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Promote a “Steel Trap” Memory with This Little-Known Secret

Chances are you’ve seen mental decline in a friend or relative.

At first, everyone laughs when they need help remembering a name… or forget where they left their keys. But it grows worse. Their memory lapses lead to frustration. They become confused more often. And you start to worry when they’re left alone.

Even worse, you may have seen these same issues in yourself. And no matter how hard you try to laugh them off, you’re worried. You see the early signs of your very self slipping away.

You probably feel helpless. But you shouldn’t. Because you have options. Natural options that can slow the downward spiral… and even help reverse the process.

An ancient, but little-known herb is at the forefront in this battle for your mind. And recent research shows it may be the most effective defense available for memory and mental clarity.

You’re about to discover this remarkable herb… and how it builds multiple defenses against memory loss and mental decline. It’s as close as we’ve ever come to age-proofing your mind.

“Memory Magic” With Ancient Eastern Secret

In 2009, Japanese scientists reported on a study that used an ancient secret. It’s an herb that thrives deep in dark

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forests. An environment most people have avoided since time immemorable.

But for the few herbalists brave enough to scour the darkest forests, this was the “holy grail” of brain boosters. An herb said to be able to turn lost memories around. To clear brain fog into bright clarity.

An herb that seemed to turn the clock back on aging brains. In the next few minutes, you’ll discover why this herb is the heart of Best Life Herbals’ My Healthy Memory.

Because modern science has begun to show how this humble herb fights brain fog and memory loss through multiple pathways.

There’s simply nothing like it. For people with declining mental powers, it seems to work “memory magic.”

Mental Clarity Just Gets Better and Better

Back in 2009, doctors in Japan tested this herb on a group of adults – up to 80 years old – with cognition problems. For 16 weeks, they gave their volunteers either the herb or a placebo.

My Healthy Memory IngrediantsAt weeks 8, 12, and 16, they measured the volunteers’ progress. At every check, the herbal group showed cognitive improvement. They far outpaced the placebo group. In fact, they improved with each check-up.

The herbal group showed better mental clarity at week 8 than when the study started. At week 12, they had improved even more. And at week 16, the gains continued.

As long as they kept taking this herb, their minds and memories got sharper. But when they stopped… a decline set in by week 4.1

So what was this magical herb? An herb that stimulated sharper, clearer minds and memories…

In Latin, it’s called Hericium erinaceus. The Japanese call it yamabushitake. In the West, it’s known as “Lion’s Mane.”

Here’s why the Lion’s Mane in My Healthy Memory may be your mind’s best friend…

Busting the Blood Sugar Link to Mental Decline

A remarkable number of people in the U.S. have blood sugar problems.

Our diets tend to be high in sugars and starches. These sugars and starches lead to spikes in blood sugar… which lead to spikes in insulin – the hormone that helps your body take in sugar from your blood.

Your cells resist the flood of insulin, because they can only accept so much sugar at once. This leads to a condition called “insulin resistance.” In the end, too much sugar/starch leads to your cells not responding to insulin… and your control of blood sugar disappears.

These blood sugar problems are linked to a decline in mental clarity. You see, your brain depends on a steady supply of energy. When your blood sugar levels are out of control, this energy supply becomes either too much or too little. And your brain can’t handle it.

Scientists have shown when your control over blood sugar drops… mental clarity suffers.2

Studies dating back to the mid-2000s suggest Lion’s Mane helps “level out” the blood sugar spikes that lead to insulin resistance.3 Without these spikes, you’re less likely to develop the insulin resistance that can spiral into blood sugar problems with your brain.

But that’s just one way Lion’s Mane may promote mental clarity. As it turns out, this ancient herb may boost your brain by helping your heart in other ways.

Promote Clear Arteries to Promote Clear Thinking

Studies show clogged arteries lead to less brain clarity.

For example a 2002 Dutch study looked at 599 adults at about 85 years old. This study clearly linked heart problems – such as clogged arteries – to mental decline.4

The link was so clear, the study’s authors strongly suggested taking steps to prevent clogged arteries as a way to fight mental decline.

One way to fight clogged arteries is to control cholesterol levels. And guess what Lion’s Mane also seems to do…

You probably guessed right. Lion’s Mane appears to fight high cholesterol.

For example, a 2010 study looked at mice fed a high-fat diet.

Ordinarily, an unrestricted high-fat diet could lead to high blood fat levels. But animals fed a high-fat diet – and also given Lion’s Mane – didn’t develop the telltale signs of a high-fat diet.

These animals showed more “normal” blood-fat levels. In spite of being fed a diet high in fats.5

The reason may be that Lion’s Mane block the activity of an enzyme called lipase.

Lipase helps break down fats during digestion… and helps make them more absorbable during digestion. But recent research from Japan shows Lion’s Mane blocks the activity of lipase.6

This blockage leads to your body absorbing less fat… and potentially lower overall levels of cholesterol. Which may lead to less brain fog.

Lion’s Mane may also work through less expected channels…

Like immunity.

Lion’s Mane Activates Immune Cells That May Ease Mental Decline

Your immune system is amazingly complex. Modern medicine has barely begun to scratch the surface of your immune system’s functions.

So it may come as no surprise that your immune system may also be involved in helping preserve memory and mental function.

Macrophages are large immune cells that “eat” invaders, among other functions.

Korean scientists recently discovered that compounds found in Lion’s Mane trigger macrophage activity. Including the production of NO.7 NO is nitric oxide… a powerful vasodilator.

This means NO opens up blood vessels, allowing for greater blood flow.

Of course, greater blood flow means more oxygen and nutrients reach critical cells – including brain cells. And this could lead to healthier, stronger cells. Cells that defy the effects of time.

But these aren’t the only ways Lion’s Mane could help boost your mental clarity.

Rebuild and Repair Nerve Cells Faster

It wasn’t all that long ago that “modern medicine” thought your body couldn’t replace lost nerve cells. Now we know that’s total B.S.

In fact, there’s a substance in your body – called Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) – that helps your body recover from injury. NGF actually stimulates regrowth of lost nerve cells.

In 2008, university scientists from Japan showed Lion’s Mane holds compounds that trigger NGF activity. And these compounds can trigger results within 7 days.8

A 2011 study from Malaysia showed this process in action.

Animals with nerve damage (crushed nerves in the leg) were tested on a walking track. Animals taking an extract of Lion’s Mane out-performed those taking a placebo.

Subjects taking the Lion’s Mane extract saw functional improvements sooner – and repair of injuries faster – than in animals taking a placebo.9

Recent research also shows extra mental benefits.

Defenses Against the Most Common Forms of Mental Decline

The build-up of amyloid plaques is perhaps the most common threat to your memory and mental sharpness. So defenses against these plaques is key to keeping yourself sharp.

Lion’s Mane has you covered here, too.

Research from Japan’s Tohoku University seems to show Lion’s Mane defends against the build-up of amyloid plaques linked to mental decline.

In an animal study, these scientists showed taking Lion’s Mane extract led to fewer memory/mental problems than in those not taking the extract.10

Here’s a capper…

A 2010 Japanese study looked at how Lion’s Mane affected mood and anxiety.

Doctors gave Lion’s Mane or a placebo to women going through “the change” for 4 weeks.

The Lion’s Mane group showed lower levels of anxiety – and an overall better mood – than the women taking a look-alike placebo.11

In other words, Lion’s Mane can help you feel better – as well as stay sharp and clear. And it’s just one of 16 mental and memory-boosters in My Healthy Memory.

Get Maximum Results With Our No-Risk Policy

Here at Best Life Herbals, we recognize you’ve probably “heard it all.” That’s why we’ve created our “No-Risk” policy.

What’s that? It’s simple. Try any Best Life Herbals formula – including My Healthy Memory – for a full year. We My Healthy Memoryguarantee you’ll be fully satisfied… or we’ll buy it back.

Yes; you read that right. We guarantee you’ll be thrilled with any formula from Best Life Herbals – including My Healthy Memory – or we’ll refund 100% of the purchase price (less shipping and handling).

How can we be so confident? Because we’ve tested these formulas on our families and ourselves.

We’re just like you. We want the most powerful, effective formulas available. Because we want the biggest “bang” for our buck. And we’re happy to pass on our successes to you.

We’ve delved deeply into the science – and the solutions – of memory problems. The result is My Healthy Memory.

Chances are you’ve never heard of Lion’s Mane. But the science reveals the truth. This is your best natural option to maintain a clear memory and sharp mind.

And it’s uniquely available in My Healthy Memory. Why wait for confusion to set in?

Check out My Healthy Memory today.

Yours in continued good health,

The Best Life Herbals Wellness Team

The statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration. They are not intended to treat, cure, diagnose or prevent any disease.

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