. Even men in their 70s saw a boost in T levels after a moderate resistance workout.4

But you don’t have to break a sweat to influence your hormone balance.

The Sauerkraut Secret to Manliness

Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and cabbage all have something in common. They’re high in sulfur compounds. Which means eating them can lead to embarrassing gas. But your body turns one of these compounds into a very useful chemical.

That chemical, indole-3-carbinol – or I3C – has a unique hormonal effect. Studies show it helps clear extra estrogen out of your body.5

Remember the hormone balance situation above? Losing weight works to help men get there. So does I3C.

But, as you can imagine, eating a lot of broccoli can have an undesirable side effect. So, for your friends’ and family’s sake, eat coleslaw, sauerkraut, and Brussels sprouts in moderation. And to boost your I3C, try a supplement.

Another simple supplement can help you with the other half of the hormone equation.

Oysters Really Do Boost Manliness

The old story about eating oysters for sexual stamina is more than a story. Oysters are very high in zinc – a mineral key to male health. In fact, the highest zinc concentrations in the human body are found in men’s reproductive organs.

Many people don’t get enough zinc. And studies show men low in zinc – even marginally low – also tend to have low T. University researchers found a zinc supplement helped older men with marginally low levels almost double their zinc readings in 6 months.6

In another study, doctors gave zinc to 37 men with fertility trouble and low zinc levels. Not only did their T levels shoot up, but 9 of their wives also became pregnant in 2 – 3 months.7

Those are pretty convincing results. But here are two other supplements that may help.

Herbs May Boost T, Too

Ginkgo biloba is best known as a memory booster. It promotes healthy blood flow in even the tiniest blood vessels – helping get oxygen and key nutrients to delicate tissues like your eyes and brain.

But animal studies suggest Ginkgo may do much more.

In one study, doctors gave Ginkgo to animals with blood sugar problems.

High blood sugar had damaged the animal’s cells – called Leydig cells – that release T. But, after just 12 weeks taking Ginkgo, the animals showed much higher levels of T.8

Epimedium is an herb often used to boost sexual desire and performance. It contains a natural substance called icariin. In a recent animal study, doctors gave icariin to animals with low T. In just 35 days, the animals showed much higher levels of T.9

In another study, researchers discovered icariin not only boosted T… it acted like T in their subjects’ bodies, too!

The scientists gave icariin to male animals with low T. They saw the animals’ T levels rise. But they found other effects, too. Icariin appeared to protect the animals’ erectile muscle cells. The animals also showed signs of increased bone strength – a known effect of T in men with low T.10

Getting the Best Benefit

Any one of these secrets could help you fight the problems of low T levels. But taking advantage of several will give you the best chance to make big gains.

It’s easy to add a few servings of berries and citrus to your diet. They’re delicious and widely available. And if you’re filling up on strawberries and tangerines, chances are you’ll lose some weight.

If you can add 2 or 3 resistance workouts to your week, you’ll boost your health in many ways. Combining these workouts with the other secrets will help you build sexy lean muscle, too.

To take advantage of T-boosting nutrients, you could do a lot of shopping. Or, just try Opti-Male from Best Life Herbals. This male support formula combines the nutrients and herbs listed here with others that help support your body’s T production.

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Yours in continued good health,
Best Life Herbals Wellness Team

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The statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. They are not intended to treat, diagnose, prevent or cure and disease.
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