Quiet That Ringing/Buzzing in Your Ears Once and for All

Not all hearing problems involve hearing loss. In fact, there’s a hearing problem that’s the exact opposite. And it can drive you nuts.

If you or a loved one suffer with ringing, buzzing, or other annoying phantom sounds, you know exactly what I mean. One in ten adults will suffer with “ringing ears” at some point. And half of them will suffer long-term.

If your ears ring – or buzz – you know what I’m talking about…


  • You miss key information when actors’ voices drop in a movie or on TV
  • Your sweetheart whispers something … but the buzzing blocks it out
  • Conversations in crowded places become all but impossible.

The ringing in your ears may even keep you awake at night. You toss and turn, frustrated and exhausted. But there’s no escaping it. And don’t bother covering your ears, because then it becomes the only sound you can hear.

Don’t give up. There is hope. New research is uncovering how that annoying phantom sound works. Meanwhile, one simple step could help ease your suffering.

That’s because we’ve designed Tympanol to support “pin-drop” hearing in every way. Not just when sounds fade. But when your world is filled with too much sound, too.

The Curse of “Phantom Sound”

Your Ears Are For More Than Just HearingThe U.S. Census Bureau says about ¾ of the population is over 18. With a population of about 323 million, about 12 million adults have “chronic” ringing in their ears. Or buzzing.

For some, the level may be low enough to tolerate. But millions of adults are at their wits’ end.

  • They miss key parts of important conversations
  • They lose sleep… which can lead to obesity, memory problems, and more
  • They can’t concentrate or focus

All because they hear “phantom sounds.” That is, a ringing, buzzing, or other noise that’s not actually there. It’s literally in your head.

Because, if you’re still with me, I figure you have one of two problems. Either someone you care about has this problem… or you do.

Either way, you may be desperate for an answer. And I just may have a simple one for you. One that could improve your – or your loved one’s – life more than you could have imagined.

But before I reveal a possible solution, here’s what we know about the problem…

Your Brain Is Tricking You

A team at the University of Illinois (UI) were bothered by the lack of data on the cause(s) of ringing ears. So they decided to look at people’s brains.

Nutritional Supplements for HearingThey discovered that people whose ears ring/buzz have more activity in a certain area of the brain. An area linked to alertness.

In simple terms, people whose ears ring are more connected to an area of the brain that keeps you at attention. People without the ringing, have a stronger connection to an area of the brain that’s more laid back.

In other words, the phantom noise you hear may be linked to the level of “noise” in your brain. As one of the study’s authors said, this may explain why you’re not “truly at rest, even when resting. This could explain why many report being tired more often…”

Doctors at St. Louis’s Washington School of Medicine found some people with severe ringing were helped by 8 weeks of online training – 5 days a week for one hour.2 But let’s face it… Do you have 40 extra hours to focus on training exercises? Probably not.

You need a way to make beating these phantom sounds easier. And Nature may have already figured it out for you.

Your answer may start with a tiny purple flower.

2,000 Years of Performance… Pretty Much Ignored

In the East, this little flower is revered for its many health benefits. In the West, it’s groundcover. There’s a good chance you’ve seen it… or maybe even have it in your yard.

The flower is Vinca minor… periwinkle. And it contains a compound with amazing benefits.

A 2013 pharmacy college report notes this compound, called vinpocetine…

  • Boosts circulation to the brain
  • Increases the level of oxygen reaching brain cells
  • Enhances healthy electrolyte levels
  • Stimulates blood vessels to widen
  • Lowers the “stickiness” of blood
  • Defends nerve cells against damage.3

Two years later, a report from a second team of pharmacy researchers noted many of the same benefits. They also found studies show vinpocetine is safe, defends the brain against damage from low oxygen levels, and appears to promote better memory.4

What does this have to do with your hearing? Plenty.

Tiny Plant… Huge Benefits

There are several ways vinpocetine may contribute to healthy hearing. But two are especially important.

First, there’s circulation. The tiny structures in your ears are very delicate. But they take a lot of punishment. (Think of the pain you feel when an especially loud noise occurs close by. Or the ringing you may have heard after a loud concert.)

By boosting circulation in your head, vinpocetine allows those delicate structures to get more of the oxygen and nutrients they need to stay healthy. And to repair.

As I’m sure you know, nerves play a big part in the hearing process – both in your ears and in your brain. That makes vinpocetine’s nerve-defending properties important, too.

There’s evidence it works, too.

Doctors in Hungary tested an extract of vinpocetine on 18 people with varying degrees of hearing trouble. Almost half showed hearing improvements of 10dB (decibels) or more. Four volunteers their range of hearing improve by more than 30dB.5

What does that mean in practical terms? In a person with healthy hearing, every 10dB rise in sound feels about twice as loud. So increasing your range by 30dB is roughly being able to hear sounds 8 times softer than before!

Polish researchers tested vinpocetine on 20 volunteers with hearing problems due to trauma. (Such as excessive noise.) Most of the volunteers suffered with both hearing loss and ringing in their ears.

Some volunteers sought help within a week of trauma, while the doctors saw others two weeks or more post-trauma. Vinpocetine worked well, overall. But it worked best in those who sought help soonest.

Most volunteers saw both improved hearing and reduced ringing. But half of those who started taking vinpocetine within a week saw their ringing disappear entirely.6

Imagine how you’d feel to have the volume on that annoying ringing in your ears turned down. Or shut off altogether. You could sleep again… think again… enjoy all the little sounds you’ve been missing again.

But it gets even better, because vimpocetine offers some useful “side” benefits.

Vinpocetine Offers Big Bonus Benefits

European doctors have studied vinpocetine for decades. And they’ve discovered some amazing benefits.

Bonus Benefit #1 – Balance. For many people, getting older also means being less steady on their feet – often linked to dizziness. Studies show vinpocetine may help at least some folks improve their balance.

In 2012, doctors at Semmelweis University combined vinpocetine with balance exercises. People using this system saw big improvements, becoming much steadier on their feet.7

Bonus Benefit #2 – Mental Sharpness. The Hungarian Medical Journal published an analysis of studies on vinpocetine and cognitive ability. The team reviewed studies from over several years and published in various journals. In the end, they concluded there’s strong evidence that vinpocetine promotes mental sharpness.8

Bonus Benefit #3 – Clear Arteries. Clogged arteries are a huge problem – and contribute to heart trouble. In an animal study, a team at the University of Rochester showed vinpocetine discourages the blockages that can lead to serious heart events.9

Put it all together, and you can probably see why vinpocetine is a cornerstone of Best Life Herbals’ Tympanol. It’s the most potent hearing health formula we’ve ever offered.

But Tympanol is much more than just vinpocetine.

Powerful Support for Hearing Health

TympanolInside your ears resides a complex machine. It’s part mechanical and part electrical. And like any complex machine, it requires maintenance. Tympanol’s exclusive formula is designed to provide the nutritional support your hearing needs for top performance.

Nutrition like…

  • Zinc – People with ringing in their ears are more likely to be low on this key mineral. One of zinc’s most important jobs is in making a from of SOD – your body’s “master antioxidant.”
  • Vitamin B12 – Vitamin B12 is another nutrient linked to ringing ears. And older Americans are especially likely to be short on this critical vitamin.
  • Antioxidants – Studies show antioxidants can help “turn down the volume” on ringing ears. That’s why we’ve packed plenty into Tympanol.

In all, Tympanol delivers the support of 15 key nutrients. For maximum hearing support.

What could be better? How about taking Tympanol for a test run… without risking a penny?

Prove Tympanol for Yourself – Risk Free

Of course, I can tell you how great Tympanol is. But there’s nothing like proving something for yourself. Because you know results speak a lot louder than words.

That’s why we’ve made it easy to try Tympanol… risk free. Our industry-leading satisfaction guarantee lets you try Tympanol without the risk. We guarantee your complete satisfaction, or we’ll buy it back. Up to a full year from purchase.

And if you order one of our free shipping options, you won’t risk a red cent.

Here’s even better news: Visit our website to find out how to save up to 35% on Tympanol. That’s like getting every fourth bottle absolutely free!

If you’re ready to experience the sweet sound of silence again, check out Tympanol today.

Yours in continued good health,

The Best Life Herbals Wellness Team

The statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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