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Secret of Ancient Incas Rekindles a Woman’s Desire

2,000-year record of success proven by modern science
Reawaken your desire… quickly, safely, naturally

Few plants can survive the cold, dry heights of the Andes Mountains. Even fewer are edible. But the ancient Incas found one that helped them conquer half a continent. A plant they used not only for food, but also as sacred medicine.

Mighty Inca warriors ate maca before battle. They believed this nutrient-rich plant gave them the strength and stamina to overcome any enemy. These same warriors said maca made them “tigres” – jaguars – in the bedroom too, raising desire and stamina to untold heights.

Inca women matched their men. They ate maca, too. Based on the results of modern studies, they must have shared some epic nights. Because these studies suggest maca works… really, really, well.

But Maca Is for Men, Isn’t It?

You may have heard of maca as a solution for men. That’s easy to understand. Maca is rich in L-arginine, an amino acid your body uses to make the gas nitric oxide (NO). The lining of your arteries releases NO to relax the arteries and boost blood flow.

And you know how improved blood flow affects a man’s sexual prowess.

Plus, most studies on maca seem to focus on men. For example, a 2009 Italian study, found maca boosted both psychological and physical sexual performance in men.1

A man’s lack sexual performance is a lot more obvious than other aspects of sex. But blood flow is just as important to a woman’s sexual satisfaction. While your sexual apparatus isn’t as… well, obvious as a man’s, you still need healthy blood flow to stimulate desire. And satisfaction.

So maca’s L-arginine content is just as important to you as to a man. Maybe more so, since “the change” can depress desire and even make sex uncomfortable… instead of pleasurable.

But L-arginine helps get more blood to your labia… and causes your clitoris to swell and move more into the open. Stimulation of the clitoris is linked to greater vaginal lubrication. So a little maca may go a long way towards making sex both more comfortable and more pleasurable.

As a woman, you’ll face this challenge. But with maca, you won’t face it alone.

Rekindling Desire the Natural Way

In 2010, BioMed Central published a review of 4 maca studies.

One study found men with erection problems found significant relief after taking maca. A second study found maca didn’t affect sexual health in healthy cyclists. The other two determined maca improved sexual function in healthy men and in women who’d been through the change.2

Doctors in Australia tried to figure out how maca works. In 2008, they published the results of their research in the journal Menopause.

The doctors gave 14 post-menopausal women maca or a placebo for 6 weeks. Then they switched what the women were taking for another 6 weeks. At the start, at 6 weeks, and at 12 weeks, they took blood samples from their volunteers.

Surprisingly, the doctors found no differences in hormone levels at any point. But they did find major changes.

While women were taking maca, their levels of anxiety and depression were markedly lower. So were their scores for sexual dysfunction. While taking maca, women didn’t show changes in hormone levels… but they did have improvements in sexual measures.3

This suggests maca can improve sexual function without affecting hormone levels.

Another Boost for Women With Sexual Pleasure Issues

Many women going through the change complain of suffering with the blues. That shouldn’t be a surprise, since it’s a major time of transition.

But expectations make matters even worse.

“Experts” talk about how happy you should be that you can’t get pregnant… but you may feel the sadness of the end of fertility. Other “experts” herald the freedom you’ll have to enjoy sex… while a loss of lubrication and thinning vaginal tissue may make sex downright painful.

The reality is that some women find a loss of libido something of a relief. A guilty one, perhaps, but a relief, nonetheless. Because sex can become more complicated and uncomfortable just when the “experts” say it should be most enjoyable.

Thank goodness there’s maca.

In 2015, Australian doctors publish a study on maca. In this study, women taking maca lowered their blood pressure and eased the blues.

The researchers tested maca on women in Hong Kong – a culture with no expectations for a South American herb. Still, while the women took maca, their blood pressure dropped and their outlook improved. Even without changes in their hormones.3

This seems to suggest maca has an effect that’s beyond psychology… and not linked to potentially unhealthy hormonal effects.

Multiple Benefits – Even Beyond Sex

Various studies point to maca’s ability to improve sexual satisfaction. For example, an article in the journal Integrative Medicine points to evidence maca…

• Reduces stress
• Stimulates overall metabolism
• Boosts energy levels
• Fights the blues
• Triggers release of sex hormones
• And more.4

Plus, maca appears to fight a major cause of loss of libido in women…


Getting Back Your Lost Desire

Aging can dull your libido. Over time, you feel less and less desire. But this doesn’t have to be the natural progression. You can enjoy a satisfying sexual life well into your 60s, 70s, 80s… and even beyond.

Part of the problem is that many women feel low at this major life change. So their doctors give them pills to ease their sadness. Unfortunately, many of those pills have an unwelcome side effect. They dull more than sadness. They also blunt feelings of desire.

These pills may ease the lows, but they erase the highs, too. Your interest in sex may evaporate. And that’s not what you signed on for.

In 2015, a research team from Emory University and Massachusetts General Hospital tested maca on women taking anti-depressants. All of these women had reported a loss of sexual desire.

They split the women into two groups: those who had not gone through the change and those who had. Then they gave some women in each group maca, while the others took a placebo.

After 12 weeks, one group showed a return of their desire. It was the group of post-change women taking maca.5

And this was just the latest of several studies with similar results. If you’re concerned about a loss of desire, maca may just be the “magic bullet” you’ve been looking for.

Getting the Most From Nature’s Secrets

Maca is great for rekindling a woman’s lost desire. But you can do even better. That’s the idea behind Best Life Herbals’ Sensualé.

Sensualé combines maca with herbs and other nutrients proven to promote healthy sexual desire. Herbs like…

• Epimedium, an herb proven to support blood flow two ways.6, 7
• Macuna Pruriens, which promotes healthy testosterone (T) levels.8 Low T levels are linked to low desire in women.9
• Korean Ginseng known to improve sexual arousal in women.10

And these are just 3 of the 9 powerful ingredients in Sensualé. Ingredients carefully selected to help you recapture the desire – and satisfaction – of your youth.

Any one of these potent herbs would encourage a resurgence of desire. Together, they can trigger a cascade. Promoting healthy blood flow… hormonal balance… arousal… and satisfaction.

Imagine feeling the excitement – and fulfillment – of your youth again. That’s the idea behind Sensualé.

An idea you can prove to yourself with no risk.

Experience True Satisfaction Again

Do you remember when desire led to passion… and satisfaction? Time may have blunted those feelings – or stolen them entirely. But the herbs in Sensualé can help you reverse the process. And now you can experience true satisfaction again… with absolutely no risk.

Now you can prove Sensualé to yourself. Try this breakthrough formula and experience the results for yourself. Best Life Herbals guarantees you’ll be satisfied or they’ll refund the purchase price – up to one full year from the date of purchase.

You CAN experience the desire – the satisfaction – you may have thought you’d lost for good.

Just because you’re a little older doesn’t mean you have to miss out on life’s pleasures. Rediscover your youthful desire – and satisfaction – with Sensualé from Best Life Herbals.


Yours in continued good health,
Best Life Herbals



The statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration. They are not intended to treat, diagnose, prevent or cure any disease.

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