The Potent Heart-Health Booster You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Some – like star fruit, shilajit, and chia seeds – turned out to be over-hyped. But a few – lion’s mane mushrooms and resveratrol come to mind – have been real breakthroughs.

Today, I’ll share recent research behind one of those few real breakthroughs. There’s a good chance you’ve never heard of this nutrient. Even most doctors don’t know much about it.

But it’s a real heart-health champ… and more. By the time you discover how many ways this nutrient supports a healthy heart, you’ll be glad we’ve included it both our Men’s Daily and Women’s Daily formulas.

How You’ve Been Throwing Out Heart Health Your Whole Life

When you eat an apple or pear, you usually eat the skin, too. The same with cherries, blueberries, and many other fruits. But oranges? Like most people, you probably peel them and toss the peel.

You might eat a little candied citrus peel in a fruitcake… or put a touch of lemon zest on a fancy dessert. But we don’t usually eat citrus peel.

Which is a big missed opportunity where your heart is concerned. Because citrus peels contain large amounts of a potent heart-health nutrient.

Now, I’m not suggesting you start eating citrus peels. Most of what you find in the store will be heavily dosed with pesticides and may be colored to make it more appealing. Besides, citrus peels aren’t very tasty.

But locked inside them is a phytonutrient called hesperidin. And studies show we all been throwing out a potent source of heart defense our whole lives.

In fact, hesperidin boosts heart health in several ways. It may even be able to reverse some effects of a high-fat diet.

The Secret Power Behind Orange Juice

If you’re a regular Journal of Healthy Living reader, you probably know fruit juices are a double-edged sword. They’re high in vitamins and other nutrients. But they also deliver an unhealthy dose of sugar.

And that sugar comes in its worst form: fructose.

That’s why we – and thousands of holistic doctors – say you should eat fruit whole… and avoid fruit juices.

Of course, some fruit juices do promote health in many ways.

Orange juice is a good example. But researchers in France showed you can get the benefits without all the sugar by getting more hesperidin in your diet. Here’s how they proved it…

The French doctors took 3 groups of volunteers and gave them one of three different drinks. Some drank orange juice every day. They gave a second group a drink with added hesperidin. The third group got the same drink as the second… but without the hesperidin.

After 4 weeks, both the orange juice and hesperidin groups showed a meaningful drop in blood pressure. The placebo group didn’t. The orange juice and hesperidin groups also showed a small boost in the health of their arteries.1

In a second study, some of the same doctors looked at how hesperidin might affect gene “expression.”

You see, some of your genes are “silent” – almost as if they’ve been turned off. Others are “turned on” and influence various functions in your body.

The doctors used a similar set-up as in their previous study. They found people drinking orange juice or a hesperidin drink daily had many of the same changes in which genes were turned on or off. But the placebo group didn’t see any of these changes.

Orange juice and hesperidin affected 1,582 of the same genes. And the changes moved the volunteers’ bodies towards states that supported lower blood pressure. The changes also discouraged the plaque build-up that leads to stiff, narrow arteries.2

In less than a year, the French team had proven hesperidin was behind two of orange juice’s biggest heart-health benefits. Even better, they showed you can get the benefits without the dangerous blood sugar imbalance fruit juice can encourage.

And that’s just for starters.

Hesperidin – Promoting Heart Health in Many More Ways

Serious studies of hesperidin haven’t been around for long. Many of the studies we have were done with animals. But even these studies point to big opportunities for boosting heart health.

For example, we know that people eating a high-fat diet tend to have higher levels of free radical damage and systemic irritation. We also know both these situations raise your risk of lots of health issues. Especially health issues linked to aging.

Well, imagine if we had a nutrient that crushed both free radical damage and systemic irritation. Quell both these problems, and you lower your risk of age-related health issues. Issues like joint pain, blood sugar problems, heart trouble, growth of rogue cells, and much more.

I’m sure you see where I’m going with this. Early studies show hesperidin may fill the bill perfectly.

For example, a 2016 review of human studies showed hesperidin improves fat metabolism and arterial flexibility.3 Animal studies reveal hesperidin can…

• Boost antioxidant defenses
• Suppress levels of molecules that raise systemic irritation
• Improve liver defenses and ease fat build-up in the liver
• Reverse some of the damaging effects of a high-fat diet.4

But perhaps the most dramatic news comes from the Middle East.

Potent Defenses – Even for a Damaged Heart

In 2015, doctors in the Middle East reported a remarkable effect in people with hearts that were already damaged.

In a “gold-standard” study – where neither the volunteers nor their doctors know who was getting the active ingredient – hesperidin proved literally a life-saver.

75 people who’d already had serious heart events volunteered for the study. Doctors gave some hesperidin. The rest took a placebo.

Doctors first measured levels of both positive and negative heart-health markers. Then they gave the volunteers either hesperidin or a placebo for 4 weeks.

At the end of the study, there was a clear difference. The hesperidin group had higher levels of healthy high-density cholesterol, and lower levels of several markers of systemic irritation.5

Even after serious heart damage, hesperidin was helping. The hesperidin group had apparently sped up their recovery. And lowered their risk of future heart problems.

This alone is fantastic news. But imagine if hesperidin could help ease another serious issue facing aging Americans.

Can Hesperidin Boost Bone Health, Too?

Heart-health is a serious concern for mature adults. Not far behind is keeping bones strong and healthy. Weak, brittle bones keep millions of seniors from fully enjoying their lives.

A brand new animal study from Egypt suggests hesperidin may promote bone health in at least some situations.

In this study, animals with specific bone problems showed more normal bone turnover after taking hesperidin. Signs of bone damage and systemic irritation went down in these subjects. And signs of healthy bone formation went up.6

In a test tube study, hesperidin boosted healthy bone production… lowered signs of oxidative damage… and raised antioxidant defenses in cells linked to bone formation.7

Of course, these studies don’t prove you’ll experience the same results in your body. But look at how many of hesperidin’s benefits have already been proven in people. Only time may tell, but the signs are all positive.

And that makes hesperidin a potent addition to your anti-aging profile. Which helps explain why we’ve included this potent nutrient in both our Women’s Daily and Men’s Daily formulas.

After all, what kind of future would you enjoy with a strong heart and strong bones?

Even better, you can enjoy that future with absolutely no risk.

All the Benefit… With None of the Risk

Both our Women’s Daily and Men’s Daily formulas are designed to deliver the nutrients you need to thrive. Women and men have different needs… so our formulas are different, too.

But a healthy heart and strong bones are important for both men and women. So hesperidin is one nutrient we include in both our daily formulas.

What we don’t include is risk. Because you’re covered by our full 1-year satisfaction guarantee. We promise you’ll be thrilled with the results you get from our Men’s or Women’s Daily formula… or we’ll buy it back.

Up to a full year from your order date.

We’re that confident you’ll be happy with your purchase. It’s the best guarantee in the business. And we haven’t burdened it with asterisks or fine print. If you’re not fully satisfied, we’ll refund the full purchase price (excluding any shipping charges) for 365 days from your purchase date.

Even if all you have left to return is the empty bottle.

So you can start building “iron-clad” heart health right away… without any risk.

Our Women’s Daily and Men’s Daily formulas are designed to deliver optimum levels of the nutrients your body needs for glowing good health and maximum defense against the effects of aging.

Why not get the most out of every day – year after year after year? Discover how with Best Life Herbals’ Women’s Daily and Men’s Daily supplements.

Yours in continued good health,
The best Life Herbals Wellness Team

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