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Mutual Support Really Works

Getting over her hip injury has been a long road for HB. Cycling at the gym has really helped, and we’re finally walking seriously again. (She’s not quite ready to run yet.)

We hit a milestone this past Sunday. We walked out to the beach and back, which is about 4.7 miles. It was HB’s longest walk since January.

I think she enjoyed it almost as much as I did. It was so nice to have her company. We chatted all the way out and back and the time flew by.

That’s one of the great things about sharing an anti-aging plan with a partner. It makes everything you do more fun. And easier.

HB really wasn’t in the mood to get up at 6:00 AM on Sunday, but she got up because I did. And she was into the brisk pace within a few blocks. By the time we got home, she was feeling great. Well, mostly. Her hip was just a little weak.

No matter what the subject, one or the other of us usually has the strength to say, “We really should,” or “We really shouldn’t,” depending.

I may be thinking about ice cream, and HB will talk me out of it. Or she’ll want to cut a workout short, and I’ll convince her to go the full distance. Between the two of us, we can be pretty good most of the time.

Of course, sometimes we both feel like cutting loose. But – usually – one or the other of us is in the mood to stick to his or her guns. So we wind up slipping up less often.

The same goes for planning. When we schedule our workouts and meals, we’re a lot better about being “good.” It’s a lot harder to say, “Oh let’s go out for supper,” when your partner has already gotten a meal all lined up.

We keep a shopping list, too. We stray a little now and then… but we mostly stick with the list when it’s time to shop. (Confession time: Unless the store brand ice cream is on sale. Then all bets are off.)

We’re always reminding each other to take – or bring along – our supplements, too. So we tend to miss them less often than if we were on our own.

It’s really become sort of symbiotic. That is, the sum of the parts gets a lot more accomplished than we would as individuals.

One last benefit that I think makes a big difference…

We have a built-in cheer squad. When someone’s jeans look a little looser, the other is sure to mention it – and offer plenty of praise. Or when one of us toughs out a run we didn’t really feel like starting, the other piles on the positive reinforcement.

HB’s encouragement and faith have made a big difference for me. So far, my road to better health has been a lot easier thanks to her. And (I hope) I’ve been able to do the same for her.

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