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Perform Like a Younger You. This Ancient Secret Helps Boost Your Manhood

Western medicine tends to write off China’s ancient health secrets. Until the evidence for them becomes overwhelming.

Western doctors laughed at “unscientific” acupuncture. Until Chinese doctors showed the West just how effective it was. By performing, for example, delicate eye surgery using only acupuncture to block pain.

The West laughed at Tai chi, too. Until Western studies proved it boosts strength, flexibility, and overall health. Even among people well into their 80s and 90s.

The West seems to have no end of ridicule for traditional Chinese herbs and practices. We’re seeing that today with one of the East’s most popular remedies. How popular? More than 1,000 tons of this remedy is harvested every year. That’s 2 million pounds.

How could something ineffective be so popular? Well, maybe, like Tai chi and acupuncture, there’s more to it than Western medicine is willing to admit.

If so, here’s the good news… It has a long-standing reputation for boosting male performance. And emerging science suggests there’s a good reason for this.

Men… if you’d like to recapture your sexual prowess of the past, I have good news.

Discover the Forbidden Sex Secret of China’s Emperors

Today, Peking’s “Forbidden City” is a tourist magnet. But in China’s golden age – which lasted for centuries – it was the home of the all-powerful emperors. Few could enter its gates… and live.

But among the residents of this fabled complex were the emperor’s wives and concubines. Who sometimes numbered in the thousands.

You see, the Chinese believed their emperors were descended from the gods. These men were the physical embodiment of yang – the male principle. So they were expected to make many women happy… and produce many offspring.

To do this, they used a secret you’ll find in 15 Dragons – velvet antler.

This secret helped China’s ancient emperors hold onto power. And it may help you hold onto your sexual power. Or even reclaim it from the doldrums.

As you’ll soon see, there’s a reason velvet antler has remained popular for centuries.

The Secret of Regeneration

Some lizards have a remarkable defense. When threatened, they can shed their tails. They may lose their tail, but it usually keeps predators busy long enough for the lizard to escape.

But that’s not the remarkable part. You see, they can also grow a new tail.

Scientists see this as a hint of the future. If they can figure out how lizards re-grow lost tails, what could they do? Re-grow severed limbs, perhaps. Or regenerate damaged organs. Unraveling this mystery could open up a whole new era in human health.

But lizards aren’t the only creatures with regenerative powers. Some mammals are already doing them one better. They’re members of the deer family, and they have the power to re-grow major body structures. Their antlers.

Horns are permanent structures. Cows and water buffalo, for instance sport horns. The horns are made of the same substance as your hair and fingernails – keratin. And they have blood vessels and nerves inside.

If a cow loses a horn, it’s gone for good. Even worse, the animal may suffer fatal blood loss when a horn is injured.

But not deer. Antlers are calcified – much like bone. While they’re growing, they’re fed by velvet – the antlers’ furry covering. Velvet contains blood vessels, but the antlers don’t.

As antlers grow, they harden. Eventually, the velvet stops feeding them, and the deer simply rubs the covering off. This happens year after year. And, each year, this “rack” grows larger and more impressive.

After the fall mating season, the male deer (or elk, or moose) drops its antlers. In the spring, they begin growing again. Antlers boast one of the fastest growth rates known in the animal world.

Ancient herbalists watched this process and saw it was special. And they sought to capture its “magical” essence.

What’s So Special About Velvet Antler?

First, let’s clarify what “velvet antler” is. It’s not just the velvet. It’s the whole young antler, velvet and all.

Velvet antler is the uncalcified young antler with the velvet covering. It’s rich in growth factors and other nutrients. And, as you’ll see in a moment, studies show it may have remarkable effects.

For example, Chinese scientists tested a water extract of velvet antler in mice. Mice taking the velvet antler extract showed a marked drop in fatigue over mice that didn’t take the extract.1

In 2014, university researchers in Thailand had similar results. Animals getting velvet antler in their diets simply tired out less quickly.2

That may have been one of the first benefits Chinese herbalists found. After all, an Emperor with dozens – and sometimes hundreds – of wives could wear out quickly.

Velvet antler was part of the answer for China’s ancient emperors. And if it helped them stay vital and active with so many wives to please… imagine what the velvet antler in 15 Dragons could do for you!

And that’s just the beginning.

Promote a More Youthful You

In 2014, university athletics experts showed velvet antler fights fatigue and may boost physical performance. This study found improved stamina and grip strength in animals taking velvet antler.

The scientists also found less evidence of muscle strain… and fewer chemical markers of fatigue.3

A 2013 study reported in the journal International Immunopharmacology, had promising results. In this animal study, velvet antler extract boosted immune system defenses.4

The results suggest velvet antler may defend against attacks that accelerate aging. Which, in turn, can help you look and feel more youthful. And not just more youthful on the outside…

Studies also suggest antler velvet may promote repair to skin and other tissues after injury or damage.

In 2010, Korean doctors tested velvet antler extract (VAE) on human skin cells. They found VAE boosted growth of fibroblasts – the cells that build the “platform” for skin cells.

Because this platform – called the extracellular matrix (ECM) – is the basis of wound repair, the doctors reasoned VAE may be able to promote faster wound healing. VAE even triggered genes that promote faster healing.5

Velvet antler may boost bone strength, too.

Promoting Youthfulness That’s More Than Skin Deep

Promoting youthful skin repair is one thing. But your body is a lot more than skin. Not to worry. Antler velvet appears to have you covered there, too.

In 2015, an international team tested antler velvet on bone growth. Using an animal model, the team showed VAE can promote healthy bone growth and development.6

Since bone loss is a major contributor to aging, velvet antler may offer a unique opportunity to promote a more youthful you.

A New Zealand study takes this idea even further.

The study – published in Advances in Antler Science and Product Technology – looked at the potential for antler velvet to boost performance.

Doctors tested two similar groups of men for various markers of health. For 10 weeks, the men took either velvet antler supplement or a placebo.

The placebo group didn’t show any significant changes after 10 weeks. But the antler velvet group did…

They showed a significant drop in body fat… they had meaningful increases in physical performance… and they showed an increase in VO2Max. That is, their ability to use oxygen – a key to physical performance – went way up.6

In other words, the velvet antler group developed more youthful physical abilities.

At this point, we’re sure you can see how the velvet antler in 15 Dragons could help you perform like a much younger you. But there’s one more point I think you’ll want me to bring out.

From Man to Super-Man

So far, we’ve covered several effects of velvet antler. But there’s one effect we haven’t… the hormonal effect.

For that, let’s turn to Dr. John Church. Dr. Church is both an eminent scientist (MSc, PhD) and a hands-on expert (game farm manager).

Dr. Church has reviewed a comprehensive collection of studies on velvet antler. And he’s uncovered research that shows…

  • VAE can promote greater performance
  • VAE can help speed recovery after exercise
  • VAE defends against natural anti-restorative forces

In fact, Dr. Church found research showing VAE can boost testosterone levels to 5- to 6-times normal levels.7

Which moves testosterone – the so-called male hormone – to “super-human” levels. And, at those levels, could certainly boost masculine traits. Scientists conducted the research on both police recruits and college athletes.

The studies at the University of Alberta even included outside testing of the velvet antler… to ensure the preparation didn’t include steroids.

According to Dr. Church, the purity of the velvet antler shows it can help boost strength and endurance naturally.

And here’s the thing to keep in mind… Velvet antler is just one of fifteen ingredients in 15 Dragons designed to boost masculinity.

In other words, it’s the tip of the “man-to-superman” iceberg.

15 Dragons delivers the best “male enhancers” from across the globe. Giving you the best of all possible worlds.

Which is why…

We Guarantee You’ll Be Thrilled With Your Results

With 15 Dragons, you risk nothing. How? We cover you with our full-year satisfaction guarantee.

Most companies have a 30- or 60-day guarantee. But at Best Life Herbals, we believe you should have plenty of time 15 Dragonsto make up your mind. So we offer a full-year guarantee.

That’s 365 days to prove to yourself our formulas deliver what we promise.

30 or 60 days to make up your mind doesn’t leave much time. Even a 90-day guarantee pressures you to make a quick decision. We won’t go that way.

We design every Best Life Herbals formula to be the most potent it can be. Because we use these formulas ourselves. So when we say we guarantee you’ll be thrilled with our formulas… it’s from personal experience.

And it’s why we can feel so confident when we recommend 15 Dragons. We’ve already done the research. We’ve already seen the results.

If you’re ready to turn back the clock on your love life… If you’re ready to be a more youthful you… If you’re ready to discover the secrets that made China’s emperors into “supermen”… Now is your chance.

15 Dragons can transform your love life… and all at no risk. Check out 15 Dragons today.

Yours in continued good health,

The Best Life Herbals Wellness Team

The statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration. They are not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease.

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