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Ringing Ears? You Need To Read This.

Featured Product: Tympanol

If you have ringing in your ears, you are far from alone. The numbers are staggering. 45 million Americans – including a full third over 60 suffer with ringing ears. And two-thirds of those have put up with this maddening condition for more than a year!

If your ears ring – or buzz or click – you know how the “noise” can drive you to distraction. In a busy environment, you may be able to ignore it. But when it’s quiet, you may not be able to focus on anything else.

You can’t concentrate… sleep evaporates… and you begin to feel like you’re being haunted. This phantom “noise” follows you everywhere. And whenever you have a chance to rest or relax, it takes center stage.

That’s why the news of a breakthrough that could end your suffering is so thrilling. A natural answer to your most vexing problem. There’s a simple solution that’s been tested and proven again and again.

A way to silence that phantom noise – even when other remedies fail.

A Quick Look at the Numbers… and a Hint at a Solution

With 45 million sufferers, ringing in the ears is one of the most common health problems in the U.S.

Although there are quite a few theories on its causes, it’s not considered a health problem in-and-of itself. Instead, ringing, buzzing, clicking and other phantom noises may be linked to any of about 200 health issues.

And that’s one of the reasons it’s so hard to pin down.

For more than 11.2 million sufferers, the noise never – or almost never stops. And about 15 million rank it as a “moderate” to “very big” problem.1

Then came the discovery of a plant extract that could be “tweaked” into a remarkable health booster.

Vinpocetine is derived from an extract of the Vinca minor plant. You might know the plant as periwinkle… a common ground cover beloved of gardeners for its hardiness and lovely purple flowers.

Scientists are fascinated by its many apparently, health-boosting properties. Among them…

• Supporting – and possibly helping restore – healthy memory
• Opening blood flow within the brain
• Defending brain tissue from damage due to low oxygen or interrupted blood flow
• Helping ease “misfiring” of nerves leading to convulsions
• Discouraging abnormal blood clotting.2

To many scientists, this unique set of traits spelled an opportunity. One that’s been fully grasped in Japan, Russia, and parts of Europe. In these countries, doctors regularly use vinpocetine for almost any problem related to cerebral blood flow.

Here in the U.S., many doctors have never even heard of vinpocetine. Which may be why you still suffer with ringing in the ears.

But here at Best Life Herbals, we’ve been following vinpocetine research for years. That’s why it’s a key ingredient of Tympanol, our specialized formula for hearing support.

Scientists around the world are singing vinocetine’s praises.

A Potent Circulation Secret Leads to Quiet

In 2011, doctors in India reviewed studies and articles on vinpocetine. They came to several key conclusions…

• Vinpocetine clearly boosts cerebral blood flow
• This compound also defends nerve tissue from damage
• Vinpocetine has no serious side effects
• It’s safe for long-term use.3

Chinese researchers took things even further with human subjects.

Doctors in Jiangsu Province took 123 volunteers with various problems linked to restricted cerebral blood flow. The subjects’ average age was 65.

After taking vinpocetine for 4 weeks, the doctors reported the following…

• Almost 93% had less dizziness
• 84.3% noted an easing of “head heaviness”
• Ringing/buzzing in the ears was markedly lower for 89.1%.4

That’s right. Nearly 9 out of 10 people found taking vinpocetine cut the ringing/buzzing in their ears in just 4 weeks or less.

Imagine if the ringing in your ears quieted in just a few weeks. Would you sleep more? Perhaps finally perform at your best again? How much younger and more refreshed would you feel?

Need more proof? Then let’s go all the way back to 1986.

Blood Flow Appears Key to Quieting Ringing Ears

In 1986, German researchers tested the effect of several substances. Some had a metabolic effect. Some simply opened up blood vessels. And a very few triggered greater blood flow. They compared 9 substances against the effect of a control: saline.

400 volunteers had suffered acute auditory trauma. This is a fancy term for hearing loss caused by a sudden, loud noise. The results often include ringing or buzzing in the ears.

Only substances – such as vinpocetine – that influenced blood flow appeared to help. And the authors decided they made a significant difference.5

How significant? Consider a 2009 study from Russia…

Simple Solution Yields Massive Success

For years, mainstream medicine has claimed you can’t reverse hearing problems. This view has sold a lot of hearing aids… but is it true?

Studies with vinpocetine call “the common wisdom” into question.

In 2009, Russian scientists looked at 50 patients with hearing loss. Many suffered with ringing in their ears.

The scientists used both objective measures and the patients’ own observations to determine results.

Over the course of the study, the volunteers complained less and less of ringing/buzzing. This was backed up by scientific tests. In all, just over 80% of their volunteers reported – and showed – significant improvements.6

In other words, 4 out of 5 people with ringing/buzzing ears enjoyed significant relief after taking vinpocetine.

What would you be able to do if the ringing in your ears stopped? Or even if it quieted to a significant degree?

Imagine having clear conversations again… enjoying your favorite TV programs again… joining in at family gatherings and parties again.

All this could be within your reach… thanks to the potent hearing support formula in Tympanol.

Works Even When Other Options Don’t

In 2008, a team of European scientists put vinpocetine to the ultimate test. They took 150 volunteers who suffered with ringing of the ears. All had used other remedies without any luck.

The scientists “randomized” their volunteers into 7 groups. That is, they split them up arbitrarily – regardless of previous experience.

The volunteers had an average age of just over 55 years… and had suffered with ringing or buzzing in their ears for about 7.4 years.

Some groups took natural or man-made remedies only. Others combined these remedies with physical therapy – a specialty that promotes physical management of a health issue.

Based on this study, physical therapy plus vinpocetine was the clear winner.7

There isn’t much physical therapy can do for ringing in the ears… except help the sufferer accept it.

On the other hand, taking vinpocetine shows changes that seem to indicate an easing of the problem.

Maybe that’s why it’s such a popular remedy in Europe and Japan.

Is Tympanol for You?

Does ringing or buzzing in your ears make you a little crazy? Does it keep you from getting a truly good night’s sleep? Do you wish you could take part in conversations around the dinner table on a night out?

If any of these problems – or one that’s similar – bother you, then you may benefit from vinpocetine.

Plus, if you find yourself asking, “What?” too often… missing comments others are picking up… or finding conversations drowned out by background noise…

There’s a good chance the ingredients in Tympanol could help you. Because it’s designed to do more than help with ringing in the ears.

The ingredients in Tympanol are carefully balanced to promote maximum hearing health.

Tympanol contains 15 carefully selected ingredients designed to provide maximum auditory support. Ingredients like…


A surprising number of people don’t get enough of this critical mineral. But Tympanol delivers a full 50 mg of a mineral English doctors believe is critical to clear hearing.

And that’s just one of 15 nutrients in Tympanol carefully balanced to support healthy hearing. If you’ve been at all concerned about your hearing, you owe it to yourself to check out Tympanol.

Skip the Risk and Get All the Benefits

Thousands of satisfied customers – folks just like you – have tried Tympanol. And they’re happy with the results.

But we don’t expect you to take our word for it. That’s why Best Life Herbals offers a no-hassles 1-year guarantee.

Chances are slim you won’t be able to make up your mind on a product within 12 long months. And that’s the beauty of Best Life Herbals’ guarantee. You can take a year to make up your mind… unlike most supplement makers who offer a 30- or 60-day guarantee.

You see, at Best Life Herbals, we don’t just sell supplements… we take them. Our friends and families do, too. We don’t offer you anything we don’t take ourselves. So you can order with confidence.

So why let ringing/buzzing in your ears make you miserable any longer? Get the most effective relief available – along with the strongest satisfaction guarantee.

Just go to the Tympanol page for all the details. Like thousands before you, discover what blessed silence sounds like again.


Yours in continued good health,
The Best Life Herbals Wellness Team




The products and statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration. They are not intended to treat, cure, prevent or diagnose any disease.

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