Men: Boost Low Testosterone Naturally

Men: Boost Low Testosterone Naturally

Most men don’t need a reason to make love. But if you were looking for one, medical science may have found it. Sex may help boost low testosterone naturally.

For decades, doctors assumed low testosterone levels – or “low T” – were the cause of less desire and sexual activity in mature men. But new research from Australia suggests the situation is more complex.

In fact, less sex and lower desire may contribute to declining T levels as you age. And if this is true, then boosting desire and sexual activity may help slow the drop in your T levels.

Testosterone (T) is often called “the male hormone.” It kicks into gear when a boy reaches puberty. Thanks to T, your voice dropped, you became more muscular, new hair sprouted, and your sex organs grew.

T sort of defines you as a man. And when your levels drop, some of the gains you made at puberty begin to fade. For many men, the most notable change is the loss of sexual function – erectile problems.

Desire and sexual activity often drop off at about the same time. Which is why doctors have assumed lower T levels were the cause.

A team at Australia’s University of Sydney tested the assumption with 1,705 volunteers. The men – all over age 70 – were tested twice, two years apart.

They discovered that lower T levels weren’t linked to the ability to perform at all. But men with less interest in sex – and less sexual activity – also had lower T levels.

After tallying the results, the researchers realized less desire and less sexual activity may be a cause of low T. And not the other way round.1

This research may open another path for you to defend your manhood. Certain nutritional supplements provide the raw materials to make more T. Others can boost desire.

Since desire leads to more sex… triggering greater desire may be the simplest way to defend against dropping T levels.

And when it comes to boosting a man’s desire, the odds-on favorite is maca.

The mighty Inca warriors ate maca before battle. They believed it gave them greater courage and strength. They also ate maca before romantic conquests… because they believed it inflamed their desire and boosted their sexual prowess.

Modern scientists in Peru tested small amounts of maca on a group of male volunteers. They discovered taking even a tiny fraction of an ounce of maca daily was enough to rekindle sexual desire.2

More recently, Italian doctors tested maca on men with erection problems. These men showed a significant improvement in both desire and performance… along with a greater feeling of sexual well being.3

Maca appears to boost desire… but doesn’t directly affect T levels. In a future article, I’ll share some of the nutrients your body needs to make T. That’s another approach you can use to boost testosterone levels naturally.

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