Save your manhood from “creeping feminization”

Your body is changing. As a young man, it was easier to drop excess weight. It was easier to build muscle, too. You had more energy. And sex drive to spare.

Over the years, your muscles have probably shrunk a bit. Maybe you’ve added a “spare tire” around your waist. And even though it may be small, it’s devilishly hard to get rid of. And sex? Well, let’s say there’s been more than one night lately that you’d rather just go to sleep.

These changes – and many others you can’t see – are what I call “creeping feminization.” It’s due to a change in your hormone balance. Your testosterone levels are dropping… and your estrogen levels are going up.

In fact, as you’re reading this, your body is actively converting testosterone into estrogen. Bit by bit, you’re being feminized.

The Tide’s Going Out on Your Manhood

Opti-MaleTestosterone (T) is the hormone that made boy you once were into a man. T triggered muscle growth, the drop in your voice, facial hair… even the growth of your – um – private parts.

But you don’t have an endless supply of T. Your T levels peaked back when you were a teenager. By the time you were in your early 20s, your T levels may have been 25% lower than when you were a teen.

From there, your levels drop bit by bit. Most men’s levels drop about 1% or so every year. That may not sound like much, but it adds up. When you hit 50, your T levels could be down 50% from their peak!

That’s why Best Life Herbals created OptiMale. Its unique ingredients encourage a healthy hormone balance… and can help you bring your manhood roaring back.

One of its most potent secrets is a remarkable herbal extract called I3C.

Stop the Feminizing Effects of Estrogen in Their Tracks

Estrogen is known as the “female hormone.” It has an effect on women that’s similar to T’s effect on men.

Both sexes need both T and estrogen. But men only need a small amount of estrogen.  When your hormones go out of balance – when your estrogen levels start to overpower your T – you start to become more feminine.

For example, estrogen encourages your body to store fat. That’s one reason your mid-life spare tire is so stubborn. You’re fighting the rising tide of estrogen.

Here’s where I3C comes in.

I3C – or indole-3-carbinol – is found naturally in plants. Especially in cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and cabbage. It’s also the reason body builders chow down on these veggies.

You see, I3C has a remarkable effect on estrogen.

Estrogen can take several forms. And some of those forms are more active than others. The more active the form, the more “feminizing” it can be.

I3C triggers your body to convert estrogen into less active forms of estrogen. Which helps shift your hormone balance back towards testosterone. Think of it this way…

Would you rather play football against a bunch of bullies? Or a bunch of bullies with their shoelaces tied together? I3C sort of ties estrogen’s shoelaces together, making the hormone much less effective.

25+ Years of Proof

Nutritional Supplements for TestosteroneBack in 1991, scientists at the Institute for Hormone Research tested the effect of I3C. They tested for levels of both more and less potent forms of estrogen in human volunteers.

First, the researchers tested people’s levels of two forms of estrogen. Then they gave them I3C supplements for a week. After 7 days, they tested the volunteer’s levels again.

The volunteer’s levels of these two key forms of estrogen had changed dramatically. Their bodies were converting 50% more estrogen to the less active form than at the start. In just a week.1

A few years later, the same Institute ran two more tests. In these, they measured levels of 13 forms of estrogen in their volunteers’ urine.

In the first test, a group of men took I3C for a week, with their estrogen levels measured both before and after. The second test was similar to the first. Except the volunteers were women, and they took I3C for two months.

In both trials, taking I3C raised the levels of the less active form estrogen. Levels of almost all other forms dropped. Including the most active form.2

This change eases the feminizing influence of estrogen in your body. But it’s not the only way I3C works.

Preserving Your Supply of Testosterone

Remember how I mentioned your body converts some T to estrogen? That’s another way creeping feminization can take over.

You see, your body makes an enzyme – called aromatase – that converts T to estrogen. If you could interfere with this process, you could preserve more T.

And that’s exactly what I3C does.

In a 2013 university study, doctors showed I3C blocked aromatase activity in several types of cells.3

A more recent Italian study confirmed I3C’s effect using an extract from I3C. This study showed I3C appears to slow production of aromatase indirectly.4

But whether it’s direct or indirect… I3C looks to be very effective at slowing the conversion of T to estrogen.

Again, this doesn’t increase T. But it has the same effect by preserving more of the T your body makes.

If that were all I3C does, it would be enough. But I3C can do even more for your manhood.

Blocking Estrogenic Activity… and More

Your cells contain many receptors that, when activated, can “turn genes on or off.” One of these receptors – called Estrogen Receptor Alpha (ER-Alpha) – is linked to lower T levels. In fact, doctors stimulate activity in this receptor to cause T levels to drop.

Studies show I3C disrupts the activity of ER-Alpha5

Your digestive system converts some I3C into a substance called DIM – diindolylmethane. Recent studies have found DIM helps defend prostate cells against abnormal growth.6

Put all these benefits together and I3C is one of your biggest allies in the fight to hold on to – or even restore – your masculinity. Which explains why it’s a cornerstone of the OptiMale formula.

Enjoy Complete Male Support – From a Single Source

OptiMale delivers 16 key nutrients for male health. Nutrients like…

  • Selenium and vitamin E – Proven key to reproductive health – including for healthy T levels.
  • Zinc – Often called “the male mineral,” for its high concentrations in male reproductive organs.
  • L-Arginine – A critical element in Nitric Oxide (NO) production. You need NO to get (and stay) hard.
  • Maca – The Andean secret for maximum stamina. Inca warriors ate maca before going into battle… or the bedroom.
  • Epimedium – The ancient secret to increased desire… and satisfaction.

The OptiMale formula is carefully balanced to support every masculine trait. Energy, desire, stamina, and more. And we guarantee you’ll love it.

The Best Life Herbals “You Can’t Lose” Guarantee

We’re sure the ingredients in OptiMale can help you beat “creeping feminization.” So sure, we offer this “you can’t lose” satisfaction guarantee…

money-back-blhWe promise you’ll love the results, or we’ll buy OptiMale back. Up to a full year.

That’s right. We’re so sure OptiMale will deliver for you, we’re backing it for a year. That’s 12 months… 52 weeks… 365 days. However you look at it, it’s more than enough time to prove OptiMale to yourself.

To sweeten the deal, we’re offering quantity discounts. And I don’t mean you have to buy a year’s supply to save. The savings on OptiMale start with your 2nd bottle.

Plus, we’ll pay the shipping on orders of 3 bottles or more.

There’s never been a better way to recapture your youthful stamina and vigor. Or a better time. Why not check out OptiMale now?

Yours in continued good health,

The Best Life Herbals Wellness Team

The statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

1 Michnovicz, J.J. and Bradlow, H.L., “Altered estrogen metabolism and excretion in humans following consumption of indole-3-carbinol,” Nutr Cancer. 1991; 16(1): 59-66.

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