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The Dirty Little Secret Diet Gurus Don’t Like to Talk About

Diet gurus love to tell you how fast you’ll lose weight following their latest fad. And you can lose a fair amount of weight with some of these plans. But that doesn’t mean they’re good for you.

Because almost every weight-loss plan has a fatal flaw. A flaw the diet gurus don’t like to talk about.

In a moment, I’ll reveal that flaw… and show you how to get the trimmer, sexier shape you want without falling prey to this dirty little diet secret.

Forget Losing Weight… Aim to Lose Fat

Losinal from Best Life Herbals | Weight Loss Supplements

Maybe you remember when “sauna suits” were popular for weight loss. The TV ads featured attractive people doing housework, reading the paper, etc. while wearing the suits. Then, magically, they’ve lost pounds and inches.

The “magic” of these suits was essentially sweat. The suit made you hot, you sweat – a lot – and you “magically” got a little smaller.

The only problem (beyond dehydration) is that you put the weight right back on when you drank the water your body desperately needed after sweating so much.

The point here, of course, is that “weight loss” shouldn’t be your goal. You’ll lose a little weight by cutting your hair. But that won’t make you any slimmer or sexier.

Slim and sexy happens when you lose fat. Most weight loss plans – good and bad – can help you do that. But they have a side effect you don’t want.

Most weight loss plans lead to losing lean muscle, too. But it’s trim, toned muscle that makes you look sexier and more youthful. It’s also key to maintaining your health as you get older. So, as you lose fat, you want to hold on to lean muscle.

Which is one reason Best Life Herbals developed Lösinal.

When You’re Hungry, You Body Starts to “Eat” Itself

The diet gurus know most people measure weight loss “success” in raw numbers. If plan X leads to a little more total weight loss than plan Y, plan X will have bigger sales.

But – as a reader of The Journal for Healthy Living – you’re not “most people.” Chances are you don’t want to simply lose weight. You want to be healthy, too.

You can get slim and sexy without damaging your body. You just have to understand how to get around most diet plans’ dirty secret.

You see, the food you eat doesn’t just provide energy. It gives your body the materials it needs to rebuild and repair itself. Or, at least, that’s what eating should do.

When you cut down on calories, your body thinks food is scarce. Again, not just food for energy… but food for rebuilding itself. So it responds in several ways.

First, your body tries to slow itself down. Dieting actually slows your metabolism. Basically, this is your body conserving fuel.

Your body also calls on its fat reserves to help supply the energy it’s not getting from food anymore. This is the part most diet gurus focus on. Most fad diets include some trick that supposedly helps burn more fat.

But your body needs more than energy. Hundreds – thousands – of internal processes still have to continue. And if you’re not getting enough nutrients to keep them going, your body begins pretty much to eat itself.

And that’s where most weight loss plans will fail you. Along with fat, your body also starts using up lean muscle to help supply its needs.

Fortunately, there’s a simple way to deal with this. And the first is to forget the fad diets.

Weight Loss Rule #1

Slim and sexy starts with protein. Getting enough protein should be everyone’s weight loss rule #1.

Your body’s structure depends on proteins. Protein is especially important for building muscle. Unfortunately, quality protein is one of the first foods to go when people try to lose weight.

Why? Because it so often comes with fat. But eating fat doesn’t make you fat. Eating carbs does.

That’s why cutting carbs and adding in a little more lean protein is probably the most effective – and painless way to get started on a slimmer, sexier shape.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. Even the experts at Purdue University agree.

Back in 2007, doctors at Purdue asked 46 women to try one of two eating plans. Both cut some calories, but got their calories from different foods.

One group of volunteers ate a “normal” amount of protein – about 18% of their total calories. The second group got 30% of their total calories from protein.

After 12 weeks, both groups had lost weight, fat and overall body mass. Both groups also lost lean muscle. But the high-protein group only lost about half as much as the normal protein group.

The high-protein group also felt less hunger.1

And this study isn’t the only one to show advantages to getting more of your calories from protein.

Substitute a Little Protein… Gain Big Benefits

Australian doctors analyzed 3 trials of high-protein vs. normal-protein eating plans. Eating an equal number of calories, both groups lost weight in all 3 studies. But the high-protein groups lost more dangerous abdominal fat.

A higher-protein diet also led to healthier changes in total cholesterol and triglyceride (a blood fat) levels. And the unhealthier the volunteers were to begin with, the bigger the benefits they saw from going higher-protein.2

Scientists at the University of South Australia recently reviewed 24 studies comparing higher-protein to normal-protein lifestyles. They found several advantages to eating more protein…

  • Greater fat loss and more weight lost overall
  • Bigger drops in triglyceride levels
  • Smaller drops in metabolism – which translates to a bigger fat burn
  • Holding on to more lean muscle mass3

Now wouldn’t be great if you could simply, naturally help your body hold on to even more lean, sexy muscle as you drop weight?

Welcome to the combination of nutrients and herbs found only in Lösinal.

Lose More Weight With Less Effort

Lösinal is designed to make getting that slimmer, sexier body as easy as possible. That’s why this unique formula includes CLA – conjugated linoleic acid.

CLA is a form of linoleic acid – an essential fatty acid found in dairy products and some meats. (Levels are also surprisingly high in human milk.) Technically, CLA is a trans fat. But it’s unique in that it’s the only trans fat known to have positive health effects in humans.

Studies in the early 2000s showed that CLA promotes lower levels of body fat in animals. In these studies, it lowered the accumulation of new fat while boosting the burning of existing fat.4

Quite a few studies in humans also suggest CLA can influence fat mass. A classic example appeared in The International Journal of Obesity In August 2001.

Doctors recruited 25 “abdominally obese” men with blood sugar problems. They gave their volunteers either CLA or a placebo. After 4 weeks, the placebo group saw no change. But the CLA group had lost a significant amount of fat around their middles.5

Here’s where it gets really interesting. Because numerous studies suggest CLA also supports holding on to more lean muscle.

CLA Helps Put the Sexy in “Slim and Sexy”

There are quite a few studies on hand that point to CLA busting fat and helping preserve lean muscle. Here are just a few of them for you…

  • Norway, 2004 – People taking CLA wound up with lower body mass, but higher fat-free mass than those taking a placebo. The changes weren’t related to exercise or diet.6
  • Turkey, 2006 – Doctors compared exercise to CLA. Both CLA and exercise boosted lean muscle. Adding CLA to exercise boosted lean mass even more.7
  • University of North Carolina, 2007 – Over 12 weeks, obese volunteers taking CLA actually saw their lean body mass increase.8

And, finally, a study on taking CLA after weight loss…

Dutch doctors put 54 obese adults on a very low-calorie diet for 3 weeks. All the volunteers lost weight – both fat and lean mass – during the 3 weeks.

Then doctors gave the volunteers either CLA or a placebo for 13 weeks. The CLA group regained lean muscle much faster than the placebo group. And it didn’t matter how active they were or how well they kept the weight off.

But here’s another advantage… The CLA group, by putting on more lean muscle more quickly, boosted their metabolic rate. In other words, their bodies burned more fat than the placebo group.9

By now, I’m sure you can see why we made CLA a key ingredient of Lösinal. But it’s far from the only one.

Put Your Slimming Plan on Auto-Pilot

CLA is just 1 of 7 fat-busting herbs and nutrients in Lösinal. Each one was carefully chosen to help you lose more fat… faster and with less effort.

Like chromium picolinate. Chromium helps control blood sugar, which can aid in weight loss. It’s also known to boost fat metabolism.

And Gymnema sylvestri, a remarkable herb that – among other things – kills the taste of sweet. Imagine the allure of cookies or cake without that sweet taste. Nothing will kill your cravings faster.

And theobromine. Similar to caffeine, but gentler, theobromine boosts your energy levels to help you burn more calories.

The end result is a formula that’s as close to “auto-pilot” as you can get for weight loss. But without the drop in lean mass that makes many fad diets a bad choice.

And if you swap just one serving of carbs for lean protein every day, you can amplify those benefits.

Plus, you can do it with no risk.

Slimmer and Sexier… but Not Riskier

We know you’ve probably heard it all. Lots of empty promises from diet gurus who are just out to make a buck.Losinal from Best Life Herbals | Weight Loss Supplements

That why, here at Best Life Herbals, we’re making you an offer none of those diet gurus would dare…

Try Lösinal for yourself. We promise you’ll love the results. Or we’ll buy it back.

And here’s where we’re different. We don’t give you just 30 days…  or 60 days… or even 90 days to take Lösinal for a test drive. Because Lösinal comes with our full-year satisfaction guarantee.

That’s right. Start on the slimmer and sexier you for just pennies a day. And take up to a full year to decide if you’re really happy with the results.

364 days from now, the slimmer, sexier you could be enjoying extra energy… extra confidence… and extra attention. And you’d still have one more day to make up your mind about Lösinal.

Don’t wind up weaker, less energetic, and less youthful thanks to some crazy fad diet.  Lösinal delivers the nutrients you need to safely lose fat while holding on to lean muscle. It’s the smart route to the slim and sexy you.

Check out Lösinal today.

Yours in continued good health,

The Best Life Herbals Wellness Team

The statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

1 Leidy, H.J., et al, “Higher protein intake preserves lean mass and satiety with weight loss in pre-obese and obese women,” Obesity (Silver Spring). Feb 2007; 15(2): 421-429.

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